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    Regardless if I want to access the Rail Nation Support site from the main site or from within the game (desktop or mobile), the support site doesn't take the login and doesn't have a Login functionality.

    I've recorded my screen for better understanding of this issue. YouTube video is unlisted, only those with the link can see the video:




    It isn't a case of more or less experience, not always has a chair or deputy more or better knowlegde of the game. And it's not fair that 2 or 3 members of an asso decides which workers are bought. The reason worker bids are locked during a sitter option are not done without a reason. Workers shouldn't be bought with others money if they can't decide for themselves if they want to contribute yes or no.

    Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't like the idea of a tax option. I know cases, in top tier associations, that players funnel every money they have into workers. So giving them the option to do so EVEN WHEN they're not online it's bad for the game.

    Let the association with most online players get the workers they are willing to bid for.

    I don't like it at all a demanded (fixed) contribution. This will create more cheating in the game. You let a few people decide which workers will or won't bought this isn't a fair option at all. With this "solution" the bought workers are those workers a chair or deputies think are the best and I can imagine it wouldn't be the teams choice.

    More often than not a Chair and/or his deputies are more experienced than the rest of the team, and it's perfectly fine for him or they to decide what workers to get.


    I'm here again with another suggestion, I guess I haven't learned my lesson from the previous two. Anyways, I've searched the forum before posting but haven't seen something related to this. Regardless, although to some players this information isn't new, associations (much like players and cities alike) are grouped in what I call "tiers", and compete each other for workers from these tiers.

    The reason I think this needs a rework is because the associations ranked last in these tiers have zero chance of getting a top tier worker like the building discount, or wait time reduction, or speed worker, and so on. In the server I play my association has made a name of itself for getting pretty much all the good workers, and our competition usually consists of only two associations. Every now and then a third one may surprise us, but in 99% we blow the competition out of the water by doubling the amount of money needed to win the auction.

    I think a tighter tier should be taken into consideration, or at least a different algorithm to group the associations. Currently I've noticed that the first tier consists of the first 10 associations, though I may be wrong, and I have never seen an association past 5th place win a good worker. Hell, I've never seen them have 3 workers in the same time. And yes, I am complaining from the winning seat, as we all should when we noticed something being completely unbalanced.

    Has anybody else thinked about this, and perhaps how it can be solved?



    Some of the players I've discussed with prefer the reliability, I for one don't. I prefer to haul more tons and worry about money later. Therefore my priority is:

    1. Tractive force.

    2. Era goods.

    3. Speed.

    4. Acceleration.

    5. Reliability.

    I won't go into saying what my career engine looks like because that's not important, but I will take this path:

    I'd first upgrade my tractive force to 4 railcars, then upgrade to era 2, after that go to 75km/h while also improving my acceleration to 3.

    After that I'd move to 6-7 railcars, upgrade to era 4, aim for 100km/h and have the acceleration to 5, while also raising my reliability to 50%.

    Once I hit those, I'll go to 10 railcars, upgrade to era 5, bump my speed to 125km/h, acceleration to 7 and reliability to 60%.

    At this point I'd go for 13 railcars, upgrade to era 6, try to reach 150km/h and leave the acceleration at 10 while reliability is good at 70%.

    Pass this point I wouldn't worry too much about acceleration and reliability. Those are fine as they are. Invest in tractive force and speed, in that order, and you will have a strong train permanently.

    You seem to be twisting some facts to your reality, allow me please to set them back on track:

    1. I've never said RN considers your actions to be unsportsmanlike, I've said I am happy to see that RN thinks unsportsmanlike behaviors are bad for the game. As for me, yes, I think your actions are unsportsmanlike.

    2. Regarding Tired Old Guy, when I did what I did there wasn't any other option, and before I dumped those 100 millions I've tried all I could (city forum posts/threads, private messages, offering friendly association status). And to respond about my actions, yes, they are unsportsmanlike. If I had a Game Rule available, I would have used it instead.

    3. Everyone is free to do whatever the game allows, but some of the actions should come with consequences.

    4. You are contradicting yourself with joining era 6. In another thread you said you are not interested in hauling to EG cities, but to non-EG cities since there's prestige points to be made there. Therefore, and this is what I've blamed you about, you should avoid connecting to EG cities since you add to city consumption and tonnage quota without actually contributing to that city. It's a bad practice.

