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    The vast majority of tickets came from collecting Station Bonuses from teammates. I am guessing that I get 1 ticket for every 50 bonus collection. I dabbled in buying the 5 Gold tickets offered as a video prize, but I quit after 18 tickets when it became clear that it was a gold losing proposition.

    Ah I see! Well nice to see you got so many good rewards. They definitely help the gameplay.

    I am on that server, I will check it out later. And you're welcome. :)

    Well, in fact you are doing exactly that, you are increasing the chance of getting a better or different reward to 100% because you are blocking the outcome completely of the rewards you do not want anymore ;)

    Not all the other prizes are better though ;)

    It depends on how you play, to which prizes are most beneficial to you. There is some I prefer, like Instant Upgrade vouchers. Spare ones of those once you have enough to max your Engine House is always good for me to upgrade my Station Concourse quickly.


    I keep the prizes I don't want anymore of, example clothing vouchers.

    Not because I want a better chance at a better prize, i'd just rather have something different to those prizes whether it be Cash, Research Points, Gold etc.

    You need to think about better introduction of new product series in the game.

    When I was a new player ... I also thought the game gave me a new locomotive.

    Very often, new players do not understand exactly what is happening.

    I would love to see a small video or something similar that player's have the option to play, that shows the Train or Trains with an existing series and then shows the Train changing to the production series that has been awarded.

    So they are able to see which train it is for, and additionally what the train looks like before they purchase one.


    I love the Shinkansen, mainly because it has blue in. I remember being so excited to get First Class because all I wanted was a Blue Morpheus.

    It's nice to be getting more choices for the trains though!



    I think there may be a little confusion on the fact there is two Bonus Trains available in each Era.

    When you reach Era 2 and on wards you will see competitions for Bonus Trains of the previous era. If you already hold the Bonus Engine you will instead win a cash prize.

    The important part to note - is if the Bonus Train competition is for Cargo, you will win the Cargo engine of the previous era.

    If the Bonus Train competition is a competition for Passengers, you will win the Passenger Bonus engine of the previous era. The Bonus Engine prizes are always specific in competitions and you will see a small picture of the train that will be awarded for the competition.


    My real name is Emma, and growing up family/friends called me Emz. When I started to get interested in gaming, most games the name Emz was taken as it's a short 3 letter name so I decided to see what I came up with. For some reason I didn't like Emzie, and ended up with Emziie. The irony now is, people use Emziie more than they use Emma. Family and real life friends included.

    And now for me it has a sentimental attachment. I can't see me using anything else.

    Hey Balibar!

    Did you collect these tickets from Videos?

    If so how long did it take you, and did you just use the free ones or did you buy some?


    You are correct, there used to be a medal for completing the technologies of all Era's. I really enjoyed this medal, as it gave me motivation to fill the Era's, still do competitions for Research Points and so on.


    Sometimes you may take new players into your Association, late starters etc and want to build their station or get tracks to your city.

    I think it would be a good idea that the amount of people in the Association is the maximum amount of possible donations, but players can choose to donate more than once to cover someone else's donation.

    I don't think it should be that you can just donate as many times as you like though, as this takes away the purpose of a larger Association which is what you are donating for with the added perks of a second and third worker slot.


    The Elephant is one of my favorite trains, but they are definitely an acquired taste. They are painfully slow - but its knowing how best to use them, I most often keep a fleet of Elephants and a fleet of Lynxs.

    However I know a lot of people that choose not to use Elephants - but if you learn the best ways to use them, its definitely worth having a fleet.

    Also I completely agree with the +20km an hour worker being of greater benefit to Elephants sacroima.

    If you are opening lottery tickets during the round, keep 3 Clothing Vouchers and 1 Production Series Voucher so that you can't receive these as prizes anymore, which gives you a higher chance at the other available prizes.

    Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

    I wanted to come along and discuss the length of time between a server finishing and the server restarting, to see if people are happy with the breaks, are they too short, too long or just the right length?

    I personally feel that for Classic Servers the breaks are a bit short. I am currently playing on COM-03 Smoke Chamber and we are in the End Game. It has been announced that COM-03 will start on the 10th of July. As we have not currently finished the EG - that gives us a maximum of a 6 day break.

    But what are your experiences with any of the servers Rail Nation gives us to play on?

    Have a great day everyone,


    Hey GrtUncMick, sorry to see that you have some issues with the era package. Please send a ticket to support through the ticketing system displayed on the top right hand side, image is a picture of headphones with a ? in the middle. They will be able to look into any issues that you may have had.

    Kind regards,


    Hey William - what device are you playing from and which server is it?

    A phone/pc/tablet, if you let me know, I have all devices so I am most likely able to send some screenshots that may help.

    Best wishes,