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    It happens that only 10 Cities become MegaCities yet there are several different stating times!!!! Why???

    I thought the idea would of been to have a fair playing field for all 10. May I suggest that a new World be drawn up .... pretty please !


    Sorry, forgot to mention I meaning Rocky Mountains

    Sorry, also, for wrong place !!!

    Apologies for using this thread but .....

    Is Rocky Mountains the only game world with screwed up videos??
    It's taking ages for even a video to start :-(
    I can't seem to get hold of the numbers in the top left corner either.

    I had even started to think that maybe there were too many additions to the game that was/is doing it !!!

    Sorry, but there's still 1 Ad left behind ... the Fortnite one. I can't see any numbers within the Ad so haven't sent a ticket to Support (Not that I know how ! Still some parts of the game confuses me lol Clash for eg: )

    I think I could put up with 30 sec video times.

    Some vids have a Skip Ad option altho all those that Ive tried just move the timer along to the end and they still freeze up.

    I Wish ......
    it could it be possible to restrict the video times to 20 secs each. Wether or not the same one keeps on playing !

    it could be possible to have the videos from freezing the game with the only way out is to cancel them ... which it's now doing quite often :(