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    Has 3.5 and how it’s being enforced today made it against the rules to play unsportsmanlike?

    The answer to your question has to be yes but the question remained as to what that meant as people were defining it in all sorts of ways including "not playing like me". Mihai went to a lot of trouble and abuse from other players earlier this year to get RN to define their terms. If your question is asking if that is a good thing only time will tell. I suspect the answer is no but then I know that some players might describe me under that heading because I often free haul so perhaps I'm biased. But then there is no unbiased answer to this question.

    As has already been said ... there are many ways to play this game.

    I am constantly amazed at how many different ways players find to say "my way is the only way" ... and there's a lot of that in this thread.

    Kelot ... It is not a sign of weakness to want to play to different goals. I play the game that will give me the most enjoyment depending on where I have landed, who else is playing nearby and what is going on in my world outside of the game. Sometimes this means I'm a city hauler playing for the team and sometimes this means I'm a free hauler and independent of city allegiance.

    @ the city haulers in this thread ... yes I agree ... without the city haulers the free hauling would not be so much fun. However, I wonder if the city haulers really understand how much they rely on the free haulers. This is less true of the big multiple association cities but it is often true that some of the top 10 cities would not be there without free hauling help.

    I would also comment that there are some very poor investment and majority models amongst many city players. Just saying that a factory is yours doesn't make it so ... it needs to be looked after ... hauled to as well as from and invested in so that it grows.

    The big problems come when we don't respect each other. I have no doubt that there are people who set out to deliberately sabotage other people's play. The game allows that whether we like it or not ... and I am one who doesn't like it ... but I equally don't like the tendency to assume everyone who plays differently is a saboteur and that all free haulers are spoilers.

    One simple solution is for EG, only allow a player's trains to run in the region of their home city. At least that would eliminate one region sabotaging another region. This would not stop mean spirited players from within the region.

    That only works if this is exclusively a city hauling game but it isn't.

    For example, I sometimes play by finding a neutral corner in which to develop track then hauling to as many of the megacities as I can ... which in no way interferes with their wait times before someone starts shouting at me. It is a challenge and it is fun and it is a totally legitimate way to play which would be denied by such a rule. I prefer this way of play when the city in which I landed hasn't gone anywhere to hightailing it to the winning city and joining in because there's absolutely no challenge in doing the latter.

    :) I'm not a big video watcher ... just watch when it suits me ... so I was interested to see how long I kept it up watching every day for the engine upgrades

    It was longer than I expected ... beginning of era 4 I suddenly thought "you know what ... I couldn't be bothered" ... I'm playing on a x2 server so that's 3 weeks.

    Yes I agree ... the integration of newbies into the game is not good. There have been a number of attempts to improve it but it's still in need of attention.

    And yes ... I got 'promoted' to chair because the chair was taken ill mid round this time and you can explain till the cows come home but if no one reads then it's frustrating!

    @ Spoordijk - yes I asked too when I was a newbie and was told - these are the rules that players have established over the years, this is the only way to play, and don't question things you don't understand ... which I interpreted to mean that he didn't really know the why of it! NB - I've read some of your explanations and you explain things well ... you almost got some of the worst investors in the game to invest!! ;)

    Yes that certainly would make it worthwhile. :) And like you I tend to haul integrated for GH because I am usually doing something else at the same time.

    I probably missed the training value because I've never seen it happening. What I see a lot is newbies being expected to pick it up by osmosis and then being shouted at for getting it wrong. And no one has ever explained the logic of it to me ... I had to work it out myself.

    So yes, I concede ... if properly explained, a valuable training tool ... but that's a very big IF there.

    I understand the logic of Golden Hour ... zero wait time for an hour if you do it right and therefore you can haul fast and direct ... new RG so hauling it often pays well ... gives the new RG a push to get its tonnage up with the others ... all understood.

    But I suspect that people have made it a rule that they follow without thinking about whether or not it makes sense on this occasion ... and is it really worth completely depleting the new factory and sending the wait times up through the roof when the hour is over and thus making it harder for those who are left to work with it? ... not to mention all the bad feeling and accusations it seems to cause!

    I have been thinking recently that I really needed more versatility in grouping trains for simple handling. I remembered that there was a thread about this so I went looking for it. I like the idea of using production series ... would actually make it worth using those vouchers which I genreally ignore.

    This is something that irritates me. Cylinder Head started a new round on 26th March 2021. On the 31st March 2021 I get this

    and it contains an incentive bonus offer if I create a new avatar to play the round using their link.

    This is day 5 on a x2 server ... nearly the end of era 1 !! ..."the best time to start again" ? ... I don't think so.

    I totally get that it's aimed at giving an incentive to play to those who may have decided to take a rest. ... BUT ... If they can get the information that I was playing in the previous round ... which they obviously have done ... they can get the information that I have already started this round and it's too late to send me this mail..

    This is a request for advice and not a complaint.

    I have an association member who seems intent on causing trouble in the city (we are rank 3). He sent me a PM when he arrived urging me to write to another association leader complaining about their conduct. I declined and he hasn't sent me another. However, I am beginning to suspect that other players have received them also as trouble is brewing. This is a city which has until now been remarkable for it's lack of bickering. This player is constantly complaining about other people's lack of team hauling but having observed his play carefully for the last 5 days I'd say that he only hauls for the team when there's cash or prestige in it for him. So what is the best legitimate approach? Any ideas?

    I totally understand that you want us to use Discord, but please understand that in the current world circumstances some of us are having to spend too much time in online conferencing and need a break ... so I, for one, am very happy to stay with this forum where I can read and write at leisure.

    This ordinary Joe is interested enough to keep reading the new posts but so far has had nothing to say. I do play videos especially during era 1 if I have a gap in play ... but not enough for the cap to affect me. However, this is correct ...

    Also, it seems no one is facing the fact that, as you called it, "Ad Warriors" bring benefits to the regular Joe (as i am, but a very active one) - they collect their station building's bonus and give them +10% of this bonus.

    We do benefit from the Ad Warriors whether we watch the videos ourselves or not.

    I'm not surprised to see the videos being played down however. It has happened in other games I play. I suspect that perhaps the finances may not be as good as the forecast? I notice we are still watching masters 3 videos for instance - to make up numbers? If so the decision is understandable.

    And yes, I can see why the highly competitive players are very upset.


    for me the best point is B)

    Agree. A) is too restrictive. I rarely play in strong teams but I recognise that they earn the right to an advantage. It's a competitive game (though it;s a perfectly possible to play in an uncompetitive fashion but that's a different debate). C) is a possibility but it only really has 2 groups ... the valuable workers and the others B) seems to me to allow strong teams to gain an advantage without completely wiping the floor with the other teams during the auctions as they often do at the moment.