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    You receive full prestige points when all passenges are delivered to the city. Prestige for passengers is not connected to the leveling up of the city. That is you usually receive your prestige earlier then the leveling up of the city. After all passengers are delivered to the city you do not receive any prestige points, only money untill the new level of the city.

    I'm playing USA scenario on server US102 and am in the top 10 in all prestige points.categories except for the Miscellaneous category where I am rank #515.

    What actions or achievements contribute miscellaneous prestige points?

    Miscellaneous includes points for ranks (titles), regional bonus points that you get when your region captures cities of the other region, bonuses from workers, your payments to corporation to increase spots.

    Is there a way to change your region after 1st era? I am part of a corp in a different region and would like to switch to that region. is there a way to do this?

    No, you can still play with your corp, but it's impossible to change the region.


    So also it doesn't matter if city number 10 has level 30 or level 40. And it doesn't matter if your city has level 25 or level 39, it just will have to clear the same amount of goods as number 10 city?

    Yes the amount of goods should be the same. Level of the city defines your starting time during Endgame. So the closer your city's level to city number 10, the faster you'll start after them.

    Yes, your city has to haul just as much as the 10th city on the list. It does not matter what's your city's actual place is 15 or 12.

    I by lottery ticket , for a special prise 15 gold, and when I try to open ticket, error poped out Error 16... I dont know... How to get my 15 golds ?? Or ticket ?

    Write to customer support from the game.

    For Era 1 you get a starter package. It's available before your prestige reaches 600. However long it takes for you. No time limit here.

    I'm asking here because it's related. At the end of an ERA, not a game, what happens? Do you lose everything? Or is that only for the end of a game?

    At the end of the era nothing happens, you keep everything you have for the next era. Unless it's the end of era 6, then you get Endgame.

    That is what I thought, just that someone said it had to be the chair.

    It can be any memeber of the association. Just make sure that the correct city is selected. Everyone from the association will be able to register in this city even if it shows that the city is overpopulated.

    I can't log to account where I am a sitter. There is only black window

    If you are playing on a computer try the mobile version. Sometimes I can get to the sitters account without any problems on a phone when on a computer I get mistakes or incorrect graphics.