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    I finally think i worked out how Travian designed the maps, at least as far as Facility locations!!
    THIS is what they did:
    Found 48 different Paintball Colors ..
    Equipped 50 Conscripted "volunteers" with rapid fire or full auto PaintBall guns loaded with 50-60 aforementioned Paintballs (1 color per gun, each color representing an industry) ..
    Applied BlindFolds to the shooters and let them spray-and-pray a wall sized map!

    NOW the map makes PERFECT sense!!I

    figured out how the track routing was designed ages ago: that was a blind folded 2 year old with a box of crayons :)


    Well.. this sounds fun. Can we remake the maps just so I can rapid fire paintballs?


    I don't think that it is possible to put a timescale on how long it takes for someone to become a 'Master'.

    If you take into consideration, that each person learns in different ways (visual, auditory etc) if you placed me and another person in front of the exact same resources for the 10,000 hours we are both going to become 'Masters' at different times, different paces. Also - my expertise might be in a different way to someone else, as we don't all see life/the world in the same way.

    You also would have to take into consideration neuro-typical and neuro-diverse people, and for both groups the topic you are trying to become a 'Master' in would mean that the time 'needed' varies.

    However, I don't think you can ever reach a point in life where you know every single thing about a subject, and therefore I don't believe that anyone can call themselves a Master of a subject. Life is about learning, and the world is constantly moving. By the time you've spent those 10,000 hours there is going to be at least one thing that has changed.

    Most importantly, you have to have passion for the subject you are choosing to 'study' to become a 'Master' of. Peoples passions change, because life experiences lead to changes however minute, or however large in a person and their interests.

    Therefore, I don't consider myself a Master in any subject, nor do I wish to be because if I didn't have opportunities to open doors and learn it would lead to a boring existence for me.


    You should only start something when you are able to put that time aside - it is far better to start something with the right head focus, and the time to start it properly than to start it just because starting it means getting ahead.

    There are always tasks we need to do in lives - but there are always times and days where we are just not simply able to do all those tasks, then you have to prioritize what you can do, in the time you have and which is most important.

    So I don't think the starting is the key to getting ahead - being well prepared is in my opinion.

    Emziie. :)

    Hello Adam!

    I worked for a Fast Food outlet for quite a while.

    We were busy, and a customer came in with a big order. Approximately £90. They passed me 5 x £20 Bank Notes, for some reason I checked the first one, but I didn't check the first four. The first one was real, the 4 after was counterfeit. I remembered that he had kept me talking whilst sorting the money, and I believe it was a distraction.

    I got in trouble at the end of the shift as my till was £80 down, I learnt from this that even if someone else tries to rush you that you should take your time and you should do things at your own pace. We all have our own ways of doing things, and it is better that it takes a few seconds/minutes/hours longer depending on the task you are completing and that it is done properly than rushing to try and be quick and making mistakes that have a detrimental effect.

    From then on - I checked every single note that came into the Store no matter how long the queue was, or how much the Customer tried to distract me and as a result over the time period I continued to work there I caught quite a lot of counterfeit notes, and I also taught the newer colleagues of mine that it was better to do things properly than take shortcuts resulting in mistakes.

    Emziie. :)

    how do you not know how an advent calendar works? i bet you eat all the chocs at once :)

    Maybe I need to eat all the chocolates at once.. and tell my Family I need one Advent Calendar per day while we count down to Christmas. :D I mean.. any excuse for Chocolate, right?


    I hadn't noticed it either!

    For me there is only one personal life mission, and that is to make a positive difference to peoples lives whether that difference be big or small.

    So, I constantly do small things. Recently until she passed away, my neighbour was quite unwell. So 2-3 times a week, i'd go and sit and talk with her, watch some TV. And on the other days, i'd go and get her a newspaper from the Shop and cook her dinner if she had no-one to make her dinner. For me, that gives me all of the satisfaction I need.

    Emziie. :)


    Try parking your trains in the city, or placing them in the museum and then reactivating them, then setting a schedule.

    If your issue persists, please contact Support via the in-game help system and they will be able to help you further.


    You have to be lucky enough to learn 2 things: bi-directional respect and that you can always make it fun

    Was lucky to have this for the first 4 years working part and full time. Then a new boss came in town and I left, no fun and no respect left in there.

    Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes - Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your Employees, they will take care of your Clients. - Richard Branson.

