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    City competitions - grouped by city population (mostly)

    Licenses - no grouping

    I'd also want to point out that threatening a player with a report, even if only in a private message, is sanctionable (at least for me it was). So you might want to have this in mind when dealing with a player who may or may not break the rules.

    Might as well straight up report it and avoid any interactions, much like Dutcher suggested.

    Kelot, you haven't even read all I had to say on the matter, you've only read between the lines. I'm not even going to debate this longer since you cannot see a difference between creating 10-12 fake accounts and being signed in on only one, real account.

    I'm sorry I have brought this to the forum to be honest, my initial intention was to once again highlight the issue this game has with fake accounts so that maybe Rail Nation starts doing something proactive and not only react to support tickets.

    Sharing passwords, the thing that got me banned, is an entirely different issue and one that I believe it's also very spread between the players since after discussing my ban with other players I came to realize that a lot of them do or did, but like I said, it's an entirely different issue.

    Sure, they're both wrongdoings, but they should be tackled separately. As for my topic, I won't bother you with this again, I'm starting to lose faith anyway and honestly there are other ways to go around this problem than the forum.

    Kelot, the topic was about something else entirely, to put it in a different way, the defense attorney forced the prosecution to confess regarding a violation he just did and all the juries started to focus the attention on him instead of the actual case. Somehow, in all this story, because I lost credibility the case I brought is null, without any doubt. The moral of the story here is that once you've committed something wrong you've automatically lost the right to report other wrongdoings. Reflect on that as well.

    I have provided concrete evidence for my beliefs, but on the other hand for me it's case closed, which only proves how one-sided some people can be.

    jvoodoochild, Gambei meant something else. They positioned their end game city to 6th place with level 35 and my team went and forced their city to level-up to 36, thus adding more tonnage to their city for the end game.

    I will always and have always admitted where I did wrong, you can highlight what I've confessed to anyone. The purpose of this thread has been about what to do regarding multi accounts when the support team doesn't do/find something, it now turned to something else but for that I share the blame too since Gambei chose to attack the person instead of commenting the accusation and I followed through.

    I see two players here who immediately jumped to conclusions based on a declaration, that's fine, attack me, smear me, I don't care. But where's your comment on my accusation? Or your purpose was to have a good laugh and only cherry pick your focus? Again, suit yourself.

    But saying that our win wasn't legit because I was signed in on one account but not saying their previous win wasn't legit despite having 8-10 multi accounts... it's unreasonable. Either way, no one here actually discussed the topic, they all went straight to the man himself (me in this case).

    Reflect on that.

    I have never lost my credibility, not here, not in game, and especially not to those with which I have strong connections. And even if I was doing whatever they're trying to pin on me, a lot of players from my server know and share my opinions about the multi accounts I've been accusing.

    I'm curious to see what Gambei has to say about what I sent him on Origin.

    1. It's not the same, however you spin it.

    3. Initially they were 10-12 in Millton. Once Red Skull relocated to Stamford region only about 8-10 remained. This round only 6, with 3 of them going black dot and 3 of them no-show during end game.

    I wasn't behind Joelock23 or any multi accounts. You were harbouring multi accounts / fake accounts whereas I signed in on a real account. It's a difference but I don't expect you to understand.

    P.S. I've sent you something on the Origin server, maybe you can apologize later. Oh, you never apologized for anything every since I came to know you. Well at least I'm hoping for you to be honest, oh wait, scratch that too.

    1. It's as "unethical" as running rampart through uncalled EG goods, but more innovative? I see...

    2. I don't really care who of you created this char, but it was there on purpose - please don't try to convince me it was purely random action from a newbie.

    3. I'm not asking Ken Boi, I'm asking you, here in public, because your whole case here is not against supposed multies, but to justify your own actions. What did you got a ban for?

    1. It's not even remotely the same. If we were to run rampart through uncalled EG goods in your city you wouldn't even close 5 in 12 hours.

    2. Of course it's on purpose, no newbie account would know how to target your Pharmaceuticals good. It's interesting you can agree with me on this topic but you won't on other instances :)

    3. Ah, I see, sure why not. I got banned because I was signed in on another player's account in the same time I was signed in on mine.

    Thank you Gambei. For a city who, using your words: "didn't seem to have much chance of a win", we did pretty good finishing 13 goods ahead of the runner-up :)

    1. Depends on your perspective, but the players I've spoken with about this found it intriguing, fun and somewhat innovative, never done on COM2 at least, so by those standards I'd say we were pioneers. From my perspective it wasn't ethical, I'll give you that, but wasn't sabotage either since during the end game we never touched your city.

    2. I don't know anything about that player, I saw him doing what he did, you handled it gracefully, setting you back an hour at worse, after that I never saw any sabotage in Stamford, much like Pureshore never had any. Hartlefield had two FedEx players who were constantly messing their wait times and we had chriscb, LIELASTRIPA and walter565656 who did the same. Shall I inquire you about these last two, one star players, who messed only with our city? Furthermore your city seemed to have had a lot of new accounts created in Belham, some were in that association Belham Haulers, ready to haul for the EG but I guess someone got cold feet. And to top it all off, 6 (six) Red Skull members who "supposedly" were multi accounts and signed on withing 30 minutes during the crisis you had in Stamford with the forced level-up, never showed during the EG. Pretty interesting no for them to miss out on the most important event of the round? Care to defend them once again?

