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    There are cases when a player is busy or travelling for a few days. Sitter function is anyway active only after 12 hours of player not online. For such extended period of inactivity, It makes sense to reward the sitter with a portion of money and prestige.

    The sitter function is anyway possible only upto 22 days in normal worlds. Ie less than 2 ERAs. This can prevent inactive accounts being misused for sitter rewards long term

    It's 30 Days in a normal world, 15 days in a X2 World and 8 days in x4 World. :)


    You can't earn any prestige from a mega city if you are not a member of an association.

    This is a problem if you did not know this, or if you were kicked just before the End Game started.

    It's not fair at all, but it is what it is ;)

    You can join a new association when End game starts, you just can't leave one. :)

    I closed my eyes, opened them again and it was Era 6. Joking, but it is super fast!! :)

    I love it, but there is a change on here that I've noticed along with other people that I love. And i'd love to see this extended to more Servers.

    If you enter a competition for a License, instead of a designated License you win a License Voucher. This is so much more valuable, however this change is currently only present on the X 4 Servers and i'd love to see this extended to all Servers. What do other people think?

    Ps if you see me around, say hello! I am on both M26 and COM6 :).


    Yes, I understand the categories. As a top active player (#2), I have Misc 155 points, the Misc leader has 1587.

    All I can think is he must have a lot of titles.

    Hauling strictly within the corp goal-of-the-day format, I don't earn many titles.

    It is most likely from Workers :)

    50 percent bonus etc, but if you have a Plus Account you can press Show Profile, Prestige and press the drop down arrow on Miscellaneous and it will display where they are getting their Prestige from.

    Hope this helps!


    Hello, to those people experiencing issues with not being able to continue the video, and the continue button stays on Screen, please go into your settings and ensure you're not preventing third party cookies as this may be what is preventing you from continuing.

    Here is some links to instructions for the most common browsers:

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    If you need any further help to do this, you can start a conversation with me on the forum and I will try to help.


    Within Rail Nation, there are different Competition Leagues, and if you are placed into a different Competition League then you will see a different Competition. The League you are in is normally based on your Prestige and your Ranking, however you may also see Competitions that lower-ranked Players see when you first connect to a new City.

    Good luck winning the Competitions!

    Emz :)

    Thats not a bug.

    The capacity for passenger locomotives counts for the museum as well as for the locomotives on the rails.

    When you will buy the Talos you must sale the Artemis

    This is correct, although you have space available in the Museum for Trains, no matter how many of your Passenger Trains are in the museum you are not able to own any more than your Concourse allows you to use.

    You can upgrade the Concourse before the Era changes though, there is no time limit with this so you could increase your Concourse to give you additional space. :)


    The one that I would really like personally out of this list, is the ability to have additional slots in the Museum.

    I play Classic and would love to have 2 different fleets of Cargo + 1 fleet of Pax, and sadly its not possible.


    To me personally the ability to loan money just opens the door up to cheating, Workers and Industries should be about who is online not the volume of money players 'Left'.

    Emziie. :)

    Taking into consideration the cost of a Fleet of Lindworms, the fact that you'd use any Engine Vouchers you had which are worth 10m per piece on Olympus for not much variation in time from getting Lind worms to Olympus I stick with Medusas.

    If you were convinced you wanted a different train to Medusas until you get to Olympus then there is far better options than Lindworm, they were a great option and my favorite train of the round UNTIL the amount they haul, their speed, and their acceleration were change.

    Link to Engine Compare: railnationenginecompare.htm?en&pro#8h

    Emziie. :)

    If you are playing a Classic Server or a SoE then it is well worth leveling neighboring Cities. Extra money for Passengers when you are needing Passengers yourself. Additionally more opportunities for bigger Prestige/Research Point competitions, and higher amounts of Money from the Competitions which will help develop your Train Station/Tracks/Wagons for End Game.


    how to import&export?

    Hello HansExpressRails! I am not sure which server you are playing, but I am guessing it is a USA with a Warehouse, or a Steam Over Europe with a Warehouse and a Harbor. To import to one of these, you need to pick up the goods with your train and deliver it directly to the Warehouse or Harbor.

    To export from there, you need to select your train to pick up the goods that you wish too from the Warehouse or the Harbor.

    Hope this helps!

    Emziie. :)

    You don't receive any prestige directly from hiring a worker - however it does contribute to your Career Achievement for your Career engine for winning a Worker with your own contributions.

    But the Workers provide many more benefits, that can increase the amount of Prestige you can get, for example if you hire the Speed Worker you are more likely to get a higher ranking in a Competition than someone without the Worker.

    There is also workers that bring in additional money, such as Station Regeneration who also brings in some Prestige.

    Then as Jack has said, there is some workers whose function is prestige.

    Emziie. :)

    For the achievement listed as "earn a medal," where do you find the requirements for each medal?

    Hello Thomas!

    You will find the requirements for the Medals in the medal list, underneath the title of the Medal. As shown in my photo below:

    Emziie. :)

    I'm dyspraxic and autistic. A lot of everyday tasks that a Neurotypical person can complete, I struggle with.

    It has took me 23 years to be able to learn to tie my shoe laces, something many others take for granted. And something I thought I would never do, so to those of you struggling with something no matter how small the rest of the World makes it seem please don't give up.

    The door may open when you least expect it.