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    And so the misery continues on Com 02 (and Com 05 as well I notice where I'm just playing as a single player).
    Theres been an announcement in both game worlds that there will be a third maintenance period,this one literally hot on the heels of today's maintenance scheduled for tomorrow!!!!

    Almost,but not quite,words have failed me....and believe me that doesn't happen often ;)

    Surely tomorrows update could've been done simultaneously with todays update???

    Many players are saying this on Com 02,probably similar on Com 05 as well,but few will voice their opinions.So I'll summarize for these players in a short but succinct one line message as follows :-

    This is taking the extreme "michael" ;)

    I hope that is passed onto the appropriate planning department (or maybe theres two? Seems like it anyway :( )

    In the old Beta days going way back the game used to give out gold to active players for this type of thing,maybe there's a case for something similar to occur on both of these servers,others as well if similarly affected as this is most definitely affecting players in game experience,it is mine for sure.

    Hopefully this will be the last update for some time as we've definitely had "our share" for the time being.

    Apologies for sounding frustrated,thats because I am frustrated :p

    Thanks for your answer Samisu :)

    However,I'm not questioning the reason why a server needs maintenance,but the frequency of it.

    For example,Com02 is,as I write this,now undergoing its second maintenance at less than 24 hours notice.Surely the difficulties that gives rise to the current maintenance were known about whilst the previous maintenance was underway?
    If so,why not combine the two maintenance's and do both at once,thus inconveniencing the player only once and not,as is the current case,twice?

    I do though agree that bugs can and should be eliminated for the reason you gave and I wouldn't go to say somewhere in darkest Africa without getting my jabs done for sure!!! :)
    I'm also aware of course that emergency situations can arise totally out of the blue and might need fixing straight away (for example a hack has been made)

    I did suspect though that updates were done between servers finishing and starting,thanks for confirming this as this is completely sensible and logical (Hmmmm,maybe I should rename myself Captain Sensible...just a thought lol).

    I'll take a peek at your link given shortly :)

    Happy hauling :)

    In this case Com 02 specifically though no doubt other servers are also affected from time to time.

    Com 02 started 8 days ago after a period of downtime lasting 9 days.This morning I log on as usual and find that there will be a maintenance period in 6 days time (approximately).

    Players get no credit for gold spent during any maintenance period,cannot play and therefore cant collect say station bonuses and in this case although it doesnt affect "change of era" time its really very close to doing so.

    I don't know about other players but last round on this server there was a few updates made,3 from memory,and now we have another one.
    Whilst some players like and others dislike the actual updates made (it takes all sorts after all),the point here is the timing of the update,whatever the update actually is (we're not clearly told in game itself what the update actually is!) :p

    Why couldn't this update,which is occurring very early on in this server,have been made during the downtime period?
    This would've made sense to me and probably many others and would be far less disruptive to do.Plus would've avoided this post being raised ;)

    To my mind this is like the Water company digging up the road to lay new pipes causing a traffic tailback,filling in the hole only to find a week or so later the the Telephone company wants to dig up the same piece of road to do something similar :p
    ie its rather annoying ;)

    We all appreciate that maintenance needs to be done for various reasons but hopefully (and probably more sensibly from the players point of view) cant this be done during server downtimes in future?

    Point made,thanks for your time :)

    "I am the passenger..." Oops,sorry,got carried away...

    Anyway,lottery prize suggestions
    1.A "joker" trainspotter.This can be any trainspotter the player is missing.Similar to a joker in a pack of playing cards (Jokers are often wild cards).

    2.Prestige reward used to be given before,will be good to see that returning :)

    Competition prize suggestions
    1.6 hours apart is definately too long,that said 3 hours is too much.4 hours though could work out for insomniacs :)

    2.Getting licences as a winning prize as these stand is often a waste of time.Getting a licence voucher though will be a good prize.

    City Competition prizes
    A new angle perhaps to make these more interesting

    1.A winning city gets as a prize a worker voucher for each of the major associations in it (say any inside the top 50 by rank).The association must though have a stable home city to qualify (ie the free hauling associations cant pick and choose which home city they have each week which makes for an even playing field for the city hauling associations).

    2.The hauliers hauling the most during a city competition inside any city (win or lose) gets some sort of small bonus prize to reflect the effort made.This could be the contribution voucher for workers noted above.