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    There has been a discussion on the Rn Discord (in suggestion channel) about it with the Game Designer Bruno_Bf, he's aware of this too much amount of prestige these warehouses bring and plan to nerf the value. A player has proposed that the prestige given can be maintained if this is not more than the half of the amount a city can give. But still no idea when this will be changed.

    The last update was for allowing Android 5 and 6 users to connect. Others version may have other issues as well and also on certain devices. So you should raise a ticket to the support in mentioning what's your device and its Android version. This of course won't fix the problem today but they could tell you what's the problem in your case.

    A lot of players are encountering this issue, the dev team has made their priority the work on the mobile app, they are aware that a lot of players are exclusively playing on cellphone, this is why they want to fix this first (or at least make the app useable). This also means that the work on other issues is slowed.

    We are still working on the matter. Even after switching the CDN we are still encountering long loading times in certain areas of the game.
    We will keep you posted of course.

    Do NL and DE servers will receive this update? They still meet latency.

    I have seen upgrades on many of my servers, mostly ru204 where loading was awful and actions took seconds to proceed, now it is nearly instant.

    Faster trains are interesting, as competitions improvement is. Being a free hauler on certain servers this would be better for jumping between cities and competitions faster. And I find this more dynamic, especially while steam eras. 4th employee is nice too, I big assos this is sometimes difficult to please every players with workers, this would allow a better choice.

    You don't seem to get it, it's not about you or me or an individual specific. It's about all those players that want to go 1st (win a round) and stumble upon competitors who are always online, doing competitions, switching trains, etc.

    Even if, let's say, you can count on both finger hands the players that have someone else helping their account when they sleep, it's unfair towards those that do not. This game is about knowledge, effort and tactics. Having someone who signs in to your account has nothing to do with those.

    Okay with that but if a player is supposed to manage his account by himself, what do you think about account sitting? Because if we go in this way, this is not really about knowledge and tactics.

    I doubt TG will change their position about this. But I imagine things can still change if a great part of players claims this, not a number of players we can count on both fingers hands. Personnally, allowed or not this won't change anything for me because I'll never share my account, I wouldn't risk see it stolen.

    Did I said account sharing was fair? On a Free-to-play it is impossible to be fair between every player. There will always be a part of the players with an advantage and especially on this kind of game and whatever the way they use. Donators are necessary to maintain servers open and game to free access. And account sharing is allowed but with a restriction. But I have to say that allow an account to be shared with more than 1 player is too much, this point should be modified.

    You think what I say has no substance just because you don't agree with it. I would never dare to say that to someone I don't agree with (unless he doesn't have arguments).

    Blizzard forbids account sharing, and this is their problem and they have their reasons. So why should TG do the same thing Blizzard do? Maybe you think that RN should be Pay-to-play too as WoW is?

    Do not forget that we talk on a forum were some people think that pay 2 win is a problem. So, about sharing account with other players? Of course this is saw with bad eye, because this gives an advantage. Some players also think that hyper active players are abusive...

    This is like one player would play on several servers simultaneously. Career points would be earned just a bit more faster. Imo this changes nothing, I don't see any abuse with this legal term.

    Il faut cliquer sur lecture maintenant pour lire une vidéo. Elles ne se lancent plus d'elles même.

    All gold won and bought on all event servers like OJ, Masters and *4 servers are transferable on any server you want. We just have to be patient, and yes I also think that at least all servers have to be closed before.

    I was trying to say that, some players call this sabotage while others call this simple competitiveness. When you make a personal competition, what do you do? Do you invest a few money to get better WT? Synchronize your trains with the timer? Or even use boosts and/or IDs? Doesn't this spills the victory of other players? Because when they see all I have mentioned before, some players are also disgusted while others totally agree with that, and say that the winner used al mechanics that was at his reach and that the game put at his disposition.