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    Hello Deedle

    If you are playing on a Steam over Europe Scenario or an Amercian Dream Scenario, then if you open the map located in the bottom right-hand corner on a Browser then you will be able to choose the Warehouse and it will display where all of the Warehouses are.



    Emzie, I have unredeemed tickets. OK, now I see it, thank you for your explanation.
    Definitely recently I have more and more tickets stored for new era (more than 100) so that is why I don't get new ones. Well, kind of fair, but it wasn't properly documented I would say.

    I'm glad that you've been able to find out why you are no longer receiving them.

    Good luck with winning some good Prizes when you do open them! :)


    Hello whariwharangi,

    If you contact Game Support and provide them information about the day you believe is wrong and what you believe the Prestige should be and what you actually received, they will be able to look into this for you and explain to you where the Prestige comes from.


    I am unsure if I am reading this correctly or not, so please correct me if I am wrong but am I right to think that you don't like the pre-registration system?

    Can I ask why?

    For me personally, I do like it and I have recently played another Server where I had to build an Association from scratch. I understand that it means large Associations can stay together, but it also means that Associations that reach Level 7 through pre-registration, or Level 13 no longer have to pay for the 2nd or 3rd Worker slot. As someone who loves to play in a team, with the people I already know I cannot see the disadvantage of being in a team that is already picked for the next round, and if a Newbie space is open, to me it is far better for a Newbie to go into an Association that works well together, plays well together and know each other so they can help this new player to learn to play Rail Nation, to see what the community is like and to see that to many people Rail Nation is more than just a game but a friendship that will last forever, with the potential of the new player becoming part of this team and becoming part of what I would class as my 'Game Family'.


    pretty sure our beginner was automatically upgraded to member due to pre-registration because the corp wasn't full anymore, and he wasn't fullfilling the criteria for beginner-slot. And that's how I think it was advertised when implemented. But it was a year ago or something, so it might have changed...

    And yes, you are right, I should have specified I was talking about pre-registration. There is no automatic during a game-round.

    And I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't work as it was described :saint:

    The only way they would be automatically promoted is if they are first to log onto the Server in the next round, in which case they would no longer be in the newbie slot as they were in the Chair Position and therefore they are not able to go back into the newbie slot.

    Apart from this, the newbie can stay in the Association slot. However, another thought on this.. I play in a team where it is very rare that we lose a member at the end of the round. I often try to fill our newbie slot, if the Player wants to return next round but so do all other 25 members how would this encourage newbies to stay in the Game if Players had to say 'sorry but you can't play with us anymore, because although no-one else joined we are full'.


    The chance of winning the lottery ticket is clearly way way lower. I often collect bonus for fellow association players and in all previous turns it was once every 50 bonuses or so (2% or I was just lucky).

    Now in this HTML turn it doesn't happen so often, it is like once in 500 bonuses (0,2%?). It is not only my observation but in the game chat other players have exactly same experience.

    There hasn't been any changes to the chance of winning a Lottery Ticket from collecting Bonuses.

    Have you got any Lottery Tickets stored and not redeemed? The reason I ask this is because if you have you will no longer be able to get a Lottery Ticket from collecting the Bonuses, and it has always been this way.


    Hello Rich C Nesbitt,

    Server starts are planned in advance, and Servers will always continue to restart unless that particular Server has closed.

    If you are experiencing issues within Game, you can contact Game Support via the help button located in the top right hand corner.


    No, there is no specific bonus for the players who helped to flip it. Everyone on the side that flipped it will receive the same bonus.

    If blue takes it back the next day - they get the bonus at the daily reset where it flips, if red take it back the next day then they get the bonus at the reset.

    If the City flips to red at the reset, and remains red at the next reset then no-one receives a bonus as it has to change color to receive a bonus.


    I think what Hellseeker (and many others including me) are still trying to figure out, after years of playing usa maps is...

