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    I am enjoying the origin journey (Black Forest) … probably for exactly the reason that quite a few players left. I like that it is very much the same game but sufficiently different that you can't play a totally formulaic game. There are problems to be solved such as the fact that quite often the new RGs need the same supplies. Ofc if it wasn't one off we'd devise new formulas to cope with this … so I also like that it is a one off :)

    I must admit I only use the widget for my association, in order to quickly collect the bonusesand see who has a full bank

    My main usage also. The only other thing I use it for is a quick glance at what competitions are coming up next. The association widget I have up always … the competition one I open when I come on line, glance at, then close it again.

    Not a complaint, just an observation …

    Don't know how this works out for other cities though looking at the map it looks as though it might be quite varied, but Bremen, where I landed, seems quite a long way from any other city … takes a lot of connecting track.

    mgc because those are my maiden initials … 49 because when I first started playing computer games many many moons ago the game I was playing added those numbers to my initials. I have been mgc49 ever since and the nick has moved from game to game with me.

    People generally shorten it to mg, mgc, or 49 …. and I answer to any of those ... though I move rather too slowly to be named for a sports car :)

    I have needed sitter a lot this round … more than I expected when I started. I liked the changes when they were implemented and having had to use them I still like them. I found myself indefinitely sitting an account too often for comfort. No instructions and no idea if the person was ever going to turn up again.

    I have had to think carefully about when I use sitter and when I don't this round but I think that is as it should be. I will be taking the next round as a break and then the round after I will be able to play fully again. But I think that is the way it should be. If I don't have the time to play then I don't play. I don't feel penalised because of that. It is life.

    Great idea! Like the other commenters I would love to be able to handout small rewards to a group of people. I try to type encouraging comments but there's a limit to how many different ways you can say ... good level up ... without it becoming boring. It also ends up giving universal praise which annoys those who have noticed that not everyone was acting helpfully. So to be able to give something to those who really did help would be great.


    Agreed that that is not the role of the forum :)

    The forum is for discussion and exchange of information ... and it was exchange of information that I had in mind.

    One of the games I play keeps a read only list on the forum of bugs in the game with any known solutions or workarounds.

    It's really useful
    a) to know if you need to report a bug you encounter as new
    b) to know that a bug you encounter is known to exist even if it hasn't been sorted .... and let's face it - some never are.
    c) to be able to see really quickly if there is a known solution or workaround for the bug

    which is why every association needs deputies … plural … and why I get nervous in an association without any deputies … two inactive chair incidents makes one more careful :)

    Pre-registration can be an advantage or, as I have seen recently, it can be a disadvantage bringing unresolved issues from one round to the next where they implode.

    The more rounds you play the more resources you have … gold is carried over, your career engine improves, and you 'know' more people …

    and players who can't plough real money into the game can therefore play the long game and stand a chance at getting into the end game and even winning.

    That seems perfectly fair to me - you can put the finance into the game or you can put the time and energy into the game and it will reward you. Both kinds of players are needed.

    PS - that long process of getting a good team together and getting into the end game is fun - it is much harder work defending your position in the next round once you've got there

    Ok … so putting together what you both said … might it be possible that this player played 59 rounds before the career structure was created then took a break and is now playing her first round since then? would that do it?

    How can someone have completed 59 rounds, still be career level 1 and have no career engine? Is this likely to be a personal decision or is there a way of playing RN that doesn't give access to the career structure?

    My feeling is that this will encourage the very kind of witch hunt you're trying to avoid.

    The following comments refer to the Classic game as that is the one I play most and know.

    Protected majorities are to my view a controversial element. They makes complete sense when two cities find themselves needing to use the same industries for goods because sites are limited. It also makes sense when there is more than one association in a city to come to an agreement about hauling and therefore about majorities.

    However, there is an individual element to this game also … are you, for instance, really asking players to allow someone else to win a hauling comp for gold just because that person has the majority when they could invest and gain that advantage themselves?

    And incidentally winning those gold comps (along with the odd lottery gold bonus and log-in bonus) is, for many players, a way towards being better equipped as team players not just as individuals.

    I've been reading this thread with interest. I came new to both the beta and the new interface at the same time so perhaps have a different perspective. There are things I like in both but on the whole I found the new one easier to get used to.

    My main issue with the new interface was the small print but the last update went a long way towards improving that …. and if you can do the same for the condition bars on the trains then I would be really happy :)