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    There is a viscious killer rabbit stalking the servers. It will stare you down, before playing a random Travian advert that will then tell you to check your browsers ad-blocker settings, stealing your rewards without remorse.

    Be warned, and take precautions, such as a holy hand grenade. :P

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    Why is it that in a game about trains & transporting the route scheduling screen gets smaller & smaller & smaller. Do you think you could spread it across the bottom like it was back in the day. Maybe one of your spiffy new center aligned screens where we can see more than 2 trains or 2 stops in the route. Trying to pick through 32 trains with 10 stops each 1 at a time is going to make play ability horrendous.

    Yes, I have noticed that the text all over the game is very very small....!!!
    I have started wearing glasses to play, which I only ever normally need for reading. My eyes would appreciate larger text throughout the game.

    In the gold shop, there is no description of what the "4 day newbie status" does, it's one of the features of the Super Starter package.
    I'm a newbie and I have no idea what this is. I have a vague recollection from the tutorials that it does something to deliveries.
    So, this should be explained on the relevant screen(s).

    While you are there, please also mention that there is no description of what the "4 day newbie status" does.
    I'm a newbie and I have no idea what this is. I have a vague recollection from the tutorials that it does something to deliveries.
    Again, this should be explained on the relevant screens.

    The 21105 issue is back.

    (Doesn't load the video and has a delay in starting the next video)

    Oh and by the way, the App videos are still crashing the App.

    Both have been made into tickets at some point.

    Have a nice day. =)

    The problem is with the login cookie that doesn't last that long and, especially when I switch between servers, constantly forces me to login.

    The game doesn't constantly force you to login. Only when you first login to play. If you log out, then naturally, the next time you want to play, yes you login again.

    update: I now have mentors on both of the servers that I am playing on. Thanks to those volunteers! :)
    They seemed to arrive quite late though, (Era 2 for the server that I started on day 1 Era 1. ...and (end of)-Era 4 for the server that I started on mid-Era2)

    I'm quite comfortable with the game by now. So hopefully my mentors can help me understand more advanced concepts! ;)
    I guess it would have been overwhelming to get a mentor on day 1, when you haven't even done the tutorial I see there needs to be a wait until the tutorial is done at least, but ideally (IMO) the mentor should get assigned straight after the tutorial is completed.

    I found these forums to be the best source of info for a newbie. I agree with the suggestions to add something in the tutorial for a) Link to Forums - make the player go there & register.* b) Happy Hour & Wait times. c) Integrated vs straight deliveries.

    *I landed into this game from the App store.I was playing solely on a tablet for the starting days, until I realised that the game was also a browser game. Since this discovery I now play much more on a laptop/browser as there are some small but useful features such as mouse over info. and better zoom control. I still play on mobile devices especially if/when I am mobile! :)

    I already feel like Ive been here ages, and I haven't seen an end game yet! haha.

    1. Rail Nation Shop – packages and offers:
    Just a quickie, the window doesn't fit right into the browser window, unless it is fully maximised. So The X at the top right is almost completely obscured when the browser window is anything other than fully maximised.
    This may be a browser / laptop screen size related feature I guess. Thought you should know.

    and I'm confused why there is an option to use Display Centred View, when support told me that Centred view is not supported in this new version.... surely you should remove the button that allows the player to switch on the unsupported feature?

    ..and IF centred view is to be phased out(?), where is the equivalent estimated level up calculation in the side bar view? I dont see it, so I like to switch to centred view for that feature only.

    Whatever was done today (Ad server reboot?) has helped to improve the stability on the browser when watching videos.
    I've seen 21105 disappear, after briefly playing once earlier this morning. Thanks.

    I raised a ticket yesterday about the Videos freezing on the browser version. 21105 is always attempted as the first video and fails. It's hard to say which one crashed after that. Most of them play ok.

    I also raised a separate ticket a few days a go about the videos on the App crashing the App, those are totally different Videos. Some other game Apps crash on Videos too, some don't.