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    Well have shut down...cleared history and cookies and sign of my loco's. Thought I would try an phone app, a different laptop, and even a computer tower....Still nothing, and yet my other games on three different servers all work!

    So far a totally wasted day, not helping my association, my own personal game....totally fed up now :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Since my last log on, my locomotive has not earned anything. Logging back on, even though I did not do so, the server claims that my al of my loco's are without schedules. However when trying to allocate them RG's [required goods], none of them have changed in the system, and are still showing without schedules.:(:cursing::thumbdown:

    I have tried logging on and off the system. But to no avail on correcting the trouble. On checking my other games I am currently playing all of my loco's are hauling normally. ?(

    Anybody have any clues to the problem??(:/