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    The Elephant is one of my favorite trains, but they are definitely an acquired taste. They are painfully slow - but its knowing how best to use them, I most often keep a fleet of Elephants and a fleet of Lynxs.

    However I know a lot of people that choose not to use Elephants - but if you learn the best ways to use them, its definitely worth having a fleet.

    Also I completely agree with the +20km an hour worker being of greater benefit to Elephants sacroima.

    If you are opening lottery tickets during the round, keep 3 Clothing Vouchers and 1 Production Series Voucher so that you can't receive these as prizes anymore, which gives you a higher chance at the other available prizes.

    Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

    I wanted to come along and discuss the length of time between a server finishing and the server restarting, to see if people are happy with the breaks, are they too short, too long or just the right length?

    I personally feel that for Classic Servers the breaks are a bit short. I am currently playing on COM-03 Smoke Chamber and we are in the End Game. It has been announced that COM-03 will start on the 10th of July. As we have not currently finished the EG - that gives us a maximum of a 6 day break.

    But what are your experiences with any of the servers Rail Nation gives us to play on?

    Have a great day everyone,


    Hey GrtUncMick, sorry to see that you have some issues with the era package. Please send a ticket to support through the ticketing system displayed on the top right hand side, image is a picture of headphones with a ? in the middle. They will be able to look into any issues that you may have had.

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    Hey William - what device are you playing from and which server is it?

    A phone/pc/tablet, if you let me know, I have all devices so I am most likely able to send some screenshots that may help.

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    Hey Hilti - I'm aware of what all the changes are, but we're talking about 'luck', it is possible that a player could now have extremely bad luck and wait 1500 for a full set - though the changes in the breaking news didn't still state that the old it won't repeat in 10 trainspotters wasn't included in the breaking news with information regarding trainspotters. If this has been changed then my calculation of 2400 would also be possible. :)

    Chances are unlikely - but statistically based on the numbers it is possible. I still don't believe the correct balance of trainspotters has been found - and do not think the current solution is the answer.

    I read all change logs when I have the time - so already aware of all of the changes, but bringing a player view point too it, not factual stuff from the changelog that doesn't delve further into it. :-)

    I completely see your point Toots - but I also see Sacroimas too, I guess that it has been put into play so that a team cannot dominate the server in the way Sacroima has spoken about.

    Regarding the train spotter change - I don't really understand the change myself, it changing to 20 before a unique did make them more common, but changing them to 100 - is 100 hours per unique, this means players could be waiting 2500 hours for a set which seems worse than before the change came in. I wonder if there is any reason to this.

    The bonus train - is exactly that to me, just a bonus. I have it this server on the servers I am playing, but I won't expect it on other servers, it will just be a bonus, just like I never expect to win the gold rush, and haven't so far. I'd probably scream if I did :-)

    I believe - I am not 100 percent sure but based on a ticket I sent in a previous round on a server that it is a visual display glitch and you get 1x wagon per era. So you would get 1 in Era 1, but 5 in Era 5. Same as the amount you get from watching videos.

    Hope this helps.

    I do agree with the PP thing, these were just ideas that went through my head late at night. Sometimes my brain goes to overdrive and I write down everything I can think of.

    In regards to some prizes not being used by all players, I think that is the same with all prizes, but the opportunity to have it may be good, and who knows the players who normally connect to just the one city, may extend their map by using the voucher and then become more fond of connecting to more than one city.

    Love the suggestions that are coming in, and the joker trainspotter sounds great!