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    it's a TOTAL joke, having us all to post here how frustrated we ALL are, because of your lack of planing ahead.

    Needless to say what is wrong with the HTML upgrade.

    Everything is wrong, and unless you do something really fast, half of ppl will give up TRYING to play in this NEW, frustrating "environment".

    Think again, when you see 150 ppl that join to play end game together being called "a herd", cause they are real ppl, and maybe, JUST maybe, the issue, is not up to them 150, but to those fewer, (lesser) who can't appreciate their efforts, don't try/manage to match their performance and simply don't actually want to attribute credits.

    RN made it so you would have to join together and set up alliances.

    A task, not easy for ppl who, are self-centered, and call team oriented players, "a herd"

    However personal goals/achievements are also available to be pursued, (personal ranking for example).

    Hoping RN to Taylor game features to meet inadequate team forming/setting/maintaining abilities, is so against this game's environment (associations, team playing etc) sounds just ridiculous to me, probably, as much as team playing, sounds like a "herd forming" to those others.

    I see nothing wrong in ppl getting together with a common goal (wining end game playing for one city)

    Playing satisfaction, for some, derives from making friends, playing and having fun with other ppl all together, with a common goal. Assuming common goals can be planned to achieved, none should call those ppl " a herd". I'd suggest, some should reassess the "ego degree" they put in their playing/efforts.

    Then again, I doubt that my suggestion will be taken seriously from ppl who call TEAM playing "herd mentality".

    Thank you for reading my opinion.


    I use safari/ not mobile app.

    when trying to see any video from any bonus building (restaurant etc...) I get this msg:

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Then, even if I hit "continue to site" I don't get to see any videos.

    in short, video bonus don't work for me NOW. (it worked in the morning, add blocker is NOT on , I checked multiple times)

    same here. as Upiara posted. adds can't be viewed.

    add blocker is not on.

    I watched videos in the morning.

    now, this "add consent" window appears, and it's not even a consent to consent with. it just says: continue to site, I click, and guess what? I can't continue to site, unless I stop the video play process.