    5. Player rankings matter but not in terms of fame, but in terms of a player finishind 2nd is likely more experienced than a player finishing 7th. To further demonstrate, I can finish within the top 10 without actually playing the game more than 3 hrs per day combined. But to finish within top 3 I will have to play the game for at least 6 hrs per day combined. If you fail to understand this than it just proves my point.

    6. I only looked you up on the Masters 3 because I am playing it too.

    7. Seeing you've resorted to insults (i.e. calling me a hypocrite, paranoid, being petty, crying and whining) all the more shows what type of player you are.

    This is my last conversation with you, wish you all the best.

    You have to understand, not to admit because that's not relevant, that the game is now riddled with multi accounts. I've just finished a round on COM2 and the runner-up city had issues with facilities being ruined during the EG by 2-3 players. We, as a winning city, had one as well, a player who played 4 rounds that during its entire duration he broke and took majorities as he saw fit. I tried to reason with him and in some occasions he seemed to understand that in the end we share the same goal.

    But during the EG he stopped following calls, stopped responding to private messages and almost every time he logged in he was changing his trains to other goods that we weren't hauling. Eventually we won because we overall had more seasoned and disciplined players than our competitors but this kind of behaviour slowed us down.

    What I am trying to say is if the player base between these two cities would have been closer, most likely the victory would have been decided by just 2-3 players. And this is not right, two players influencing the work of 150 is not right, the game design either calls for balancing or, like I proposed, sanction this behavior so that players know in advance that by doing such actions they risk something.

    And I don't know if you are familiar with my other post, regarding multi accounts. This round on COM2 I've wrote to support two times about the same accounts I, and a lot of the players in our region, thought they are one and the same. Long story short, the accounts kept on playing up until the end game where NONE signed in, absolutely no one, for the entire 48hrs the end game lasted, which is extremely unlikely. This completely surprised the chair as well who is a known and respectable player (i.e. Bill Dance).

    Oftenly one problem leads to another and no one creates an alternate account just because he likes the game so much. He creates it to have an edge in the battle, either by boosting his city/association, or to sabotage the competition. And while these two problems are in most cases linked to one another, they can be tackled separatedly, as they seem to be now.

    I for one will relentlessly report any player I suspect of being an alternate account, but the newly updated Game Rules do not include cases of "Fair Play" violations described here in this thread. You seem to have included in this category players that spam, insult and exploit game bugs. The only expression that can address such behaviors is "questionable actions", but I don't think it is meant to cover what I've described to be unsportsmanlike behavior.

    It's a bit dissapointing. Regardless of what has been said in this thread by me or the others, the fact that ALL the games I've listed in my first post have a variation of unsportsmanlike behavior included in their game rules should act as the main reason to include such in the Rail Nation game rules as well. If you can think this objectively and don't get offended, some of the games listed there have departments bigger than the entire team behind Rail Nation, and some of them with experience in game design for more than 15 years. They surely must know how to do things.

    I will stop posting in this thread, I believe I made my point and to further debate things with none other than the players that actually EMBARK on such unsportsmanlike behaviors is completely irrelevant and unnecesary. I am getting tired of keep suggesting things, arguably good things, only for them to hit a wall.

    LMAO! Now this is just too funny! Here I was about to make a comment about people whining instead of competing until I read someone who's name is unreadable stand up for tired old man. Then it turns out that you and your corporation are the ones who targeted the guy. Look, I fully understand what you do. However, you are a hypocrite for posting your complaints in a different forum about unsportsmanlike playing. Your very post is proof that you are simply attempting to micromanage the entire game. I hate to break this to you but you can't always have things your way. Also, you might want to consider your own actions before going about and crying that people are not playing the way you want them to play.


    It's admirable that you somehow linked those two topics, but sure, I'll indulge. First of all you need to understand that your play style is that of a minority (i.e. free hauling). Now when you add that to the fact that you don't seem to have respect for majorities, or the fact that you start rounds on era 6 and do little to no contribution towards the megacities, probably hauling to all and possibly adding wait time to all industries, you are like one of those 10 players I see every game round. Where a server has about 3000 players? What is 10 players out of 3000? You are an almost an endangered species my friend.Tired Old Guy actually played a full game round, as opposed to you.

    Back to the subject, on this particular case we were close to 5 associations. Not every association was a full house but we can round up to 20 members. So we have the interest of 100 players and that of another two associations that joined us for the end game. So you see, a lot of people wanted their city to be managed, and be made efficient, and ultimately have a really good time during the end game. Unfortunately Tired Old Guy, and his only two members, wanted to have THEIR way.

