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    The data has to be processed by hand by our devs so it really depends on how much our devs have to do with higher priority things. Generally it takes between a few days up to a week.

    If the player leaves on his own, no prestige is removed. If the player is kicked from the association, the association will loose all contribution of that player from the last 24 hours.
    The "to be removed" amount cannot be seen before.

    An industry's occupancy rate is not affected by deliveries. Only if you collect goods from an industry, will it affect the occupancy.
    Waiting time will go down for other players if more goods are delivered to an industry. If an industry has multiple incoming goods, the waiting time is determined by the lowest stock.

    Delivering none-required goods have no effect on the city consumption at all.
    The answer text is a bit misleading and I too, had to read it twice to understand it. But it never talks about none-required goods. It's all about the required goods.

    No, I am referring to the question asked by klaudio963 directly above my post.
    I am not sure about the lenghts; will have to ask our game designer about it first.