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    Well I have to be honest I do spend a little cash on the game in the region of £20-£40 per month over the various servers I play. I might add I do this happily as it is a game I very much enjoy playing. However as much as I would very much like to participate I certainly won’t be paying that for a one off event of any kind.

    To put this in some form of context, the price of admission to the “birthday event” is approximately the same as a full priced PC/PS4 or Xbox game (perhaps £10 cheaper but very close).

    Ok buying a game isnt a event so let’s make a comparison of that nature in order to be fair. This year it cost just £10 for a ticket to attend the New Years Eve fireworks display at the London Eye. This event cost in the region of £3.250.000 million pounds for the fireworks alone! You then have cost of staff for the event, policing etc etc etc..

    How can you possibly make justification for the administration fee for something that in essence will cost very little to do. Give players little or no return for their investment, without whom there would be no Rail Nation then have the audacity to call this a celebration for all when it clearly is anything but that.

    Yes the choice to buy gold or not is our own as is entering the event, but to simply take from your community with nothing in return is in my opinion a marketing disaster. At the absolute least make the event ticket available at a special purchase price of a reasonable amount not the full cost of 2000 gold.

    It would in my opinion ease the tension of this event for all (and I use the term “all” very loosely). It would more than likely increase the overall sales and cost absolutely nothing to the company after all this is a virtual currency which by definition in the terms of the event locked to this event only. It’s either that or come up with some outstanding rewards to justify the outrageous cost to participate.

    Oh and please do not insult our intelligence claiming that this is to cover administrative costs, the staff would be working regardless of if this event was on or not, as would support etc so the argument is a poor attempt to justify the price. Also claiming you will deploy a special server specifically to the event? Do me a favour the ones running the game presently will be the ones that run the event to even suggest you have additional costs of this nature is borderline to say the least.


    This has probably been suggested elsewhere but on the off chance it hasn't been would it be at all possible to create a pop up option much like the one for the city comp to broadcast which goods the city is focused on? Perhaps including both on line and off line required goods but most certainly the on line one. It would be a great communication tool but would of course also require nominated speakers.

    Still very new to this game so please forgive me if it is already been mentioned in the past. I do realize there is a way via chat / forum messages to do this but should it been highlighted in the bubble for all to see, then there would be a lot less confusion.