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    Ads are a revenue stream for Travian. They are not going to exclude a paying contract because the ad is "too long"

    Even the internal ads for other Travian games, which we've seen too many times, they aren't going to provide a 5 second skip.

    Ads are an optional feature. If they annoy you then don't watch them and pass on the minor in game bonuses (which they give us in order to put money into their pockets and to keep the lights on).

    If things get too annoying for the community of players and Travian start taking a hit on their income, then they may make adjustments to making it more beneficial or less panful, but I would advise not holding your breath for such a day.

    fyi about ad watching...

    with any of the 4 different ads, two or more people can watch the same ad as long as the corp widget doesn't get refreshed on your account. Once refreshed on your account, anyone who has finished watching an ad, you wont be able to watch that ad.

    hope that makes sense

    There are layers and layers of strats behind why a player will immediately scratch or save a lotto ticket

    After the bonus engine consideration is the Lotto building level which introduces new prizes and later retires other prizes

    After that there is the consideration of clogging up the clothing vouchers and other unwanted prizes so they don't come up when you really want that bonus engine or coins at era change.

    and for me overall I'm always weighing, will I make more money with the potential prizes by scratching now than waiting for "better" prizes later on

    Knew a player last year with this issue and there was no solution and they simply missed out on completing that quest

    Upgrading the Winter Market might be a way, but if you are like many and starting at a lvl 7 you'll have to double your 500 diamonds today just for one level (i.e. not going to happen)

    Rype . In the blog they did not.

    “Those of you who took part last time will probably remember that some players managed to exploit our sytem by working together, acting skillfully and going without sleep.”

    As I stated, I think the word Exploit has negative conotations. If I am wrong in that then please let me know.

    I understand that from a marketing standpoint gaming companies dont want to publish their mistakes, but to instead blame the players for playing the game that they gave us is offensive.

    What is wrong with saying “We learned some lessons from last years event, and for the sake of making the event more enjoyable for all, we are making the following changes”

    Just sharing my frustrations with this specific message.

    (a reply to the blog)

    Definition of exploit

    1 Make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource)

    1.1 Use (a situation or person) in an unfair or selfish way.

    1.2 Benefit unfairly from the work of (someone), typically by overworking or underpaying them.

    Exploit has a negative connotation to me.

    Like any other aspect of the game, the programmers make a system and the players find ways to operate within that system to maximize benefit (1), but these are not unfair (1.1 & 1.2) because they are available to everyone.

    Instead of writing about how players created "problems", why don't you admit the system was designed with an inadvertent hole in it?


    I have walked you through the sequence of calculations and where the various bonuses go to which buckets on World Chat in US:Broadway.

    The missing element is something that is described in the Help link on the Factions page inside the game.

    As far as your point that everyone needs to know, its like anything else in the game, those who want to know will seek out the information like you are now, others will happily continue to play in ignorant bliss.