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    It seems that some people here are arguing only for the argument sake and not to solve anything in any constructive way.

    'Problem' is that RN's priority is to make money for Travian Games and not to provide fun for the players (although of course one might argue that happy players are more likely to throw more money into the game, but only RN knows for sure who are the biggest cash contributors).

    So, not to alienate anyone and not to miss anyone with cash, RN mixed up a team base game with a game of solitaire.

    But having it both ways simply does not work.

    Until RN fixes the game itself and decides if this is a team game or solo game we can all argue until we're blue in the face, nothing is going to change.

    We are seriously considering playing our next round as "Dis Raptors"and create so much chaos on the server that RN has to finally do something about it.

    I did not offer any solution to the problem as this is really not my 'job', I'm a player who wants to enjoy the game, not to design it and I expect the game designer to hire competent paid employees to do the adequate job.

    That said, to give everyone the choice to enjoy their 'play-style' and keep everyone happy, perhaps that choice could be made at the starting point when we register for the new round. We already have a choice of pre-registering.
    We could have a simple option to make a decision at the pre-registration time what kind of players we want to join us in our Region in the next round, so the 'new' players registering at the actual start of the round are aware of what kind of players intend to play in each Region and what kind of players they will be joining.

    Region A could have players that want to play for prestige only and have no interest in anything else,
    Region B is for players who want to just have a relaxed hauling from point A to point B and like to chat,
    Region C is for players who just log in once in a while and are only after career points',
    Region D gives gold for joining there, maybe 'destructive' players could go there as well,
    Regions E-J are for serious, mature players who actually want to achieve victory and have fun doing it.

    This is just an idea to try to make everyone happy and give everyone a choice.

    @ DramaMagneTSorry - unfortunately, the way you 'fixed' my analogy shows that you missed my point entirely.

    I'm surprised that you would skip 7 paragraphs and only latch on to the last one. Perhaps, when you actually read those 7 paragraphs you would be able to understand better my point and analogy.

    Perhaps, in the middle of the night I did not make the best case. It would be a better analogy of what I wanted to express if example had a Baseball team A playing on the field and suddenly one of the player on the team decided to play Cricket on this very field instead, creating chaos and confusion. The baseball team A was not able to do anything about it, nobody was allowed to escort the 'destructive' player out of the field and of course team B won the game. Do you still think that this was perfectly ok and that Cricket player had a full right to interfere with the Baseball game and once he got on the field he was free to play any game he wanted?

    My point was and still is that some players simply do not play RN game at all, they are like trolls and bullies who enjoy provoking others and tear others down and they delight when they achieve their goal of having others quitting the game or lose control of themselves. That's their goal, that's their game and RN makes this behaviour, perfectly acceptable by treating it as a 'game strategy' without providing any game mechanics to counteract this 'strategy'.

    I would also like to add that I'm talking about SoE version where the teamwork is essential to win the game.

    @sacroima, yes, I did play one of my first RN games 'solo' for prestige only on the classic server and managed to get to #10 on International server and even considered to try again to improve my rank, so I understand the thrill of pp hunters. Personally though, I prefer SoE, I find it much more challenging and much more interesting than other versions, but also much more unbalanced, unfortunately.

    There is a huge difference between a 'playing style', 'game strategy' and "destructive behaviour".

    In any worthwhile game where 'destructive behaviour' is considered a playing style, you would expect to find game mechanics to counteract 'destructive behaviour', to make a game balanced.

    Right now, according to some, the 'destructive behaviour' should be deal with by 'talking' to those players in a diplomatic and polite way 'hoping' for the best and 'understanding' their destructive game style.

    While the diplomatic approach does work with majority of cases of a 'different play-style' or a 'different strategy' many of the 'destructive players' want to be talked to, enjoy responding with insults and laughs and more insults, they thrive on it. However, once ignored they lash out even harder with their destructive behaviour, attempting to solicit a response they can laugh at again.

    To make a level playing field there should be some mechanics to counteract that behaviour. 'Diplomatic' approach has no teeth, and when 'talk' is not successful, nothing changes and the 'disruptor' WINS! And why should players who just want to have fun, be always on the losing side? ELECTED leadership needs to have tools at their disposal to restore fun to the entire city or region.

    Arguments that those powers could be abused are not valid as the leadership is ELECTED and if the President/Mayors abuse those powers they should be replaced if that is the wish of the city/region and there are game mechanics to do just that.

    Yes, this game IS about competition, however the way the game is set up at present it is not possible for majority of players to compete against 'disruptors', as 'disruptors' play a different game altogether. 'Disrupters' at the moment have all the rights to disrupt and play any way they want and have their sick 'fun', and the rest of the players have no right whatsoever to do anything about it. How is that considered a competition at all?

    Would any sane person consider it a competition and a game at all if on the baseball field during the game we suddenly had players insisting on playing cricket, creating chaos and confusion and having great fun doing it? And no one had the 'right' to remove the cricket players from the field? How should now the baseball players compete against cricket players?

