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    So 11 weeks of playing is totally ruined. It was clear almost from the start that RN washed their hands from 40+ people not being able to continue this round as intended. 40+ people which understand many of them were chairs or otherwise very essential to running association and/or cities.

    What use is the "compensation" given (which in my is in my eyes only reimbursement for gold and money spent and NOT compensation) when you can't even restart in the city you were in because it's overcrowded if you wanted?! I even get recommended by the game to start over with the competition (I was blue, now the game wants me to sign up as red).

    I'm not planning on returning to the COM101 server so how will I be compensated? Why aren't the people effected contacted personally by RN? Why should we have to contact RN in game to seek compensation? Is it just another way of sticking it to the players effected? If you don't follow the forums and read the right thread you're out of luck getting any sort of compensation? As it is now I MUST start the COM101 server over to get any compensation at all?

    There's alot of questions unanswered and it feels like RN is trying to dodge alot of bullets by giving people the silent treatment...

    When I try to log in to COM101 - Rocky Mountains after the maintanance I get the "new game" screen where I'm supposed to choose side (east vs west) and so on. Been playing this round since the start (11 weeks) and I'm chair for an association and this is the second day I can't log in :(