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    What is wrong with that? So, there is a new server, with a new set of conditions, and now a traction giant is the best train to run?

    I cannot confirm your assesment in this, as I have abandoned the "Rosen" server after RN lied outright to me about the pre-conditions to this server, but on the whole I can only applaud new servers where people actually will have to think about how to run the game, instead of running the "default" a.k.a. "Meta".

    If the changes go live, there will only be one cargo train engine and one pax engine selection each era. At least now there are different bests if you do "this" then X but if you do "that" then Y is better.

    I agree with Earl on the issue of PP earned from transportation between HB / WH.

    In a game server where the objective is to develop the cities and the MLs, the inordinate amount of PP coming from other sources unbalances the system and will cause people to stop working on those objectives and in the end people are rewarded too much that does not contribute to the general objectives of the region / city.

    I think the game is purposely designed to create conflict between players for the temptation to sell micro transactions.

    So I am not a fan of any of the Px factors that influence wait times. On Rosen, they are obnoxious to the point where we have gone back to a single engine being best in era, the traction giant.

    Another aspect of the high wait times is less willingness to haul off crest, or without huge investments which causes problems all around for maintaining team cohesion

    While this might improve gold sales, it dramatically decreases the fun factor to playing the game and I hope that fun (player retention) is more important.

    Granted the second round of Titans is the only one of the four Px rounds I’ve ever played

    Sadly people just want to put there cookie cutter tactics from classic and stamp them on whatever rule set a Px may have.

    I love theory crafting and would like to be with a group that really studies the game and adapts to changes to the game itself or the meta that casual players get browbeaten into that they don’t dare go against the cowboys leading the herd.

    10k prestige for winning End Game city

    I believe if this change was brought to the regular servers, it would creat less competition during EG. When I was playing on US.Broadway there was a problem of the “sure thing” EG city. If there is a close race for top player or top corp then neither will want to risk giving their opponent 50k as well as PPs earned for extra closed goods.. When you have the two top teams playing in the same city, there isn’t a motivation to play anywhere else, so everyone piles on.

    Please excuse the first word of the title, but I could not think of an appropriate alternative.

    In RN utopia, competition is I do my best, you do your best, and may the best combo of money, time, knowledge, and teamwork win. However competition can and will be, I take a portion of my resources and dedicate them to disrupting your game play.

    Has 3.5 and how it’s being enforced today made it against the rules to play unsportsmanlike?


    My request is for transparency

    A priority list / progress report of known bugs along with a list of resolved bugs to remind a raved customer base of how much has already been done to make the existing game better.

    A better understanding of the ratio of development time put into creating new content verses development time dedicated to bug fixes.

    Thank you

    Rhoswen If Law & Order has taught me anything it’s that a person’s perspective on the law can and will be different than what a judge or jury will determine at verdict.

    If you feel damaged by Travian for their hot seating policy, then by all means file a class action law suit.

    After all it was only after McDonalds was successfully sued did they notify their customers that the coffee they served was hot and could burn.

    There was a stream on Monday talking about the 2nd pX

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    My 1st question is, How it will be calculated active players at this Platform X?

    I did not hear on the stream that there would be any changes to how pX determined active players. So plan for a shut down of competing mega cities to avoid crushing consumption

    I hope so.. and once you have get from the rules the 1.3 point (wich i never have saw and don't know when you add it) and platform X is comming i want to know exactly in wich conditions i can share may login details so i can have my avatar 24h online or close to it without take the risc you come next telling me i broke the roles or worst ban me without any warning...

    It has been officially confirmed that it is legal for any number of people have access to a single account as long as those playing on the account do not play on another account on the same server.

    A corporation wins a worker, then invites friends to join the Corp, those friends get value from the worker, then return to their Corp.

    This was abused so much that the game was changed to stifle this with the introduction of a 24 hour cool down for joining corps. While it did work, if given the right circumstances could we see a return?

    The current meta on workers, is for a Corp to reform into a new Corp in order the get into a lower, less competitive, bracket for workers and get the premium workers easily for far less money and therefore far greater value.

    The live stream yesterday announced many of the unique features that will be in the forthcoming Platform X. Three of which, workers have greater effects, worker auctions cut in half (more workers in play), and corporations start with all 26 slots unlocked.

    I see this as ripe for a return of the worker share program. Five active players putting bids in a lower bracket for cheaper buildings and faster buildings, track worker and cheaper city connects, etc. Double the worker auctions means more chances to stack the worker past 24 hrs, then a whole bunch of open slots for people to hang out in for 24 hours before jumping to some other combo of workers.


    I’m wrong folks, not too often that I admit that.

    RN is completely fair.

    Everyone can spend as much money on the game as they “want”.

    Everyone can spend as much time on the game as they “want”.

    Everyone can devote as much energy into learning the game as they “want”

    Everyone can build relationships and teams as much as they “want”

    We all play this game under the same rules, just because I don’t devote as much of the above as someone else doesn’t mean they are wrong, cheating, or evil in any way, just that they “wanted” it more than I was willing to commit to.

    You don't seem to get it, it's not about you or me or an individual specific. It's about all those players that want to go 1st (win a round) and stumble upon competitors who are always online, doing competitions, switching trains, etc.

    Even if, let's say, you can count on both finger hands the players that have someone else helping their account when they sleep, it's unfair towards those that do not. This game is about knowledge, effort and tactics. Having someone who signs in to your account has nothing to do with those.

    Who doesn’t “want” rank 10 Top Player? Who is willing to put up the money, time, and energy into the game to make it happen? Not me.

    This can be about knowledge, effort, and tactics. It can also be other things to other people. RN has never been fair and never will be fair.