    3. You can ask Ken Boi since he was on our Discord channel and knows everything that went down, I got nothing to hide. And if you had one ounce of decency and respect you would understand why I did what I did, but feel free to PM me on Origin for details. I'm not upset over what happened, it's my fault and I am at peace with my choice. I would do it again if put in the same position.

    And to sum it up, previous round Red Skull had more "supposedly" multi accounts than they had this round, I believe it was around 8 or 10, and you had the audacity to call it the best team on the server and accuse me of hypocrisy. Let's just end this here, the round is over, justice has been served (to all parties). See you when you return playing and good luck on Origin too.


    I am once again running a city who doesn't seem to have much chance of a win :)

    Hey Cailong, you're on the same server with me. To further explain what happened, if a city reaches let's say level 34 first, it doesn't matter if the other cities reach level 34, they will all be ranked below.

    I'm sorry for you folks in New Green, I know you were trying to reach the top 10.

    I'm not saying what I did was sportsmanlike, it was guerrilla tactics, that's on me (everybody knows it). I am not covering one with the other. It simply was a means to an end.

    But when Rail Nation queried them, their answer was: "we're co-workers, some of us live in the same house".

    When I first told you about them you simply said: "you are wrong", without questioning the facts or anything.

    When I've told you again, this round, your answer was: "ever heard of whatsapp, discord?".

    Everytime I try to tell you, listen, there's something wrong here, I hit a wall and you always find excuses for them.

    I've given you the walkthrough with objective perspective, no personal feelings or anything, just how it happened.

    One of the teams from your alliance is harbouring multi accounts, all the proof is there. You have been denying it from the start, and at first I believed you but now, I don't want to speculate, it's just fishy.

    1. First, 10 new players suddenly drop into this team, no round played before, but they play perfectly, know exactly what to do, all of them. Right.

    2. Rail Nation starts to inquiry about them, they get rattled a bit and when the end game starts not a single account from those 10 was online during the entire duration. Right.

    3. Next round this team starts to roll with you, ok fine, but when the end game begins they all stay online for at least 16 hours and you have the audacity to call that team the best on the server. Right.

    4. Now this round, 3 of them go black dot (inactive) in the same time, raising my suspicions once more so I make a controversial call and what do you know, 4 of them pop online in the same time and start doing stuff very organized. Right.

    5. Yesterday I checked their engines to see what's what, all of them have the same service status, meaning that their engines were around 35-45%, hinting they've all logged off in the same time. Right.

    You and I have some bad blood, I agree. I'm a controversial person, I once again agree. But you're not looking at the facts so, I don't know. I don't want anything from you or with you, but if someone came to me and said: "you know, you have some shady players in your team" or "this team you're playing with has these accounts that seem fishy", my answer would be: "ok, let me keep an eye on them and see if they exhibit strange patterns".

    But I guess I'm just a hypocrite.

    P.S. Hypocrisy is when you accuse someone of doing something that you already did or currently doing. So use proper words next time.

    I won't give details about players and the team for which they play, it's not even needed, but I will walk you through history a bit.

    Three rounds ago on the server I've been playing for more than two years all of a sudden 10-12 new players (never played a round before) start joining this team. They've exhibit the same pattern when upgrading their station, which trains to buy, how to haul, where to lay tracks, everything. It was almost like they had the same mind, right? Keep in mind that these are NEW PLAYERS, completely NEW to this game.

    Naturally me and another chair opened a support ticket, Rail Nation says they'll investigate. A week goes by, two, nothing happens. I say to myself, maybe they didn't know how to look, I go and make them an Excel table with all their statistics, I even point to Rail Nation staff where to look to find odd behavior (like time spent online, competitions ran, licences bought, etc).

    They go and ask these players about their identity, minor questions, and their response was: "we live in the same house, some of us are co-workers". Imagine how convenient...

    I decide to let it go. This seems to be the general feel of some of the players around here.

    Of course those players continued to play that round, and the one that came after, and now this week I notice 3 of them suddenly go black dot (inactive) which is odd to happen in the same time for 3 of them. So I decide to flush out the rats and asked my team to silently push their end game city, see how they react.

    And what do you know, the rest of them started to activate all of a sudden, 4 of them online in the same time (a thing that never happened), and they all start to nicely spread their investments to keep their RG sites under majority. Two of them investing in Chemicals, rest investing in Machinery, the two RG sites they were managing.

    How about that, huh?

    What can I do in such a scenario? Open another support ticket only to have Rail Nation ask them about their lives again?

    Hey Emziie,

    The situation is not as was Saphirus described, that is why I suggested a solution. Further down the road naike even explicitly said pretty much what I've said again, just now, without involving the player creating his own association. But I guess the information got lost in the thread.

    Regardless, I have opened a support ticket with this issue and provided the support team with the steps to reproduce it.

    But I will say this, the time penalty mechanic is improperly designed. Instead of having the time penalty applied when you JOIN a team, it should apply when you LEAVE/GET DISMISSED from a team.

    Try to think it logically, if I join a team, I intend to stay, so the 24 hours time ban doesn't really concern me. But when I leave a team or get dismissed, I might have benefited from the workers that team might have had, so allowing me to immediately join another team in this scenario isn't really fair to the other players.

    Having the time ban applied upon leaving/getting dismissed covers not only the initial exploit but the one that I've described above.