    How exactly do all the prestige calculations work from city flipping, temporary flipping, permanent flipping, what are all the prestige bonuses and who gets them (entire fraction or only the players who helped flip)? Extra for city leveling? Extra for flipping and holding? Extra for participating in the flip?

    The normal daily prestige, we understand but what is different or extra compared to all the other maps?

    There has never been a decent explanation anywhere, of what you need to do as a player to maximize usa map prestige. And the recent changes only add to the confusion.

    Hello! :)

    Each time a City is flipped the Prestige you have earned is increased by 100 Percent of what you would have got only for the reset in which the City is flipped. And these bonuses stack, so if you are on Red Side and you flip 6 Cities from Blue to Red at the Daily Reset and you would of received 4,000 Prestige you would then get the following Prestige:

    Prestige that you have earned from City Deliveries (Those that you are able to see in each City before the reset): 4,000 Prestige

    Bonus for flipping City 1: 4,000 Prestige

    Bonus for flipping City 2: 4,000 Prestige

    Bonus for flipping City 3: 4,000 Prestige

    Bonus for flipping City 4: 4,000 Prestige

    Bonus for flipping City 5: 4,000 Prestige

    Bonus for flipping City 6: 4,000 Prestige

    This would give you a total of 28,000 Prestige. If you purchase the 50 percent bonus for City Deliveries worker, the 50 percent will also go onto the flip bonus you have received Therefore with the Worker you would have 42,000 Prestige.

    With the new American Dream scenario, this bonus is reduced to 50 percent just for the End Game.

    Hope this helps, and if you need anything else explaining feel free to let me know :)

    Edited to add: All players on the side that have flipped Cities will receive the bonus, whether you are connected to the City or hauled anything too it or not.


    hello I have received a strange message when I want to change a load and destination on trains when opening it is coming up with repair all trains with 5 gold and I have almost just done so and can not get my trains can you help and it is tempo turbo era 4 day 4 in advance thank you for help and support kjeld

    Hello knaldpa. Please try refreshing your Browser as this is normally a visual issue.

    If you don't see your Trains after refreshing please contact Support who will be able to help you further. :)


    If you're using a PC, copy it from your Browser and then press Control + V to paste it into the Bonus Code box that is present when you open the gold Shop.

    Emz. :)

    Hey CottonHeart,

    I am not 100 percent if this is what you meant, but I think that you mean Buildings.

    You can find all the possible buildings in your Station, and you can upgrade 1 at a time without a Plus Account or you can purchase or win a Plus Account to upgrade 2 Buildings at a time.

    It is not possible to upgrade 3 Buildings at a time. Please let me know if this wasn't what your query was in relation too, to see if I can help you further.

    Emz. :)

    The decision should of been made at the time this feature was implemented, and not years later.

    Whether intended or not - this feature is part of the Game and that has been taken away from us with no discussion to the Players, it is how the Game is played it has been for multiple Years. Even before the widget, multiple people could watch the same Video at the same Train Station therefore meaning that this has been implemented far before 2017 as previously stated.

    Please don't try to meet us half way after taking it away from us, give us the feature back we've used and cherished to play this Game, because without it the Game is no longer the Rail Nation we know as you've removed a vital feature. Additionally, please do not remove additional features from the Game.



    But the 2nd Video isn't fixed - so it hasn't fixed it?

    Is it not worthwhile for you to have 10 Players buying Lottery Tickets as opposed to 1 Player buying Lottery Ticket?

    My Video ranking is quite high over Rail Nation. I DO purchase products from the Videos if its something I purchase, and I have NEVER used a bot to watch a video.

    Hey Emziie,

    it was always meant to be so that only one person could watch the video. There was a bug in flash from time to time that bypassed this. (:

    Kind regards

    Do you mean you can still watch videos that were already watched or you can't?

    If you can watch all of them still that is working as intended and not a bug.

    Kind Regards,

    Mollymauk - it was stated here that it was intended for this, and not a bug on this Forum post. Since the widget was introduced, all Players could watch the videos and this wasn't from time to time.

    Association widget video issue