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    Why wait? :)


    OK, I have changed my mind. My new answer is It depends.

    In later Eras especially, I wait for the new engine to become better than what I am currently using before buying it and replacing the older engines. Sometimes I start using the new engine without all of it's upgrades.

    Hello RN team,

    This is an idea / wish / suggestion for this forum, not the game itself.

    Add a poll / voting feature, so that forum users can create their own polls.

    Thanks & happy hauling! :D

    Thank you Long Haul.

    I havent seen anything like this appear in my game yet, on either of the two servers I am playing on.
    I just went up to Career level 3, when I realised how to cash in my points. I skipped level 2 because I wasn't aware of how it worked. Now I have my baby career engine! yey! If someone wants to mentor me that'd be cool, but I have found a couple of experienced players in my cities in game to ask questions of, and they are very helpful.
    So my question was, can those players already helping me, get rewarded by claiming to be my mentors?

    Thanks, have a great day!

    @Samisu That sounds awful Samisu, boarderline abuse even!

    I agree with what mmmcheesywaffles says, and I think you are missing the point of this suggestion post. It's not about wanting to control players. That would never work, and no-one would want to play such a game!

    I think it's more about being able to counter 'destructive behaviour', in some way. Of course you could argue what does 'destructive behaviour' mean, but experienced players know what it is.
    I gather that there are possible ways to counter this type of play, available now, I guess they aren't effective..? I'm still munching popcorn waiting to find out what they are, and apparently the experienced players are trying to suggest improvements in this realm...somehow....

    nomnomnom :D

    Hi there,

    A question about the uses of the different engine types available in Era 2.

    I see that most players are using the Lynx, but while I am working up my research to get there, what are the merits of the previous engines?
    Black Bear is supposed to be a Tractive Force (8 wagons)
    Panther is supposed to be a Long Haul train. (High Max speed, but low acceleration)

    What is long Haul in game terms? More than 3 tracks? More than 5? Is there a known way to calculate these things based on max speed & acceleration? Obviously there are game mechanics that do this, but I wonder if players have worked this out.

    Should I buy another Bat, a Black Bear or a Panther?
    I am leaning towards buying a Panther, just to see what it is like, but I'm unsure what it will be best at doing. i.e. A journey of 'X' amount of track lengths away. What do you consider 'X' to be?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello Haricho,

    Are you still playing the game?

    I am new too, and enjoying it. I have been playing for 1 week. I wonder how long it took you to answer your own questions?

    I'll give you a game. ;)

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    I'm a newbie, and havent seen anything about this until reading this thread. Perhaps because I joined a server that was midway through era2?

    Anyway, Ive kind of done this myself - reached out to players on the in game message boards asking for advice on what strategies to follow, and that is great. It's always nice to get 'rewards' in game for these efforts though, (for the players nice enough to help out a newb) so let me know if there is a menu somewhere to find this official mentor programme.


    I'm a new player, and finding this all very intriguing!!! much popcorn ..nom.nom.nom
    I joined the loch ness server in Europe that people have mentioned leaving...and I joined half way through Era2. In a region where my closest 2 cities have level discrepancies between city and LM...So I am just trying to learn the ropes, amidst all this. Trying to understand why it happened, how it happened, and how to fix it..
    And so My 5cents will be very green.

    I agree though, that in principle, the players who get voted into positions of power should be able to use that power to block the 'dirty tactics' of players...whatever they are? .levelling cities instead of LM is the one I have seen so far..maybe there is something to do with the investments in industries? that I don't yet understand.
    How exactly to enforce penalties in the game, I have no idea, but maybe something like the suggested embargo or similar.
    i.e. Higher taxes on certain goods, so the city makes more money which they can transfer to the LM, while the players make less money shipping higher taxed goods.
    It would definitely need to be a game mechanic, as diplomacy will only get so far. There needs to be a stick, not only a carrot. So far I don't see the stick.

    with the current game mechanics, it looks to me like things will be in an endless loop of
    A "Please play like this way"
    B "No, I'll play how I want" (or ignore)
    A "Oh...but you are spoiling my fun"
    B "Well Boo-Hoo, it's the game, deal with it or leave"

    It is interesting to see comments like, (paraphrasing) "..its PvP, what do you expect". when I thought the opposite, it seems to be a team game, but there are obviously clear differences of opinion on that right from the outset.

    I'll keep on munching popcorn, and see if I can stick around until the end of a game round, to see how things pan out.

    Hi I am playing on the COM202 Loch Ness Server, my handle is evi1pau1. Here is the solution, Great game by the way! =) Thanks!