    Like I said, tried to reason with him, messaged him a couple of times, people were writing on the city forum, chairs were messaging him directly. No effect. He was putting ALL his daily profit in taking the RG site that he was hauling. I don't know his motivation but the fact that he didn't responded is a clear indication of him not wanting to cooperate. And this game is all about cooperation. Unles you are an individual player, but I think we can all agree that the main prize is for a city to win the end game, the design is build around this feature since the game ends when the city is victorious, not when a player or an association is victorious.

    So I beg to differ on your opinion. I'm happy to see that Rail Nation thinks that unsportsmanlike behavior is not good for the game and they intend to sanction it in the game. Slowly, but steady, your type of players will soon be erased.

    You have completely missed my point about a prestige farmer. First of all, there are admittedly two types. One is the hauling direct and moving on type and the other is the invest to win type. For the invest to win type, they are not going around breaking majorities for the sake of breaking majorities. There are only two types of players who do that. A player or team with a bone to pick against someone or some team meaning you have an investment war going on (that is a good thing not a bad thing) or you have an inexperienced or young player who's primary goal is to see their flag all over the map.

    The investing prestige farmer is neither of these. This is the guy who swoops in half an hour to half a minute before a factory levels up and takes the top investor spot regardless of who's majority they break. There is no way that RN is going to do anything to stop these players because nine out of ten times they are credit card players. You remove the CC players and the rest of us have no game to play. Furthermore, this tactic doesn't affect you unless you were banking on that top prestige spot or are offline and can't invest. However, if you are offline and can't invest and I can take majority of a factory with say 500k, you better believe I am going to haul the snot out of that factory for an hour so it didn't matter that the investment prestige hunter broke the majority because I sure as heck will at that stage. Oh, and when you PM me to explain why that isn't nice, I will reply with four words. Invest in your facilities. Far to many people think this is a gentleman's game and that you can call dibs on a factory, minimally invest, and use your money to upgrade your station or lay tracks.

    I don't want to sound like a prick but I've looked you up on Masters 3 server and I saw that your best solo rank was 7, out of over 50 game rounds.

    I have finished 2nd and could easily won a round if I were to push again, but never acted so selfish with majorities nor have I expressed myself like you just did.

    So maybe you can reflect on this. If I was able to play better than you, and still be a nice player all around, then maybe, just maybe, your play style is wrong and can improve, on a performance level as well as on a behavior level.


    Haha, sorry for resurrecting this thread but I saw Tired Old Guy post a reply recently, checked his profile and saw this post too.

    My team, which consisted of 26 members, ranked 1st and ultimately won the EG, and his, a 3-man corporation that never helped, stumbled upon same city when the round started.

    Now, my team and my partners that round, are very experienced and micro-managed that city to its finest, only to find that these 3 players had no respect for majorities or their efficiency and purpose.

    They started investing millions in taking the RG sites so they can haul with their ineficient trains, direct and not integrated. Tried to reason with him through private messages, no reply whatsoever.

    Eventually they poked the bear and I personally invested close to 100 millions, took all their owned sites and set them with rival status. So did our partners later on that round.

    So you can see how this is kind of funny to read. They have zero respect of the other teams, zero intention to learn how to improve, never communicate and never cooperate, but will come to the forum and bash the 'dominating associations' that are actually winning the EGs and are performant :)

    Made my day.

    That is amazing, thank you for coming forward and for the work you will be doing in making the Game Rules more comprehensive. It will surely help, I sincerely think so.

    Looking forward :)

    There are ten end game cities in every game. When you log onto one of those maps in era 6, you have no idea what city, out of 50, is going to be an EG city and what city will not be an EG city. Furthermore, you have no idea which one of the ten EG cities will win. That means all ten EG cities are facing the same problem as your EG city. New people have logged into the game and connected to your city.

    Oh, and let's forget about the new people because, let's be frank here. Most people who show up in era 6 and connect stop playing after EG starts are other than tonnage required for your city don't affect your EG at all. So what about all those other players you have played with who consistently busted happy hour because they just wanted to get there's? They are still going to play in your EG! I think the best solution for you and others who don't like competition is to have a new server where you can haul goods all over the place, but when EG comes to an end, everyone ends with 1 million prestige points and everyone gets a round win!

