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    The shop on COM101 switched on the 22nd, it was our second live switch server.
    But yeah, the box is displayed incorrectly, it should not yet have been the one for the mega bonus. We will investigate this further, also in regards to the achievement.

    So, the issue is really about how to get RN to get Travian to get Telia to get their act together

    Not even Blizzard managed to do that, so I doubt Travian will have more luck in this case. :/
    Nevertheless, it has been forwarded but to be honest, we don't have much hope in this regard.

    Regarding the test file @ HMR, this is more or less to test general internet speed. Not really the speed towards our servers.

    Our game doesn't cope well with package loss, we already talked about that fact a couple of weeks ago. To compensate for that we would have to overhaul a major part of the network- and server structures.

    It might help to use a DNS, for example that from Google. You might get routed a different path.
    Probably won't do much for PTR servers, as they are currently hosted in Frankfurt and the problematic patch seems to be in Frankfurt. But the live servers are near Cologne, as you can see from the MTR. So that might help you in such situations.

    Ok, so both servers route via or to Frankfurt so there it seems to get slower. But to be hones, 55ms is not that bad.
    Unfortunately we cannot see the package loss in those traceroutes. And the looking glas doesn't work for PTR servers.
    I will look into the matter.

    Looks like a package loss problem again on the telia hops.
    Not really anything we can do about it at the moment but we are preparing some server-side changes that might improve your situation:
    Out of curiosity - do you have the same issues on the PTR servers?

    @Mihai: just think of what RN employees (or agents that work on their behalf) are paid of. Usually these MA players also spend a lot of $$ in the game. That is most likely the reason that the effort to identify is not that big.

    (Edited by CM: Please contact game support if you suspect someone is breaking the rules)

    FrommArt (an average player who likes the game, spends enough for gold+ and some small packages, but not thousands to win a round, but getting frustrated by such behiaviour).

    That actually doesn't matter at all. We treat everyone the same.

    Well, you are both right.
    Yes /Mihai, there are ways to find multi account users and apart from what you already wrote, there are also other aspects we are looking at when investigating such cases. In many cases a pattern will emerge if you look at all the pieces together. We are already doing it that way.

    And HRM is also correct in pointing out that many patterns can have multiple meanings.

    I don't want to and cannot go into detail about how we do this investigations and what data we use and what we don't use and how it works. It would make it easier for people who want to abuse the system.

    I will say this though - we are constantly improving our support tools, so even if we couldn't proof a case last year, does't mean we cannot now or cannot in a few months.
    So please keep reporting players, that you think are breaking the rules. That will help us a great deal.


    If you have any suspicion about any account(s), you can always contact customer support and report those players. The support will investigate every report. It may take a few days since those investigations tend to be quite long and we need to be very certain before we can take any action. But we will investigate.
    Even if something seems to be clear as day for you, we cannot take you at your word. We need to have proof through our logs that the reported accounts are breaking the rules before we can do anything. Unfortunately that also means, that sometimes we cannot do anything.


    What you described here is actually not an exploit.
    First of all, there is neither a 24h timer when you leave nor when you are kicked. The timer is set when you join an association. The system prevents association hopping within 24 hours. The only exception to this 24h rule is, that you can always create your own association. But new associations don't get worker auctions immediately. It takes up to 9 hours.

    What you described can still work if you have friends or alternate accounts in a low level association. It just takes more preperations.

    In the past, when we introduced the timer, we didn't classified this behaviour as exploitation. Rather as using the game mechanics.
    We can certainly discuss the situation again with the team and get a fresh view on this.
    It would be good to have some options / ideas at hand, how an alternative could look like. So if you have any ideas, don't hesitate to mention them.


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    With this error it usually helps to delete cache and cookies.

    same on loch ness

    I can see in your logs on Loch Ness that you received rewards for watching the 2nd bonus video right around the time of this forum post.
    Can you explain a bit more what happened?
    Was a second video shown without you getting the reward window afterwards or was no second video shwon at all? Or did it only happen sporadically and not for all the videos you watched?