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    I believe - I am not 100 percent sure but based on a ticket I sent in a previous round on a server that it is a visual display glitch and you get 1x wagon per era. So you would get 1 in Era 1, but 5 in Era 5. Same as the amount you get from watching videos.

    Hope this helps.

    I do agree with the PP thing, these were just ideas that went through my head late at night. Sometimes my brain goes to overdrive and I write down everything I can think of.

    In regards to some prizes not being used by all players, I think that is the same with all prizes, but the opportunity to have it may be good, and who knows the players who normally connect to just the one city, may extend their map by using the voucher and then become more fond of connecting to more than one city.

    Love the suggestions that are coming in, and the joker trainspotter sounds great!


    The idea of it having to cost points to me, seems a little unfair, as goods are automatically unlocked without points, it is just that you have to unlock the eras. Maybe the amount of passengers could somehow be unlocked to Era 1, Era 2 etc, so that there is not points to unlock the Passenger slot.

    As people that only haul pax, should not need to research all eras to be able to use their career engine for Pax is my thought.

    Just an idea.

    Best wishes,

    I believe this may be the reason why...

    If you don't fully collect the 10 when you have 10 - they can reappear in the next full 10, because they were part of the old 10 - Hope this helps. Best option is to make sure you always clear all 10 train spotters.


    Career engine maximums:
    Tractive force - 20
    Speed - 250kmph
    Acceleration 20/20
    Servicing 100%

    So a maxed our career engine is comparable realistically to trains found in Era 6. So my suggestion would be that somehow it is scaled as a Pax Engine to be comparable to a Mirneva.

    So all that would need scaling is the tractive force/passengers per load

    So I would say 20 Passengers per tractive force unlocked, giving a total of 400 passengers when fully unlocked.

    It would be unfair to add another upgrade for PAX - as that means people who play on the non PAX servers, have an advantage with career points, as they will never need to unlock it.

    So my suggestion would just be that it is switched and can just haul both - you can choose :)

    This is obviously just a suggestion, just trying to rack my brain on how to balance it. :)


    Suggested lottery prizes:
    City connect voucher – maximum one per era
    A money jackpot – like the Gold rush, rare but completely fills your bank
    A prestige reward comparable to era – for example 1000 prestige in Era 6
    A worker contribution voucher – value 100k per era so Era 1 – 100k, Era 2 – 200k etc.

    Competition suggestions:
    Increase the frequency of competitions so they are every 2 or 3 hours
    Cheap Build Voucher as a prize
    Track Voucher
    Instant Upgrade Vouchers
    Maybe rare – city connect voucher
    License voucher instead of license for goods
    ‘Surprise prize’
    Boost vouchers
    Mechanic vouchers
    Instant Dispatch vouchers
    Bonus Engine upgrade voucher

    These are just my suggestions from experiences I've gained as a player, and things that I would love to see implemented in the game. :)

    Haha Samisu - I don't even have to shave my head!

    As in regards to political views - I don't have a choice on having a bald head, I could wear a wig, but even with a wig I remain a bald female and would prefer to be able to express myself as I am. :)

    In real life - I have a condition called Alopecia Univerasalis, this results in all hair loss. I most commonly go out bald, and would like to express this through my game avatar.

    I know that I am in the minority - but would really like to have a bald female character. :)


    Feedback on the ‘Big Update’
    Big Ben:
    Pros - The colours of the messaging system, are far better as they are sharper and make it easier to read messages.
    People like the new design of the engine house

    Cons -
    There is a glitch with Trainspotters where when you collect them it says you got $0
    Some people still prefer the old messaging format
    They believe clarity of the colour of trains has been changed – and they are too bright

    Fire Box:
    Pros – A player has acknowledged, whatever updates are done there will always be someone that does not like it.
    They like the new format – but it is taking a bit of time to get used too
    They like the new messaging system – it is easier and simpler to use
    They like the fix that has been applied to the bug regarding timetable calculator
    Cons –
    Significant lag for multiple people (myself included, on all servers I have an avatar on)
    Examples of where people are freezing – MAC OS 10.13.4 Chrome 67.0.3396.99 Firebox 61.0.1

    Suggested feature to be implemented from Firebox – that you can use WASD to move the map around the screen. :)