    The issue wasn't with players that are connected to my EG city but haul for another, that's fine, you can think of them in terms of PAX haulers. I am talking about the players that start the round in era 6 and connect to your city without having enough tracks, or railcars, or good trains, or time in general to even contribute. They make more harm than good, by a huge margin. And no, people starting in era 6 WILL DEFINITELY stay for the EG, that's what their goal is.

    Players that busted the GHs throughout the round will get private messages from me and will be taught how to benefit more, since him starting the GH for only 15 minutes is as bad for him as for everybody. So at least they get a chance to learn and understand. These players ARE part of the game and if you don't get along then you don't get along, it's an assumed risk. But when it comes to players starting in era 6 just to mess around, how can I deal with those? I can't even prepare for those. It's just A BAD GAME DESIGN FEATURE that should be removed.

    A prestige farmer is probably dumping a load of cash into a factory just before it levels up. If you don't care about prestige then that does not affect you at all. Your investment is dramatically reduced upon level up and if you don't dump more money into the facility, then someone like me will and I will start hauling direct to the city to run up prestige that way. The simple solution, invest in the facilities.

    You are being right and wrong in the same time. Allow me to explain: of course a prestige farmer will haul ONLY direct, otherwise they won't be efficient, but that's not a problem, they'll haul direct for almost an hour and move on. Honestly this actually HELPS the city since it gives a boost to the site's level AND to the RG stock.

    But you saying that the investment doesn't affect a player who isn't into prestige it's incorrect. Let's say you are from Australia and playing on an international server, you obviously are more active when most europeans are not. Your huge investment that either breaks or takes majority will affect the offline haulers since they will make less money overall.

    When I was playing as a prestige farmer I'd carefully invest only up to the point of NOT breaking majority.

    With all due respect, you don't really understand what a "sportsmanlike" behavior is in the first place. If I were to be idealistic, sabotage should be sanctioned, that's what sportsmanlike means: playing fair, not playing to sabotage game. Meaning that, I as a chair make my alliances with other teams, struggle 3 months, push a city to the endgame and play to our best, without any disruptions. That is what a FAIR competition means. I actually have this rule in my team, whoever messes up with other endgame cities will get dismissed from the corporation. And most people agree with me, not most people from my association, but most players in general. The ones that don't agree with this are enrolled in such activies, and therefore want to stay enrolled not be sanctioned.

    BUT, I agree, allowing rival corporations to sabotage makes the game more realistic, and somewhat challenging. That is why I'm fine with it, I definitely won't do such things but if other corporations want to, then it's clear that we won't be making any alliances, like ever. Now onto what you've wrote, and I'll try to be short:

    a) the reality is that very few cities have people that haul what they want, actually, there are very few people that actually haul what they want in the first place; free haulers AREN'T interested in sabotaging other cities, they're interested in prestige points, therefore they will be hauling to a lot of endgame cities BUT will actually CLOSE the goods NOT ruin them.

    b) yes, of course, no one OWNS industries or cities, we all use them, but you should use your main city sites, since they are closer, and not use other sites which may belong to other cities; alas, if we're talking about SHARED sites, then yes, we both should use it but there are better ways to come to an agreement rather than funneling huge amounts of money (ex: temporary ownership, association friendly status, hauling for your city and in return you haul for ours, etc). War is not the way and should be the last resort.

    c) it shouldn't, I agree, but when YOUR actions impact OUR game quality, then it's a problem; if it weren't for active members to get counted towards consumption, tonnage quota, then it wouldn't really be a problem. You, having your way, impacts how others have their way. Lastly, if your plan is to haul to the abandoned cities, then by all means, target all of them, just stay out of the EG ones since you've just said you're making more prestige by hauling to other cities.

    I have a lot of experience in playing this game, as an individual player and as a chair. Finished 2nd in individual rankings and for quite some rounds my association is ranked 1st, while winning more EGs than I remember. So no, I don't get outplayed, I just get upset of these shenanigans that should be sanctioned, not allowed.

    Other than the reduction from 14 to 12 days, this is exactly what I have brought up in the past and something that should be done moving forward. Times are changing. What was science fiction is now reality. Just look at Elon Musk and his Mag Tube system in Nevada. Heck, require a new building for your station and new routes since the mag tubes would not be the old rail. Make it interesting.

    They could at least start putting maglev trains for passengers since those already exist. Cargo maglev don't, only on paper, since the cost is absurdly high.