    Where is the delete account tab gone from account set

    If you are meaning to delete an Avatar on an already completed Server (Origin) this is no longer possible, but your Gold and Plus Accunt will be uploaded hopefully at some point next week.

    If it is another Server that has completed the End Game, then the same applies that you are unable too but the Gold and Plus will be available when the next round starts.


    Morpheus isn't always a clear winner either - Dionysus can be a lot better than Morpheus in many situations, and vice versa. So its personal preference depending on the goods you are hauling, and how you play. :)

    Hello! There is a very handy tool to choose which trains are best for you to use based on your personal playing preferences. Made by other players (GizmoXomziG and Hear Me Roar ) which is located here:


    In terms of research path again this varies depending on the preference of the player and if you are playing a server with Passengers.

    My main server is a server with Passengers and this is what I choose to run/which order I go through the Lab tree.

    Era 1: Swallow (purchase) - Raven (research upgrades to progress through but don't purchase) - Rhinoceros (Purchase and complete all upgrades) - Donkey (Upgrades to progress and don't purchase) - (Falcon upgrades to progress and don't purchase) - Mole (Upgrade and purchase), then I go back and do the Upgrades on the Falcon for the Greyhound unlock that and purchase followed by coupling.

    Era 2: Bat (required upgrades and skip) - Black Bear (required upgrades and skip) - Lynx (all upgrades and purchase) - Cheetah (required upgrades to proceed and purchase) - Elephant (all upgrades and purchase) - go back and fill the Cheetah upgrade my trains and then do coupling.

    Era 3: Odin (required upgrades and skip) - Dionysos (All upgrades and purchase) - Ajax (required upgrades and purchase) - Osiris (upgrades and skip) - Morpheus (All upgrades and potentially purchase) - Go back and fill the Ajax up - Coupling.

    For Era 3 - whether I stick with Dionysos or go for Morpheus depends on whether I am running something such as titles/City Hauling or if i'm running short journeys of less than 4 tracks for the majority of the time.

    For Era 4 - I go Apollo (required upgrade, and skip) - Hermes (required upgrades and purchase) - Thor all upgrades and purchase - Go back and fill the Hermes up - Poseidon - Coupling

    Era 5 - Medusa as entry, fully load and use. Use this as your cargo train for the Era. Then - Basilisk - Aten (fully upgrade and purchase) - Leviathan - Centaur - Coupling.

    Era 6 - Ogre (required upgrades and skip) - Pegasus (required upgrades and skip) - Lindworm (required upgrades and skip) - Hydra (required upgrades and skip) - Olympus (purchase + all upgrades) then I go back for the Minerva. The reason that I go this way although it takes a few more RP's I can then easily pick up the Minerva. So short-term more RP, long-term less.

    Again this is just my personal preferences on how I play - but I hope this helps in some way.

    Emziie :)

    Sorry if my message was unclear, you don't have to delete your Avatar for your Gold to be uploaded from Origin.

    This was me explaining that the collection of the Gold is the same, once it is available.

    Deleting an Avatar to transfer Gold means that any purchased Gold and any Plus Account as long as there is at least 1 Purchased Gold on the Server can be transferred to a different Server of the same domain. However - you don't need to do this for Origin.

    Again, sorry if I caused confusion.


    Take it way back, I want the old railcars. When you had boxcars, and flatbeds, and car carriers. Now it's all just colored grain cargo, except for lumber.

    This isn't something I have seen as I haven't played for that long. Around 18 months, but this sounds like it was good. :)


    Take a look if you are are standing for Mayor, are registered for the City Council or if you are trying to change your Home City to somewhere outside of the Region and you are involved in the Region's Politics.

    Standing for Mayor as hilti2 says, would prevent you from changing your Home City as does being on the City Council, or having applied for the City Council.

    Emziie. :)

    Or starting a new Game Round, then you are reset to 0 Prestige. :)

    If you believe you've lost prestige in an ongoing round, please contact Support via the in-game system who will be able to help you further.


    I often have one train that shows nothing and does nothing and I have to sell it and get another one.

    Try parking the train into a City - then rescheduling it or put it into the Museum. If this doesn't work, please contact Support who will help you further.

    You will lose money by selling and rebuying trains. :)


    It does indeed - different ways to get them.

    For example you may get an e-mail to complete a survey for some Lottery tickets. You can then enter that code in game.

    Or sometimes they release a code for us all - such as when the new Lobby was released and they gave us 500 Technology Points for the Career.

    Hope this helps,

    Emziie. :)