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    Fed up with this....YET again Premium members are missing out on the chances of bonuses by watching extra videos after watching the first one on behalf of other players and themselves. The last server move caused this problem and guess what NO COMPENSATION despite us using our gold and admin breaking their contract by saying we should be able to watch these videos.

    So here we go again....Dont suppose this bug will finally be laid to rest.....oh and any possibility of some form of compensation. Since the restart of this round I have lost 16 chances of extra bonuses so far...and counting.....what about other players....any comments?:cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Still no compensation....still no reply....still no fix....still the same advert showing bonuses when watching extra video's to lure unsuspecting players....

    Hate to think the cost of bonuses lost over this ongoing period....Me thinks some free accounts should be offered at the very least. Been keeping count over the past week of opportunities for bonuses lost. I play three servers, on average twice a day, and help other players who are not on line within my associations, clicking videos and hoping for rewards. In total the last seven days has cost me 106 bonuses and counting.....Never mind all those lost before that, since the switch to html.

    Sorry Rail Nation team to hark on, but do not send me another census form asking me how you rate the game and support. If you do, it will not make pretty reading

    Sorry, but playing steam boiler, Big Ben and smoke chamber, and missing the second video option and bonus over and over again, despite being a gold account holder. and even after today's 6th-May shut down for upgrades to the system

    Oh I do hope the proposed update fixes this ongoing problem. Still no second video's still no bonus for plus account holders, still no compensation for the loss....Not good enough in my book, considering your adverts for the plus account STILL states your are assured of a second video and bonus.

    Plain and simply the ongoing problem of being denied the chance of watching a second video, after watching the first and then recieving a reward for doing so, has not been fixed. Day after day players are losing these opportunities even though the terms of the account say we have access to these videos witch clearly we do not on a regular basis since the switch to HTML.

    The chance to buy vouchers, admittedly at reduced gold prices, were offered, but this in my opinion does not equate to compensation for all those lost opportunities to claim bonuses. What the webmasters are doing is actually asking you to spend gold to purchase some of the bonuses you could have earned for free by watching the second video.

    For the upteenth days running I and many other players have still been denied the chance of bonuses by watching these video. Today, so far it's eleven and counting. No way will I be spending my gold to recoup these possible losses.

    To me, the slow running of games, the freezing of games, the number of restarts, loss of bonuses, and many other problems reported suggest the whole move to HTMLshould have been held over until more work had been done in ensuring a better transfer from the old system.

    and to make things worse on one server you have to spend more gold by way of compensation to buy reduced priced vouchers, such as boost, instant dispatches and so on, as our masters place try to offer a token carrot. Why should we use more gold, when the problem is still not fixed. No second video no bonus.....ah but you can spend more gold as compensation!......does not equate in my book

    Yes this is trying a lot of players patience now. Again I have logged on to various games, with different associations and still the same problem. I really have lost count of how many second videos I have lost since the switch over. Compensation?...I doubt it will cover all those lost bonuses and the gold we continually pour into the accounts. I really do feel short changed.:cursing:

    Yes still the same on all three servers I am on. Logged on at 19.00 hours UKtime and with one hour lost nine bonuses due to no second video showing. It has been like this for days, and as we know the chances of research points, cash bonus, wagon vouchers etc are the reason we click on thee videos. Hate to think how many bonuses I have lost since this revamp/update, but it's not funny

    Still the same problem when clicking on the hotel. No option to watch the second video and earn a reward. Same in Steam boiler and Big Ben. I'm guessing Smoke Chamber could be the same when it restarts on the 17th-April

    Another bug that appears to have cropped up in Big Ben for me, is that although I have a plus account, I can no longer view a second video directly after the first, to collect extra bonuses such as wagon vouchers and cash rewards, in train stations. Have clicked on several this evening and not been given the option, the same a non plus members. :(

    Have a virus scanner, and it is not picking up any problems....

    You are right about logging on and off of game and site, it is much better.

    However next problem that has occurred in Big Ben is that I am continually being told to reload the game and there is a problem without specification as to it's nature. This has happened at least four times since my last post, usually when collecting bonuses from other players from my train station, or when setting train to haul different goods. any suggestions?