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    I am very much enjoying the Masters game. Last year I was in Rising Star and I enjoyed that too. It was fun playing without the more bossy high flyers.;) Playing Masters this time. I look around the area in which I play and all the cities are engaged and growing ... no abandoned cities.

    It's a fact of the game that without those who use real money there would be no game for us to play. I'm not sure why this annoys people so much but obviously it does. Perhaps we need to accept that some goals are for them and leave them to it on the basis that thanks to them we can play. I note that this time there was an attempt to give extra goals to help with this.

    About prestige, I don't want to sound like a prick or arrogant or condescending, but I've seen players here (in general on the forums) talking about prestige and they cannot gather more than 300k prestige in a classic round. Racking prestige is so easy that can barely be considered borderline fun or competitive. All it takes is TIME, that's it, nothing more, just plain time to play. I am only saying this because each round I am constantly seeing players hauling all the unlocked goods during the end game, for prestige.

    Time is a commodity that not everyone has. I often lose a couple of weeks mid round when I can only pop in, tidy up and pop out again. And even if I used a sitter I would slip behind at that point.

    As far as I'm concerned racking up prestige is not the main aim ... the challenge for me is to play the best game I can in the circumstances ... the circumstances always being a combo of RL and game .. and that most definitely means having as much fun as I can ... and I'll be honest ... whenever I choose the option of hauling to one megacity for the endgame I remember all over again that I find this option boring because I don't have the time to be the one calling the shots so there's no challenge in it for me.

    Mystic Envoy ... for my name ... or if you take my maiden name which is where mgc comes from then it's Mystic Caboose ....

    think I'll stick with Mytic Envoy lol ... the other sounds very dubious :P

    Ah, I see. But why don't you pick a megacity and concentrate there? Surely participating in the race would feel more involved rather than a neutral position

    Because it is a challenge and it's a lot of fun! As I've said elsewhere I play the style that is going to give me the best game where I've landed. Sometimes that means building cities. Sometimes it means free hauling. And sometimes, like this example, it means doing both. From my point of view the city was too perfect an opportunity not to use it. And it gave amazing prestige without upsetting anyone.

    What MGC49 saying is the good example of a Free Hauler, not committed to a city and hauling to all megacities without using the factories of the involved megacities and not disturbing their progress in a negative way.

    Yes ... we're not all monsters :)

    As for players who's strategy is to haul to different cities, like I said, the loss is around 5% in overall prestige. If, and this is important to understand, their strategy for pulling ahead in rankings is to do small bites in other megacities, I would have to say that this is a disruptive game play that should be sanctioned, unless they follow the calls in that megacity and haul ONLY the called good, with their bonus trains.

    If as I did recently on one server, I have worked with the teams in a city to build it up ... a city that as the game develops is clearly neutral i.e. totally outside the hauling zone of any of the megacities ... why is it disruptive for me as a lone player to use that city to haul to all the megacities and gain prestige that way? Sure I have taken the decision not to take part in the megacity race but I would say that my hauling is pretty neutral to that race.

    @mgc this is surely a microcosm of real life.


    RN is made up of strangers of all ages, diverse nationalities, from every imaginable walk of life. The incredible thing is that so many can work together in harmony not that one occasionally says something that treads on the toes of another.

    Yes exactly. And again, I'm not worried about that ... ofc we tread on each others toes. It's a competition! The group that are least likely to cause discord are probably the pax haulers ... as /Mihai will tell you - it's what I do when I want a quiet round. And again, I'm not complaining about one group or the other here. I am all for speaking up against those who are being bullies ... whatever their playing style .... and have done so on occasion.

    My concern is a very specific one ... can we please stop talking as though all players in a given playing style behave like the few who are bullies ... because they don't and if we look in the backyard of our own preferred style we will find just as many bullies there. They just don't impact on us as much so we don't notice them.

    PS - btw, yes I do check that the city are not close to levelling before breaking a majority.

    And on that note I am checking out of this thread lol ... before we go round and round in circles

    @Jalistair ... i think you misunderstand where I'm coming from. Sometimes I arrive at a round already part of an association and therefore with a plan in mind ... but most times I arrive, accept the 100 gold and look around to see where I've landed. I often don't decide what style I will play until era 2. I play city hauler, free hauler, pax etc ... whatever will get me the best game in the circumstances I have landed in with the time I have available. And I am most definitely a competitive player. I break majorities if I need to and my intention is always to do the best that I can.

