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    Mihai TheRetired

    It's not the first week you've been crying

    This is an economic game. Any sabotage and similar actions can be.

    If the city can't play the final normally, then this is a problem only for the caller(90%) and the city team

    If you don't like it, you can go play Funny Fram. Or any another game with god mode game

    The Conductor's Cup is won by a cheater who has been abusing videos for many years, who plays in a team with sharing, a multiaccount in the rank of a beginner, etc. And You have no questions about it. You are fighting windmills. But you don't want to do anything with global problems

    p.s Any competition, including unfair competition, is possible. If you cannot agree with another 100-200 players for a month, this is completely your problem.

    Please read the message carefully and read the history of the conversation here.
    It was explained several times.

    If you have Plus Account you are guaranteed to have the upgrade in the first 14 BONUS VIDEOS! Not videos, BONUS VIDEOS!

    we have ONLY guaranteed bugs EVERY DAY! And error 502 Bad Gateway every weekend! TG developers looks like student who works for food^^^^

    thanks for what? For unlimitied gold and playing 24/7 at 3-5 servers? ****
    Admins through this player make people spend money on the game. He don't spent money! Open your eyes!!!! Because of such player, the masters became an uninteresting trash heap

    It is great to hear there are players who enjoyed the round, but in practice and after heavy promoting efforts, only around 2.000 players joined the event server if I remember right.

    With other special servers, some we have restarted and all have had multiple servers running concurrently. It was a good thing we got to test an entry fee server though.

    Players wants to play with fair and normal people!!!Players don't want to play against cheaters/admins like your ****(who have 24/7 online at 3-5 servers and unlimited free gold).

    The worst masters server this year. It is not game. It is peace of shit. It is rubbish

    (edited by CM. Please avoid calling other players cheaters on a public forum. You can report a player to game support if you suspect someone of breaking the rules. Admins or any other team members do not play on Masters.)

    Ok, so we are about to wrap up Masters for what, the third time. Now I get it, some folks like Masters some don't and some who don't like Masters still play for some reason. I for one do like Masters, mostly because it is an opportunity to play with folks that I wouldn't play with otherwise. However... it is starting to get boring. After all, we have gone to this rodeo three times now and the rodeo clowns don't have any new tricks.

    S0...... How about Masters 2021 being on American Dream? The idea of prestige bonus for this year was a great addition and should be included in the future. However, in the spirt of American Dream we need a focus on the map strategy itself. So perhaps you offer a reward for the winning side and then for the individual prestige goals CE points would be cut in half, or doubled for the losing or winning team depending on what made more sense.

    Any support for this idea?

    it is impossible. because some "top"(lol) players can't connect all cities of map and farm prestige by invests in cities =))))