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    Hey, just a quick reply from me right now - I haven't forgotten about this. Thanks for all the additional MTRs, this is really helping us in getting a picture about your situation.
    I will try to give you a detailed answer sometime this weekend. So you have something to look forward to.


    1) When there is NO problem

    2) When there IS a little problem (little = 1 game loading refresh)

    Well to be honest, all the logs look good. There is no significant packet loss, latency is fine. Whatever issues you had yesterday seems were not caused by any routing issue. I will check with our sys admisn and look at the server logs if I see anything that would impact performance more than usual.

    When did this all start for you to get bad? Was it a specific time recently or is it something that you have for a long time? Also, is it just that one server you have the issues with or is it all your servers?

    As far as I'm concerned, I haven't been able to download for the last 2 days even once, so for me the problem is permanent. Without being able to download, continuing in the game seems pointless. If a number of people have this problem, is anything being done to have it solved at the source?

    Well, I am talking to you guys to find the source of the problem. If you known the source, feel free to tell me, it would speed things up considerably. ^ ^ :)

    Hey, deleting cookies did not help.

    I couldn't flush the DNS because, for some strange reason, the computer did not accept my password - the password I use all the time :-(

    Hm, do you maybe have an admin password set that you can use instead of your regular password?

    Hey Joe, do you have the same issue as the other players here?
    You got a packet loss on hop 11 and 12, which is not good if those are continuing from hop to hop. On the other hand the final hop has none.
    Might be helpful to hear what kind of issue you have.

    Hm, but for you the problem is not permanent?
    The "lobby loads only 50%" bug happens for me too from time to time. Reload normally fixes it.

    The game not loading could be a routing problem or some problem between your PC and our server. Especially when using a VPN fixes it.

    Could you please visit our looking glass page:
    Travian Games GmbH - Looking Glass - Looking Glass

    1. click on your displayed IP address. It will be pasted into the text box.

    2. chose mtr from the dropdown

    3. press the "run test" button
    And then post the result here.
    The mtr check will run traceroute from our server to your IP. It's bascially a reverse route to see if anything is wrong with the routing.
    Unfortunately there is no way to do the MTR the other way around (from you to us) without installing a special program in Windows.
    But you could do a normal traceroute.

    1. press windows key

    2. type cmd

    3. in the console type:
    tracert -h 50

    And then post the result here.
    You can chose any other server as well. Whatever you have problems with.

    I'd appreciate that. It's macOS Catalina v.10.15.4. The browser is Safari 13.1

    Ok, here is how DNS flush should work on your operating system:

    1. Launch Terminal, and type below command first.

    2. Type the following and press Enter:

    sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

    3. Then it will ask to enter a password. Enter your Mac login password and hit Enter.

    And this should be the procedure to delete single cookies from Safari:

    1. Select the gear icon to open Safari's menu and select Preferences.

    2. Select the Privacy tab, then select Details.

    3. Search for railnation and rail-nation and remove the cookies.

    At what point of the loading process does it stop for you?
    If another browser works, it might be sufficiant to delete the cache of your regular browser. You might also want to delete the RN cookies (you should be able to filter for them - most browsers nowadays have that option).

    If another browser doesn't work, a DNS flush on your device might do the trick.

    I can understand that you don't want to allow all 3rd party cookies.
    You can create an exception for to save the cookie consent and continue to block all the other 3rd party cookies.

    Please give feedback if that works for you.

    Hey crogiez, I got a question about @temp2.jpg.
    Do you get to that loading screen but don't have a loading screen or do you not get to that loading screen at all?
    If you see that loading screen in Chrome but don't have a loading bar, then it's not an issue with your flash permissions.

    Have you tried deleting your cache and RN cookies on Chrome?

    You are the leader of your association and cannot just leave without promoting someone else to be leader.
    The leader can only leave if he is the last member in the association.

    We had to prioritize some things and correcting this has been pretty low on the list. We haven't forgotten it though, in fact we talked about exactly this issue just today. So don't give up hope, we will come around to correcting the results soon(ish).

    The issue that caused this problem in the first place was fixed before the Origin Journey Express server started.