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    how to import&export?

    Hello HansExpressRails! I am not sure which server you are playing, but I am guessing it is a USA with a Warehouse, or a Steam Over Europe with a Warehouse and a Harbor. To import to one of these, you need to pick up the goods with your train and deliver it directly to the Warehouse or Harbor.

    To export from there, you need to select your train to pick up the goods that you wish too from the Warehouse or the Harbor.

    Hope this helps!

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    You don't receive any prestige directly from hiring a worker - however it does contribute to your Career Achievement for your Career engine for winning a Worker with your own contributions.

    But the Workers provide many more benefits, that can increase the amount of Prestige you can get, for example if you hire the Speed Worker you are more likely to get a higher ranking in a Competition than someone without the Worker.

    There is also workers that bring in additional money, such as Station Regeneration who also brings in some Prestige.

    Then as Jack has said, there is some workers whose function is prestige.

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    For the achievement listed as "earn a medal," where do you find the requirements for each medal?

    Hello Thomas!

    You will find the requirements for the Medals in the medal list, underneath the title of the Medal. As shown in my photo below:

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    I'm dyspraxic and autistic. A lot of everyday tasks that a Neurotypical person can complete, I struggle with.

    It has took me 23 years to be able to learn to tie my shoe laces, something many others take for granted. And something I thought I would never do, so to those of you struggling with something no matter how small the rest of the World makes it seem please don't give up.

    The door may open when you least expect it.


    You need to make sure you go to the Career page to redeem the achievements in order to progress your Level.

    In the App, before you enter a Game world you will have an option to manage career. Here you will see your completed achievements and you can redeem them, as well as see what you can complete in the future.

    On a Browser, login to your account and go to the Career page and you will see the same. When I first started playing Rail Nation I looked at the easiest options to complete so I could get my Career Train going, this might be worth doing. :)

    Hope this helps.


    It was changed a while ago - it used to be that there was no limit. I personally wish the Sitting period was slightly longer than it is now. I regularly sit for a Player that has to have frequent time off from the Game but loves to play, and we tend to run out of Sitting days every round.

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    hi am a new play on this game

    Hello Player_4086, do you need any help?

    You may be better to create a Forum post of your own to introduce yourself or ask any questions you may have. This Forum Post is in relation to Worker Auctions. If you need any assistance you can also create a Conversation with me.

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    You shouldn't see it as a live auction, but rather as an auction that lasts exactly 1h55 min, during which time every corp can bet as much as they deem the worker worth.

    At the end, the corp that paid the worker most hired him. It's as simple as that. Thinking someone stole your worker at the last second is simply wrong. You just didn't value him enough, compared to the other corp. Or couldn't compete with their bets.

    Nobody is forced to bet at the last second, but people tend to do it, because that way you can usually get workers for less money.

    I definitely don't see it as stealing a Worker for the reasons sacroima has posted above. The auction always runs for a designated time, and it is about who can place the most in. If they put even $1 in more than you, then they've bidded more than you. It doesn't matter at which point in the Auction this is and the better option for you may be to bid in the last few seconds of the Auction rather than show your hand early.


    Do everyone in the region get this flippping bonus, even someone who transport nothing to the flipped city?

    Yes as its based on the amount of cities your side (East or West flip) so every player in that side - that is allocated at the start of the round will get the same bonus. :)


    On the USA Scenario you can achieve large bonuses every day by flipping the Cities. Which is far more than you are able to achieve on a SoE or a Classic.

    So I personally think that USA is in the situation of being able to achieve far more than the Winning Region on SoE and don't see any reason to change it.


    The last present the gold one has not returned on smoke chamber ...

    it crashed as i was seeking for it

    Please contact Game Support for help with this issue.


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    Hello everyone!

    We are aware of some issues accessing the Servers and our Technical Team are currently working on a solution.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


    The idea is that i had 7-8 tickets saved from collecting, buying and daily bonus ticket, i had the bonus engine for that era and i was hoping to save for the next era. But in 2 days of collecting bonuses from asso colleagues i had not received not even 1 ticket. So the question was is there a cap on winning free tickets from collecting bonuses from colleagues? My guess is that there is. Just wanted to be sure.

    If you store Lottery Tickets you are unable to receive tickets from collecting Association members Station Bonuses.

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