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    The maintenance for the last server is over.
    We are seeing a major improvement compared to before, however it doesn't seem to be 100% fixed yet. We will have to monitor the situation a bit longer.

    We have taken RU7 out of maintenance again.

    We will now continue with RU201 and then also do the other servers that still cause problems on our side one after another.

    We won't announce all servers seperately. Will write again once we are done with this procedure and all servers are back online.

    Ok, we finished some additional adjustments to our CDN and at least for us the speed has improved.
    Could you please give us some feedback how it looks on your end?

    what about the dutch servers who are in or going into the endgame?

    All other servers are affected, so those you mentioned included.
    We are seeing reports from some players that it works better now and from some that the performance went down.
    For us it's a rollercoaster as well, so we are not quite done yet with this.

    This problem we are fixing does not apply to the PX servers or the DE servers (except the DE18).
    Hopefully we'll be able to fix the issue before the weekend on all affected servers.

    We are still working on the matter. Even after switching the CDN we are still encountering long loading times in certain areas of the game.
    We will keep you posted of course.

    Thank you both for the confirmation. It fits with what we are seeing in the logs and our own tests.
    If everything goes according to plan, all affected servers will be fixed sometime this afternoon.

    We just implemented a workaround (as a test) on COM2, COM5, COM101 and COM201.
    A complete relog is needed for the fix to take effect. Could you please give us feedback if the loading times are now better / back to normal?

    Edit: According to our observations the fix is working and we have thus increased the pool of servers that have received the update now.

    The following servers also received the update:
    com1 com3 com202 com203 fr1 fr3 fr101 fr201 fr202 m1 m1101 m1201 gr1 es1 es2 es201 pt1 pt2 ru1 ru2 ru3 ru5 ru6 ru7 ru8 ru15 ru101 ru103 ru105 ru201 ru203 ru204

    Before we update the remaining servers we want to make sure that the added traffic to our new CDN doesn't cause ans unforseen issues.

    is there any kind of information we as players can provide to you to find or rule out issues?

    Thanks for the offer. We already ruled out everything that is player-related.
    The fault lies clearly at the the side of one of our server providers and they are trying to figure out why this changed all of a sudden.

    But we are working on an alternative / workaround where we are not reliant on the affected sub-system.

    Stop putting band-aids on the issues and actually fix the problems. Best example would be the fact that chat doesn’t work in the game. This has been an issue in the game for nearly 8 years. Nothing’s been done about it yet.

    That is "an" issue, but not the topic of this thread.
    We are discussing here a very specific technical issue, not a bug in the game. And without knowning the cause, we cannot fix it. So I fear there is no way around an investigation.

    We are still investigating the issue with our provider and looking into alternatives to fix the issue.
    I have forwarded your feedback to them and hopefully it will help them find the cause of the issue.

    I am happy to hear that, I will forward that feedback.
    How about for the others? Is the performance back to normal?

    However, we haven't gotten the all clear from our provider yet, so they are still working on the issue.
    For us the situation got better but there are still some areas in the game that are loading a bit sluggish.