    It's a competition, different cities competing with each other and different players competing for different goals, individual rankings etc. Without this competition, there is no game. I don't want to play a game for 3 months just to see who can haul the most goods during the final day. Sabotage, connections, prestige hunters, industry bombing make the competition much more interesting and it's fun. It is is only frustrating if you let it be frustrating, instead of looking for ways to avoid it or counter the 'attacks'. It's all part of the game is what I'm saying, expect it, learn, get better, fight harder for the win and you will enjoy it more. Otherwise, maybe solitaire is a better game for you?

    Don't get me wrong, I understand some of the frustration with the 'mechanics'. The counting of all 'active' connections to a city in determining the quota, is a silly, useless and mind boggingly stupid idea. Thousands of players have posted that the real number of active haulers in a city should be counted instead of any and all 'connections' including multi's, new level 1 players, players who are connected but haul in other cities or inactive but 'still counted as 'on-line' accounts. The current rules are a loophole for cheaters and that does completely destroy the fair competition element that RN is trying but failing to achieve.

    In short, majorities, investing for prestige etc, are all just parts of the game that make it more interesting to most players. But the new quota rules are a total failure, even after much debate, ideas and player input beforehand. Yet again, RN just ignores that input and does whatever it thinks is best for them and they get it wrong every time, unfortunately. I therefore don't really expect anything to change, anytime soon.

    If I were 15 years younger I would have been offended, but you make a fair point, but I suspect you're just saying what I want to hear, not what you really would think, or feel, if you were in my spot.

    To reiterate, let's say we play a East vs West scenario, or blue vs red, I don't know the real name since I've only played it for one round. Of course if there are associations that want to sabotage the wait times during the end game it's fine, it's not nice, but it's fine. They just play dirty, and the opposition can play the same, if they so chose.

    But let's say we're playing the classic scenario which we're all familiar. You have your associations playing the end game in different cities, but once it starts you see some one-man association players or some rogue players from small associations from smaller cities that just ruin your wait times without any obvious reason. Or so it would seem, right? Having played at least 5 rounds, those accounts can't be considered newbies, they obviously know how the game is played, yet they chose to sabotage a city. Why? I can only suspect. Maybe they're fake accounts of other players, or maybe they're deranged, or maybe they just do it because it's fun to see someone struggle, get frustrated, get mad, post things, quit the game.

    Isn't this behavior which I've just described unsportsmanlike? Doesn't that type of behavior promote negativity within the game? What are the gains of allowing such players to embark on such behaviors? I don't see none. Real Nation is allowing a MINORITY to exist, thus frustrating a MAJORITY.

    Stop talking about investment wars, or breaking majorities by prestige farmers, or industry bombing or what is called, by rival associations, because that's not the topic. The topic is ONE STAR player that logs in once a day and ruins the work of 100+ players for over 3 months. That's what I'm talking about.


    You can clearly see that if there is no majority in the industries. All the problems you describe will disappear.

    The solution to such problems must be to change the mechanics of the game.

    So it must be something like that.

    No it's not, because it doesn't fix the wait time issues in the end game. Furthermore I don't even want to address the majority issue and come up with ways to improve, the system is alright as it is! I am heavily against changing the system in order to make less room for people to behave improper, that is not the way! We shouldn't build fences just because there are thieves, we need to adress the issue with people being thieves in the first place. Hence I would sanction the felony, not find ways of making it harder. It's way more elegant and logical than to mess around with the majority system, which is fine as it is.

    at the servers I play we have less problems during the endgames, we encounter lots of problems caused by the invest prestige farmers. That is my biggest frustration of the game.

    I can understand that, I've been a prestige farmer myself, often taking 1st investor spot. But like I said, I agree and see this as a problem, more so for small teams who cannot put 2-3 clicks everytime a site levels. For big teams this is not an issue, it's a small inconvenience.

    But the two issues cannot be compared, for the investments issue you have a solution: be more active and encourage association members to invest in the site they are using, for the latter, ruining the end game sites, you don't really have a solution.

    Both of you have picked the least disturbing aspect of what I've wrote, and don't get me wrong, it's still disturbing. But with a strong association and disciplined members you can take back broken/taken industries as well as manage to circumvent free haulers who run direct.

    My real motivation in making this plea is to stop people from ruining the end game, since it completely frustrates me, and a lot of my in game friends, to know that we struggled 3 months and 3-4 players, who I don't even know about, ruin the industry wait times.

    Or, like we're already experiencing now, I see a lot of new players starting in era 6, connecting to our end game city without the possibility to contribute with anything, except consumption.

    How's that for fair and fun?