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    Please excuse the first word of the title, but I could not think of an appropriate alternative.

    In RN utopia, competition is I do my best, you do your best, and may the best combo of money, time, knowledge, and teamwork win. However competition can and will be, I take a portion of my resources and dedicate them to disrupting your game play.

    Has 3.5 and how it’s being enforced today made it against the rules to play unsportsmanlike?


    My request is for transparency

    A priority list / progress report of known bugs along with a list of resolved bugs to remind a raved customer base of how much has already been done to make the existing game better.

    A better understanding of the ratio of development time put into creating new content verses development time dedicated to bug fixes.

    Thank you

    Rhoswen If Law & Order has taught me anything it’s that a person’s perspective on the law can and will be different than what a judge or jury will determine at verdict.

    If you feel damaged by Travian for their hot seating policy, then by all means file a class action law suit.

    After all it was only after McDonalds was successfully sued did they notify their customers that the coffee they served was hot and could burn.

    There was a stream on Monday talking about the 2nd pX

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    My 1st question is, How it will be calculated active players at this Platform X?

    I did not hear on the stream that there would be any changes to how pX determined active players. So plan for a shut down of competing mega cities to avoid crushing consumption

    I hope so.. and once you have get from the rules the 1.3 point (wich i never have saw and don't know when you add it) and platform X is comming i want to know exactly in wich conditions i can share may login details so i can have my avatar 24h online or close to it without take the risc you come next telling me i broke the roles or worst ban me without any warning...

    It has been officially confirmed that it is legal for any number of people have access to a single account as long as those playing on the account do not play on another account on the same server.

    A corporation wins a worker, then invites friends to join the Corp, those friends get value from the worker, then return to their Corp.

    This was abused so much that the game was changed to stifle this with the introduction of a 24 hour cool down for joining corps. While it did work, if given the right circumstances could we see a return?

    The current meta on workers, is for a Corp to reform into a new Corp in order the get into a lower, less competitive, bracket for workers and get the premium workers easily for far less money and therefore far greater value.

    The live stream yesterday announced many of the unique features that will be in the forthcoming Platform X. Three of which, workers have greater effects, worker auctions cut in half (more workers in play), and corporations start with all 26 slots unlocked.

    I see this as ripe for a return of the worker share program. Five active players putting bids in a lower bracket for cheaper buildings and faster buildings, track worker and cheaper city connects, etc. Double the worker auctions means more chances to stack the worker past 24 hrs, then a whole bunch of open slots for people to hang out in for 24 hours before jumping to some other combo of workers.


    I’m wrong folks, not too often that I admit that.

    RN is completely fair.

    Everyone can spend as much money on the game as they “want”.

    Everyone can spend as much time on the game as they “want”.

    Everyone can devote as much energy into learning the game as they “want”

    Everyone can build relationships and teams as much as they “want”

    We all play this game under the same rules, just because I don’t devote as much of the above as someone else doesn’t mean they are wrong, cheating, or evil in any way, just that they “wanted” it more than I was willing to commit to.

    You don't seem to get it, it's not about you or me or an individual specific. It's about all those players that want to go 1st (win a round) and stumble upon competitors who are always online, doing competitions, switching trains, etc.

    Even if, let's say, you can count on both finger hands the players that have someone else helping their account when they sleep, it's unfair towards those that do not. This game is about knowledge, effort and tactics. Having someone who signs in to your account has nothing to do with those.

    Who doesn’t “want” rank 10 Top Player? Who is willing to put up the money, time, and energy into the game to make it happen? Not me.

    This can be about knowledge, effort, and tactics. It can also be other things to other people. RN has never been fair and never will be fair.

    The rules and structure, whatever they may be at the time, you agree to every time you log in.

    Where have I ever said that the game (rules) haven’t evolved? Where have I ever said there shouldn’t be any changes.

    “If something is currently allowed by the rules it is absolutely right?“ It certainly isn’t wrong for someone to play that way. If you want a change to the game or the rules there is an entire suggestion category to post in.

    The issue for me that has grown in these discussions is the notion that someone playing legally is an awful person because they don’t play like the group plays.

    Someone playing a multi for any reason is cheating. If they get caught they should get banned

    But hey Zen of Rail Nation.I can’t control how other people play, I can only do the best I can do using my moral compass, and whatever the results may turn out, I am always a winner.

    Others may disagree with that philosophy, that is fine. I am much happier a player now than I was before.

    In the case I referred to, the player was absolutely a second account, and was trying to advantage the group where his main character was playing. To assume some misbehaviour on the part of the affected group is a dangerous and unjustified conjecture. It is also insulting. You are right, it may be the case, but, it may NOT be. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    Or, maybe just being in a position where you just might win is "provocation" in your world view?

    It is dangerous and unjustified conjecture for me to speculate that someone ticked off someone else to have them spend three months plotting the first player’s downfall?

    However innocent until proven guilty doesn’t apply to calling someone a multi and certainly not dangerous and unjustified conjecture?

    From my time watching Law & Order, motive plays a big part in the prosecution of criminal cases (and in reality too)

    Rather an amoral remark! Carry this to it's extreme and you have no rules and no structure. There has to be structure and there have to be rules even though people who can pay for extra benefits have an advantage over those who cannot. Paying for increased benefits is a fact of online gaming. Actually, it is also a fact of life! But that does not mean we should expect to behave badly, or, does it?

    It follows, that the structure is fair is even more important than otherwise. Those who cannot pay or who can pay only a little need to know that they are not further disadvantaged by poorly formulated or administered rules. Just because something can be done, does not make it right to do it.

    Yes it’s an amoral POV because the game itself is amoral.

    There is no need to carry an argument to an extreme because there is a structure and rules to the game. Furthermore that structure and rules I agreed to play by when I signed up for the game.

    “Just because something can be done, does not make it right to do it.”. If it is allowed by the rules, then it is right to do it. Saying someone doesn’t have scruples because they are willing to play within all the rules while you limit yourself because of your world view to me is judgemental

    It is a way to bend the rules which the unscrupulous may, and very likely do use to gain an unfair advantage.

    Since this game is not built to be fair, I do not consider it unscrupulous for a player who wants to win at any aspect of the game using every legal means to do so. No bending required here.

    Is it unscrupulous to purchase a plus account? That is an unfair advantage to someone who can not afford it and only can earn them in game.

    Unsportsmanlike behavior by a non multi, is annoying, but is allowed (and I dare say purposely ignored by Travian)

    In your example, there must have been some preceding event for someone to go to that amount of effort to spoil things for that Corp/city. From my point of view the likely unsportsmanlike behavior done to the future saboteur is as much to blame for the sabotage.

    People often have excuses for their own “bad” behavior but are often unforgiving of others. Get this on both sides of a conflict and its trouble.

    People only lose in a war, the trick is not to get in one. If you wish to do well in a competitive game, then it is important not to tick off other players to the point where they come after you. Anything that slows down your game helps your competition. It’s your responsibility, not Travians, to play well.