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    I get the same message. Click on the blue box "Allow or download" It will then put another box up

    Click on 'Allow once' and the game starts

    re distribution …

    I love playing Clash - enjoyed it last year and was enjoying it this year. Had I continued playing as I did in the first half I would probably have ended somewhere around 350 as that's roughly where I came out at the end of each day's play. However, due to heavy RL commitments I lost several days play taking me below the 1000 mark and then I lost the last day's play (I tend to play Clash in the last 2 hours of the day) so I came in at 1369 :) Hopefully Clash will be back next year and I can redeem myself lol

    Point is … you only have to lose a few days play to significantly change your rank

    It had not occurred to me till I read your comments that targeting a player like that doesn't necessarily mean that they are playing together … that could just have been a coincidence. In the light of day I realise that if you always target one player and totally disable them but make sure to pick up the occasionally goods that randomly lie in your path then you will always get 2nd place and the points that go with it. It was not pleasant but it is a strategy that the game allows and therefore not cheating.

    I just played 2 consecutive games of clash against the same pair. I say 'pair' deliberately. Unfortunately I wasn't on the ball enough to note their nics … it was 11.30pm and I have switched that part of my brain off by then :) . The yellow player's game plan was to head straight up the right hand side of the field and into my corner thus totally disabling me and leaving the field open to his blue colleague. Every now and then if there was a good that he could collect on the way he diverted but only briefly then it was straight into my corner or into my trail.

    I've heard players talk about such tactics but never seen them before!

    Thanks for the replies. That's what I thought. I just wanted to check I hadn't missed something

    Option 1 seems a waste and only useful if you haven't built any track away from the city. Option 2 is the most useful option for most purposes. As far as I can see option 3 is the most useful option when one is playing for prestige.

    When you choose option three, the best you can do is announce it at the city forum what you haul from which location. People than know you are keeping the city industries clean from wait times.

    Good point.

    Hypothetical ….

    Hauling for a megacity in a classic scenario and neither the online good nor the offline good can be hauled by this player's career engine and bonus engines. Player has 3 choices … 1) park trains 2) go away to a corner totally out of any megacity catchment area and farm 3) go to same corner and haul required goods from there to the megacity.

    Question …

    It seems from people's reactions that 1 & 2 are acceptable but 3 is not? Why? Is it that people assume that the player is hauling from within megacity catchment or is there something about the game that I have missed?

    I am enjoying the origin journey (Black Forest) … probably for exactly the reason that quite a few players left. I like that it is very much the same game but sufficiently different that you can't play a totally formulaic game. There are problems to be solved such as the fact that quite often the new RGs need the same supplies. Ofc if it wasn't one off we'd devise new formulas to cope with this … so I also like that it is a one off :)

    I must admit I only use the widget for my association, in order to quickly collect the bonusesand see who has a full bank

    My main usage also. The only other thing I use it for is a quick glance at what competitions are coming up next. The association widget I have up always … the competition one I open when I come on line, glance at, then close it again.

    Not a complaint, just an observation …

    Don't know how this works out for other cities though looking at the map it looks as though it might be quite varied, but Bremen, where I landed, seems quite a long way from any other city … takes a lot of connecting track.

    mgc because those are my maiden initials … 49 because when I first started playing computer games many many moons ago the game I was playing added those numbers to my initials. I have been mgc49 ever since and the nick has moved from game to game with me.

    People generally shorten it to mg, mgc, or 49 …. and I answer to any of those ... though I move rather too slowly to be named for a sports car :)

    I have needed sitter a lot this round … more than I expected when I started. I liked the changes when they were implemented and having had to use them I still like them. I found myself indefinitely sitting an account too often for comfort. No instructions and no idea if the person was ever going to turn up again.

    I have had to think carefully about when I use sitter and when I don't this round but I think that is as it should be. I will be taking the next round as a break and then the round after I will be able to play fully again. But I think that is the way it should be. If I don't have the time to play then I don't play. I don't feel penalised because of that. It is life.

    Great idea! Like the other commenters I would love to be able to handout small rewards to a group of people. I try to type encouraging comments but there's a limit to how many different ways you can say ... good level up ... without it becoming boring. It also ends up giving universal praise which annoys those who have noticed that not everyone was acting helpfully. So to be able to give something to those who really did help would be great.


    Agreed that that is not the role of the forum :)

    The forum is for discussion and exchange of information ... and it was exchange of information that I had in mind.

    One of the games I play keeps a read only list on the forum of bugs in the game with any known solutions or workarounds.

    It's really useful
    a) to know if you need to report a bug you encounter as new
    b) to know that a bug you encounter is known to exist even if it hasn't been sorted .... and let's face it - some never are.
    c) to be able to see really quickly if there is a known solution or workaround for the bug

    which is why every association needs deputies … plural … and why I get nervous in an association without any deputies … two inactive chair incidents makes one more careful :)