    Well, very interesting, I've been told by Support as recently as April 18th that there is ONLY ONE other player beside me that have issues with videos.

    So, stop complaining, your videos are working just fine ;)

    Theoretically you're correct, however in practice I find that since it is much easier to level the city than the LM and numerous players from other versions used to just hauling to cities, many players prefer to haul to cities and there is no in-game mechanism to stop the city from levelling again. Additionally, once your pax wt in your city is lowered, more people haul FROM and TO your city which often result in non planned city levelling.

    Therefore, in practice I find it is much easier to have everyone hauling to the LM first, filling it to all green since the LM does not consume goods and then quickly put all effort to levelling the city. In few hours both city AND Landmark level together.

    On small servers where everyone speaks the same language your method of keeping the city 1 lvl higher than LM might work well, but on servers where communication is difficult and there are many 'soloists', interfering with everyone else, it is much more difficult to prevent additional levelling.

    We actually did test it, not scientifically, I know, as there are many other factors affecting the outcome, but with 2 cities, one with the city 1 lvl above LM and another with the same lvls, the city with the same lvls was levelling faster than the other.

    Unfortunately, it is NOT just a perception Mccheesy, it is a FACT that RN re-balanced the rewards in their favor.

    The most valuable reward, that of Plus account (+24h) has been removed entirely from most of the game, limiting it to "Available until 30 days remaining". What will be the odds of winning it at that time remains to be seen.

    Additionally, I'm still not receiving many promised rewards no matter how long I wait for the 'reward that is coming shortly"... after watching the videos.

    After playing this "FREE to play" game for number of rounds, I can clearly see that it will no longer be possible for me to continue playing it for free. I no longer win the gold I was able to win up to now (it is a fact and not just perception) and no longer win the Plus (it is a fact and not just perception). I don't need another item of clothing arriving with the msg: "You already own all clothing items" (it is a fact and not just perception).

    Of course "FREE", is never FREE, RN makes huge profits off us wasting time watching the videos, regardless whether WE get any rewards at all or whether those rewards are of any value whatsoever to us.

    The attitude of RN, their sheer greed and total disrespect of players who were given a "guarantee" to receive rewards and are not getting them, is so appalling to me, that there is no way I would ever, ever consider spending any real money here at all.

    On top of that, instead of investing the money to fix this still bug infested game, Travian invested huge amounts into "Shroud of the Avatar". I don't care what RN does with their money, it's not really my business, but don't lie to me telling me that you need extra money to fix the bugs, telling me that your game is FREE, when in fact it is no longer possible to play it for "free", and that you guarantee the rewards when you fail to deliver them and don't give a "..." about it.

    I play lots of games, I happily support games that are fun to play and developers are passionate about their work. I spent hundreds of dollars on Travian alone when it was still fun to play.

    Now, all Travian games are focused entirely on introducing "features" that bring them more money, instead of those that make the game more fun to play...

    Sad, but true.

    In one classic round I connected to 35 cities. At that point the game became so slow that it was impossible to use the Plus calculator and for practical purposes the game became unplayable, so I stopped connecting.

    It is my understanding that this has been fixed or improved. If it did I see no reason why you would not be able to connect to all 50 if you want. There are no game restrictions and if you have the money, go for it :)

    I'm certain that it was not intended that way, however the Important Jingle Bells Announcement keeps popping up not only after every single reload, which I have to do very often, but when I change screens between lab, map or station, or after I manage to get the bonus watching the video.

    Not able to find any option to opt out of those Important announcements. It would be very useful to be able to opt out of anything not directly related to the game.

    Thank you

    That is why I wouldn't want for all servers to change, but I think that one opportunity to have a server where you have to make the best with who you are given to play with would be interesting.

    That opportunity already exists on both SoE servers. All you need to do is register an account in the city that offers 100 gold to play there. You'll find a group of random players there and an opportunity to test your leadership skills there.. I did it twice on Loch Ness.

    I seriously doubt that there would be many players on either server interested in playing server after server every time with a new bunch of players who

    * do not speak their language,
    * not interested in anything but hauling to the city, or
    * making "money", or
    * not interested in anything at all,
    * totally unresponsive to any public or private msgs,
    * who simply want to do their own thing, whatever that is and
    * are not interested at all in any team playing or
    * even though they never played Europe before believe that they have all the answers, know best and will win because they are born winners, or
    * some bored individuals who simply enjoy disrupting others' game just for fun

    I see nothing interesting there, just frustrations and continuous fighting over majorities and every other element of the game. That is not the kind of fun I have in mind.

    That could only be interesting and fun if at some point there is a SPECIAL round (sort of Championships) where only top teams from SoEs servers, experienced players are given an opportunity to be randomly distributed on the server to show their abilities of organizing and winning the server.

    To restrict players choice of Region or city is one of the dumbest ideas I ever heard. Shows a total lack of understanding what Europe is all about.

