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    How does city consumption work? I know the consume gets higher if more people connect, but does it get lower if fewer have the city as home city?


    1. 50 ppl are connected to city, all has set the city as home city.

    2. All of the 50 set home city to an other city

    Does 2 make consumption lower?

    New worker: Make friendly/rival bonus higher. Lets say from 25% wt to 35% the first 3 eras, then 40% from era 4-6. That would get up the heat on rivalries, and firendly status would be more rewarding. Maybe make it two workers. One for firendly bonus, and one for rival bonus.

    Suggestions on friendly bonus pioneer: Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Kofi Annan

    Suggestions on rival bonus pioneer: Oh, that would be a hard one to come up with.

    Wouldnt it been fun to be able to buy RN t-shirts, mousepads, cups etc online? I know I want it..

    PS: I saw in Origin behind the scenes video that Bruno had a RN mousepad. NEED THAT!

    Sniffa: Not necessarily. I use to keep an eye on chains. Even if its a chain with low earning goods, I still think its profittable enough to make me go for it, if the wt is low enough. I feel that mostly newcomers think that they should go for the top earning goods all the time. I tend to look after the goods not choosen by many, as I know the prestige might get higher, as my hauling get closer to the top haulers in city, and the wt is often lower, as the occupancy is lower.

    I would like to see an option to favorite industries. Why? Because that makes it easier to follow when the industry I care for have low waittime. Its possible to check lowest wt on industries in facilities rankin -> time, but when connected to several cities, its becomming useless, as there are many unimportant industries with low wt.

    Make a star-button in the right corner of industry window, then add a favorites tab on industry rankings window. Maybe make a filter that filters out non-RGs etc.

    I would like to see a badge with more info to it than level of player and the amount of stars gained from best personal rank.

    The way the current badge works, is quite narrow. You see how much prestige the player has got for his career train, and you see personal best rank in a game. Lets expand this badge with info that tells us if the player has won on different scenarios as well. The way to show that could be shown on the train on top of the badge. Lets say the player has won on one map. That means he gets a bronze train. Two different maps (eg USA and Europe) is silver and three is gold. If won on all different maps, it could give a platinum train. The frame around, with the train on top and stars on bottom, could be like it is today, showing the color that matches the level of player.

    To make the badge even more interesting, you could add a feature that shows us a info box of more detailed info when mouse pointer hovers over it. Best personal rank, best rank on different map types, best corporation rank, amount of prestige gained in total etc.


    I mosly use iPhone/iPad when playing, and I love the app. There is one annoying bug though. When I am using the widget clicking on stations from other players, I am able to click "video" after redeeming station bonus, but I dont get the choice on clicking on the 2nd video commercial that gets me a random bonus. It works if I physically go into the station of the player, and lick video there, but its easier to use the widget. I choose not to use it as it is now, though. I want my 2nd video :)

    And ofc, I have a plus account. Thats not the problem.


    The lottery does not work as it should when using the Rail nation iOS-app (Ive tried both on iPhone and iPad). It always says I can redeem ticket, and when I push it, it mostly says I get train voucher or 40 gold. The problem is, in reality, that I dont have any tickets left, and ofc I dont get the train voucher or the gold.

    In browser on PC everything with lottery works fine.