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    Well, I guess congratulations are in order - you got into First Class and it seems that gift popup with all the new train skins blocked you this time.
    I accepted the gift for you and on COM202 also collected your advent calendar because it was blocking the gift popup. Anyway, you should be able to login again.

    Which server?
    And did you try another browser - I heard from several soruces that switching the browser helped them.

    That is actually just a bug. It should (and has in the past) already auto-finish if you cannot buy anything in your current era.
    You can contact support to get the task skipped if you encounter the bug.

    For some devices, when you delete the app some remnants of the app remain on the device.
    Do you have a file manager installed on your S8? If yes, you can try to delete the app, then search for any remaining railnation or travian files (Travian files only if you don't also play other Travian games) and delete those remnants. Then afterwards try installing the game again.

    I tried it yesterday myself on my S7 but it actually deleted everything correctly. But we have reports from other players that they had files left over and after deleting everything and re-installing the game worked fine again.

    We are of course investigating the issue internally.

    That is probably because of the free production series popup. Whe had some players having problems with that.
    Have you tried deleting your cache and flash cache already? That should resolve your issue.
    Alternativly you can try to change the browser. You should change to a version that uses a different flash plugin, e.g. switching between FF and Chrome.

    If all of that doesn't help you, may I please login to your gameworld and try to fix it from my end? You won't be able login while I am in your account, though.

    Not enough information - please decribe what exactly is happening or not happening at what time of the login process.

    There is no such delay. It's either a bug or some performance problem you are encountering.
    Is it something you experience on a regluar basis or maybe only on certain servers? Or only at certain times of the day?

    Yes, something like that is already planned but has a rather low priority at the moment. We are currently mainly focussing on performance improvements.

    The update tomorrow will be on the Lobby database, not the gameworld and tomorrow was the only suitable date within 3 months since there is no endgame running. For this Lobby update we need all servers to be offline.
    We know that it is inconvenient for some servers since they just recently started or they had the updates a day before but there was no other way, logistically speaking.