    Why is organizing your teams considered a problem? Isn't the entire point of the game to organize your teams to try to play better in the next round?

    While it is perfectly possible in other scenarios to play solo, to play Europe successfully one HAS to play with a team.

    Successful team building takes several rounds, with each round you pick up new players, with each round you are more experienced and play better, what's wrong with that?

    Why would you want to destroy all efforts put into the round?

    Why is it wrong to want to play with players who speak the same language and have a similar playing style and you just had great fun playing with them?

    Building up your teams through several rounds can and should be tremendous fun and I'm happy with the new feature allowing to preregister together for the new round.

    Europe is more than a mindless hauling of goods to one location for 12 weeks, Europe is interesting and challenging and fun because it is NOT about hauling, it's about TEAM BUILDING.

    Instead of trying to restrict other players fun why don't you try to build your own successful team and see how much FUN that is.

    And if you don't play for fun, why don't you just play the Classic and just haul the goods to the City with the bunch of strangers for 12 weeks.

    And NO I don't play in the top 2 Regions on Loch Ness, but in 1 or 2 rounds I plan to be there :)

    Samisu, I understand perfectly what you're saying. However, I'm NOT here to be a 'bug' reporter. There are PTR servers where players are PAID to report bugs. Here I'm the one that PAYS to have fun, not to be burdened with dealing with Support and gathering all required by them 'evidence' to support my bug reports.

    Reporting error in Warehouse data is not exactly what I would call "1 on 1 account related issue". It's a minor bug not affecting my game-play much at this time and I don't really care if it gets fixed or not.

    RN already imposes on us 50% tax on basic cost of playing the game, apparently required to fix the bugs. Please have enough integrity and basic respect to thank us, the players (as Samisu is often doing) for reporting the bugs at all, in ways that are easiest for us to do.

    We are NOT your Employees, we're your Customers and expect to be treated as such.

    Thank you Roadkill and no I haven't sent the report to Support.

    It's not really a trouble at this point and it's not worth my time and trouble dealing with Support over this minor issue.

    It was my understanding that this is the forum for reporting bugs and errors?

    And you're absolutely correct; when one looks at the posted changelogs, after fixing 60 bugs in one update there were 100 new bugs created to be fixed in the next update.

    Are there no more PTR servers to check those things before uploading new updates?

    One of the active warehouses in Loch Ness, Warehouse Bucharest, shows identical goods and identical numbers for both Delivery and Collection. Collection goods and amounts are not correct.

    Here we go again. After a slight improvement in the delivery of videos in the first day of the new round, on day 2 the guaranteed rewards continue to be withheld, videos continue to have errors while loading or 'videos are not available, please try again later'.

    I just spent considerable amount of time watching dozens of videos, receiving a msg that reward will be payed shortly , but nothing happens, no rewards, not even a bonus for the player, buttons remains alive, ready for the next click to watch the video again. I waited up to 30 mins for the reward that was coming 'shortly' and it is probably still coming...

    THIS HAS TO STOP! I don't care how, I just want it fixed!

    I also want my $50 refunded for every week that videos do not play correctly.

    I play to have fun and not to have to write posts here expressing my frustrations and anger.

    We get promised again and again that this would be fixed in the next update, there were several 'next updates' and problems are still here.

    I play many other games where we watch videos for rewards. They ALL load up promptly and distribute promised rewards instantly. Since they play without any problem on my device it is NOT my device that is the problem!

    And please do not blame the ad providers, because the same providers, like adColony for example, has absolutely no problem delivering the same videos everywhere else promptly and without any problems whatsoever. Same videos, same device, same internet provider, same player, ONLY the game is different. ONLY RN has no idea how to incorporate the videos into its game.

    I tried to find the ways to contact a CEO directly, but no names except Managing Director: Lars Janssen are to be found and everyone else is hiding somewhere. Perhaps it is a one man operation? No e.mail is provided for Mr Janssen, only the address in Germany and FAX??? Fax: +49 (0)89/32 49 15 97 3 (plus support only). And yes, there is a long distance phone: +49 (0)89/32 49 15 93 8 (not for game support)

    What century is Mr Janssen operating in? Who is using fax these days, I wouldn't even know where to find one.

    Could I have the e.mail address for Mr. Janssen or any other CEO or someone in a position do do something about the game problems we're having?

    Thank you!

    Thanks Driver,

    Still can't find it. I went back as far as December 3rd where the starter package was offered, and can't see anything until the post 16 hrs ago with a 100 gold offer.

    I'm not on fb and can't view RN pages there, but I read all posts on the home page of RN and was using previously the link provided on those post successfully.

    Loch Ness started last Friday. For some strange reason that seems to be the only week in a long time that there was no bonus for signing up with the fb link.

    I thought that maybe it was discontinued, but sure enough there is a bonus again for this week - 100 gold!

    Is there any particular reason Loch Ness has been discriminated against? Did I miss something? ?(