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    Hi Everyone

    Is there anyone else not able to redeem the FAST-FORWARD-2 Code?

    This is the second time it has happened to me, not sure when the other occurrence was, however, this instance happened a few minutes ago : 23h07

    I bought a second engine and my reward was not given to me from Lucy, because I had this happen previously, I clicked on Accept and waited for Lucy to show me where to click next, and followed the Arrowed Icons where they were pointing to, this time round she awarded me my prize.

    I think there is a bug in this particular part of the tutorial.



    I think this is a great idea and well worth taking up the challenge for it!

    I believe I would do this myself as I enjoy helping and assisting others in Rail Nation, I know it's a wonderful game to keep the brain active especially at this time during the 'COVID19 Pandemic'

    Samisu, I was trying to find the achievements of each level, but found only 1 in the example, is this still in the development testing phase?

    Thanks Sam - was wondering where they were! :-)

    Because the train already on the bridge was fast enough to cross the bridge just in time to get to the other side when the other train came whizzing by within seconds of the first train crossing to the railway line that became two tracks on the other side of the bridge.
    COM3 SmokeChamber

    I think Era 7 and Era 8 should exist, but only in an Express Scenario, otherwise the game is tooooooo long.

    Have you thought of creating a Short Sprint in Rail Nation for those who cannot dedicate a lot of time to playing but would like to experience a short game?

    Maybe Era 7 and Era 8 could provide the short sprint... just a suggestion?

    @evi1pau1 - You are most welcome!
    I will mentor you - just send me messages in the game and fire away with your questions.
    I am not able to set you as a mentoree in the programme, but I can always help you along. :-)

    Title: A Drop-down list/ button of Cities to select for Passenger Trains in the schedule

    Scenario: All

    - List of Cities to be selected when planning passenger route for more than two stops
    - Useful especially when cities are far apart on the map - have to scroll in classic to get to each one to click on it
    - Name suggestion: Passenger City Schedule List

    Image (optional): See Attachment

    @Klabbauter's signature:

    Ist es nicht erstaunlich, wie viele Menschen sich erregen darüber, dass in einem Diskussionsforum diskutiert wird?

    Das Stimmt Eben so! :-)

    I'm a newbie, and havent seen anything about this until reading this thread. Perhaps because I joined a server that was midway through era2?

    Anyway, Ive kind of done this myself - reached out to players on the in game message boards asking for advice on what strategies to follow, and that is great. It's always nice to get 'rewards' in game for these efforts though, (for the players nice enough to help out a newb) so let me know if there is a menu somewhere to find this official mentor programme.


    I believe the mentoring programme automatically allocates New Players to current players as mentors from Level 10 - so if you have reached level 10, then you will automatically be assigned players to mentor.

    I've attached a few images for you to see what it looks like on your screen.

    If you have any further questions you can always send me a message in the game and I'll gladly answer you.

    Looking forward to connecting with you.

    For me it is frustrating putting in all the effort to be a mentor and there is no response.

    Is there a way for the person to respond to our initial Welcome - with two buttons, Accept Mentor / Dismiss Mentor?

    Then we will know whether the person wants to receive all our messages.

    The initial message we send as mentors should be sent to their message boxes with a Flag to catch their attention.