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    Well, since US102 just got the new update, you will be able to buy again once the servers are online. The bug that was mentioned above will be fixed in the new version.

    Seems this wasn't solved in an update since I have the same issue happening right now. Much easier to post the solution here instead of wasting an extra day with no engines running.

    The international servers will get the update tomorrow and on Thursday. So far only RU and DE servers have been updated.
    The solution is to contact the support team, so they can implement the workaround for you as you cannot do it yourself.

    Hey остановилсяˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ, I can imagine that it's frustrating to be forwarded from one support channel to the next. Please trust me and in my expertise that I only want to help you the best way possible. In this case that means sending a ticket through the support system.
    We just recently found a bug that caused the same issue for another player and were able to find it by analysing the metadata in his ticket.

    Yes, I could of course forward the issue through all the channels to one of the responsible devs, but I cannot give them all the necessary data they need to fix the issue. There is certain data automatically imbeded in the ticket that is needed. Even if I forwarded it via internal channels, they still might ask you to write a ticket.

    The bug will of course be fixed at some point, but I bet you'd like to profit from the workaround we found for individual customers.

    But you are the development team, right? So I first have to email country support again, then email Germany again, And then another department will look into it? Do I understand so well?

    The developer of the game is Bright Future for which we work. The ticket system is managed by Traviangames. There is an issue for some players that they are not connected correctly to the ticket system when they come from the game. We just recently found out about it.

    Just send you ticket and it will through the correct channels so that the bug can be fixed for your account. :)

    The colors were changed for the video button. When there is a active bonus to collect, it will still be displayed in green and if neither bonus nor video is available it is still displayed in grey.

    RN2018-7112, 16 Schedule: Fixed an issue that caused the travel time to be displayed incorrectly when setting manual schedules and using the schedule assistant.

    That should cover it.

    I can't open the 'buy engine' screen today; I just get a blank screen. Everything else loads up fine, but not that page.

    Just me, or is it a server/wider issue?

    Please contact customer support, they will be able to help you with this.
    It is a known issue for a very specific situation and they have a workaround in place to assist you.

    why is it i cannot start the game, it is not in english asking for my email address it looks like german. i have no idea what to do. sucks

    The game probably wants you to activate your account. You will have gotten an email with instructions (in the language your registred in) on how to do it.

    The error with German activation popups is known and we are working on a solution.

    Could you give us some information on what browsers you are using and (if applicapble) which security software??
    Each browser is a bit different, settings-wise and this can also be triggered by a browser addon or a security software setting.