    Given that Professor and Mr. Mechanic never learned to swim, but it doesn’t say that they can’t swim, just implies that they simply were never taught to swim, and that alcohol makes you feel like you can take on the world. I would get Professor to drink 2 bottles of beer, and I would get Mr. Mechanic to drink two bottles of water, so that if they end up in the water then they have the confidence to swim! I would use some of the ball of sturdy string to tie the big water bucket to the inflatable flamingo swimming toy but I would also then wrap duct tape around the string to attempt to make it stronger. I would get Lucy to originally be inside the Flamingo, and eat a banana for energy. Then inside the water bucket would be Mr. Mechanic, Professor, and William. I would allow Lucy to swim a quarter of the way – using the Flamingo as a float, whilst Mr Mechanic uses the oar to paddle the bucket along. When they reach one quarter of the way, I would get Lucy to get in the bucket whilst William gets in the flamingo and eats a banana for a boost in energy and allow Lucy to rest, while Professor uses the oar to paddle the bucket and William swims in the Flamingo. When they have reached half way, I would get Mechanic to drink a small amount from the flask for dutch courage, eat a banana for energy, and ask that he switches place with William. I would then get Lucy to paddle with the oar as we don’t want the professor to get too tired! Mechanic can tread water if he is unable to swim, whilst Lucy paddles the boat along. And then when they finally reach 3/4’s of the way I would get Mechanic to swap with Professor, and let William Paddle and Professor can tread water after he has eaten a banana for energy until they have arrived on mainland. When each person gets into the bucket out of the Flamingo I would make sure they dry off with the Railway Themed towel so they don’t get too cold!

    I also wish that when you clicked on the city, you had the option to open the city forum from there, like you did on the previous server.

    As well as that, I also agree with all suggestions. But being able to access by clicking on the city is the big thing for me. :)


    How long have you played Rail Nation?
    - Just over 3 months, started at the start of the previous round on Smoke Chamber. :)

    Favorite goods to transport?
    - Would probably be Electronics :)

    Favorite Rail Nation scenario?
    - Classic :) Though I will more than likely try a round on Big Ben.

    Strangest / Coolest place I’ve ever player Rail Nation?
    - In a Hospital Appointment during the End Game. (I said, give me a minute I just need to move my trains).

    Favorite Rail Nation era?
    - I would say Era 4, when things are well under way and the competitions are in supply due to large city connections!

    Favorite endgame snack or treat?
    - Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream, and mass amounts of coffee.

    Any other railway themed hobbies?
    - Nothing at all - I play Rail Nation because its a strategy game more so than that it relates to trains.

    Pick local goods from your home country, that you would like to see in Rail Nation?
    - Baked Beans!!!!! (laughs to self)

    Favorite railway-related movie?
    - I wouldn't really say that I have one, similar to above. I like Rail Nation because it is strategy, not because it is about trains. My nephew however is obsessed with trains and loves 'Unstoppable' but to him it is known as Big Train. Emma, Big Train is normally what he says to me.

    Favorite railway-related song?
    - Erm....... Thomas the tank theme tune? :P

    Bonus: Caption this image
    I feel really awkward at this encounter, but my name's William Smith. Nice to meet you.

    Widgets are a feature that has been introduced on the new user interface.

    There is various different features available that you can set as a widget. For example you can have an association widget which allows you to collect your own and your associations bonuses without having to go to the train station. It also allows you to watch the videos of yourself and your association. There is a refresh tool for this widget, it can be refreshed at a maximum of every 30 seconds but then allows you to watch the bonus videos if someone else has done the clicks.

    There is a competition widget - this shows you the competitions that are active currently, or are coming up and once you are entered shows your place until you have finished the competition. It also shows in the city competition the tonnage your city has delivered of each RG so you know where you need to be focusing.

    There is an engine widget - which shows how much percent servicing your engines have.

    There is a city widget - where it is easy to see where you are ranked in the RGS, to the cities you are connected too. This can be customised so that you have all your cities, or just one. And can be changed from day to day.

    To add widgets - in the bottom left corner of your screen you will see the chat bubble. Next to that is a + sign. If you click on the plus sign you can pick which widget you would like. You can have them all, you can have none, or as many as you like. Thats what I like most - it is a choice.

    I hope this helps.

    The answer would be 75. Two values on the bottom added together multiplied the value at the top of the triangle solves the equation.

    Emziie - COM03 Smoke Chamber.