    The point of this thread was that we are getting polarised in our thinking about each other and the way we talk about each other is not healthy. I stand by that thought. It is not just some free haulers who spoil the play. There are also some city haulers who are out and out bullies. But when we talk about either in the game chat as though they are the majority it damages the game. There should be room for all of us.

    Seems to me that it is time to get a group of like minded free haulers together to go to a "problem" map and run havoc on that map.

    All you will achieve by such an action is to confirm other players in their view that all free haulers are selfish spoilers who delight in ruining other people's game

    The thing is that all the different styles of playing are interdependent. Pax haulers, prestige hunters, city builders, cash hunters, and any number of hybrid styles ... we all need each other and we all compete with each other. It does none of us any good to despise the others because, like it or not, at some points in the game they will help us and at others they will hinder us ... and the game would be harder and less interesting without them .... even though sometimes it doesn't feel like that.

    My concern is not how support interprets the rule ... my concern is how we players will interpret it and what that will do to the way we talk to and about each other which is often already uncomfortable.

    The prestige hunters don't complain about extreme wait times from the wrong or non-existent integration of the city haulers, we don't complain when we want to finish a prestige comp while having to deal with 10 minute wait times and we don't complain about their non-stop whining in city forums and their threats to us to just leave 'their' city and go somewhere else.

    I have just failed to complete a gold competition for exactly this reason. It should have been easy enough to complete ... I wasn't looking for first place ... but the wait times were impossible. ... and yes, I threw lots of cash at it but I still couldn't get the wait times down enough. And you're right I don't complain ... it's just the way the game worked out ... and I'm not complaining now ... but it would not be unusual to receive verbal feedback when the city haulers come back online unless I get in first and apologise ... and I'm not going to do that.

    I just checked my stereotype, it is a Sony.

    8o hehe tease away ... but in a recent round of Steam Boiler I was told very firmly that "free haulers have no place in this game and should go and play something else". Never mind that the city in question was depending on the pax haulers to level up each time. Nor that the majority of 'spoilers' were their own city haulers.

    Hey mgc, haven't seen you this round on COM2. I know you played the previous one because we were neighbours.

    Hope everything is alright with you :)

    Hey /Mihai we were indeed. Usually too much real life during December to play well so I take a break ... will be back in the new year ... and by then I will have had a birthday and become one of the army of retired folk !!

    I wasn't going to say anything about this but I find that I am increasingly not reading city chat (especially during the EG) and I asked myself why ...

    This game is deliberately set up with goals that allow for different ways of playing and yet too often we talk as though our preferred way is the only way and as though all other ways are out of order. And we use stereotypes to justify our position.

    For example ... not all free haulers are selfish spoilers. Every free hauling association I have been in has had respect for other players as one of it's rules. And by the same token ... not all city builders are bullies.

    Like all stereotypes, these descriptions match some players, and those players are the ones who grab our attention by their behaviour, but they are not the majority.

    This is a great game and part of the enjoyment comes out of the different goals that are available.

    no it was the one before that which caued the issue ... a long time ago. Whatever happened this time has put me back in the loop lol so no apology needed.

    Yay!!!! Whatever it was you did in that last forum update you've let me back in!! I have been able to read but not contribute ever since your last update and the only solutions support could suggest were the usual ones of clear cache, change browser etc. all of which I had already done and did again and none of which made the slightest difference.

    So for whatever it was you did .... thank you 8)

    I get the same message. Click on the blue box "Allow or download" It will then put another box up

    Click on 'Allow once' and the game starts

    re distribution …

    I love playing Clash - enjoyed it last year and was enjoying it this year. Had I continued playing as I did in the first half I would probably have ended somewhere around 350 as that's roughly where I came out at the end of each day's play. However, due to heavy RL commitments I lost several days play taking me below the 1000 mark and then I lost the last day's play (I tend to play Clash in the last 2 hours of the day) so I came in at 1369 :) Hopefully Clash will be back next year and I can redeem myself lol

    Point is … you only have to lose a few days play to significantly change your rank

    It had not occurred to me till I read your comments that targeting a player like that doesn't necessarily mean that they are playing together … that could just have been a coincidence. In the light of day I realise that if you always target one player and totally disable them but make sure to pick up the occasionally goods that randomly lie in your path then you will always get 2nd place and the points that go with it. It was not pleasant but it is a strategy that the game allows and therefore not cheating.