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    yeah there is no need to load anything anymore cause it WONT load!!!

    and html is a text based system so i dont know how they expect to ever get this to run yalls screwed up and are about to lose more than half your players!!!!!

    will not load ANYTHING I get a half second look at my map and then the screen fleshes blue and white triangles ....if this is an update I am really glad you guys had/have nothing to do with cars cause if this is how you roll out new tech by saying the old carbureted car is crap and I have invented fuel injection which is better .... but then your car NEVER starts ..... that's how this is give me the flash version back or im out and done with this it used to be a relaxing game now I want to pull my hair trying to load it so fix this crap if you guys had any kind of intelligence you would have fixed all this crap before you gave us no choice but to use it !@#$%^&*()_!@#$%^&*(

    So it will not load ..... I click play now from the game world selection screen ..... the screen turns all black then loads the rail nation logo with the red loading bar underneath then switches to the yellow and white train coming at you with what looks like bugs smashed all over the front(very good detail btw) then the red loading bar at the bottom fills up and the screen turns white and then starts flashing random blue and white triangles and lines .... no 2 the same and I have never had this happen before only on s201 I let it go for maybe 30 seconds the first time and this time it has been doing it for the whole time I have been typing this plus 5 minutes ...... anyone else?? do I need to turn something off/on?? HELP!!