This round on Platform X - Einstein I am playing a new strategy for me that is title winning oriented. So far is going good for me. Also I have a observation about the issue that I can not see the aggregated tonnage that I have hauled on one good in one day because the cumulated tonnages in cities and factories are resetted (back to zero) when cities and factories are leveling-up. I find usefull to know at each moment how much I have hauled on each good in every moment of the day. Maybe this information (tonnage amount hauled to the moment) could be included in the vaggons list so that I could check how much I have hauled with each type of vaggon. That information could be actualised hourly or even better in real time. Thank you.

    Thank you all for the clarifications. I didn't wanted to start a controversy. :) The game is complex and I know that the game engine is continuously revised ans addapted for new features. Also I have noticed that the support team tries to improve the game experience. That is why I writed that comment about title ranking list not scrolling. I am sure that it will be fixed. Thank you.

    Platform X scenario solved one BIG problem that was: opportunistic investors in ALL factories in last minutes before factory grows and majority breaking only for "stealing" some prestige points and in that way to compromise or even ruin the effort and the time invested by many players from the "working" associations. As I can see this habit of a player to break majorities in factories that he don't use disappeared. So that I saw no more majority fights in the game. Very good.