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    If there is only one deputy, who is also inactive, the ingame function to demote the chair won't do you much good, as he would be made deputy and the deputy would be made chair.
    You can always contact the support, they can help you with this. ^^

    I am guessing you have the 69 version of Chrome installed. It was rolled out recently and now requires to allow Flash with every login.
    You don't actually have to download flash. You should just click on the webpage somewhere (or the button if that suits you better), then a browser popup should come and there you can accept the use of flash.
    Alternatively, you should have a little lock symbol in front of your URL, you can click on that and can there confirm the use of flash there.

    On Monday it was still possible to start games, but there were no points awarded. The games played on Monday counted towards their amount of games played, though.

    Just wondering how it is possible that player ranked 1st have got from 5 games 36 points averidge 7,20 ? :huh:

    The poinst have been corrected and the bug identified. We are trying to fix it asap.

    Thanks for your feedback, I will forward it to the devs / designer. Maybe they can come up with an easy solution to stop this kind of exploiting.

    Oh, I didn't even realize that. Hm, will have to ask a dev to look into the logs.

    And thx, Klabbauter, I corrected my formula.

    We had a bug yesterday with calculation of the average. It was corrected yesterday and average points should now be calculated correctly.

    This is something we want to implement. We don't have a concept yet, so it might still take a bit until it will find its way into the game, but we are working on it.

    I'm sorry to hear that. A few more details would be nice, though.
    Is this a browser problem or does it happen in the app? If app, which device?
    What exactly do you mean with "it just sits there"? At what point of the loading process does it stop to work?

    I logged in with your account, however you don't have that game tour window active so there is nothing for me to deactive.
    Seeing that you are participating in a competition, might I guess that you already solved the problem yourself?

    In general - we did notice a problem with the chatserver connections after the update. Many players were connected to the chat via a fallback solution instead of the regular way.
    The issue however, was fixed yesterday afternoon.
    If there are still issues now for some players, we need more details of what happens (or not happens) exactly, so we can figure out a solution.
    It would be best, if the affected players would contact us personally, so we can try to figure out the issue with then together.

    Here are a few examples:

    10:00:00 - player A bids 82k
    10:00:01 - you (player B) bid 82k

    Player A wins

    10:00:00 player B bids 80k
    10:00:01 player A bids 82k
    10:00:02 player B bids another 2k

    Player A wins

    10:00:00 - player A bids 90k
    10:00:01 - player B bids 82k
    10:00:02 - player A decreases bid by 10k
    10:00:03 - player A increases bid by 2k

    Player B wins