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    to a city that is growing in level, you can transport directly (no slow transport) the product that will disappear. when the city grows, you get points for your deliveries.

    if you play classic or europe version, you can pay money (or 25 gold) for the passenger wait time. the city grows, you get the points. i keep giving gold (only 100 if possible, but more for later eras when other players also give) per city i am connected, for the passenger wait time, i get points everywhere the city grows!

    i dont know what you mean by no point when the city grows ^^; you can always get some points.

    My opinion is still, people are forced to spend more money if they want to have a higher posibility to win this bonus engine and also the gold rush. Again people with the big bucks have a higher chance of winning this train. Same as they buy all bonus engines with gold. At the moment the winners are not the best tactic players but the people who spend the most real money.

    Because of this advantage of the big spenders a lot of players leave the game because they don't have any chance to win anything.

    Make servers for the "high stake rollers" and servers without the option of buying gold, just the normal gold wins. This will make things much more fair. And the real good players will appear.

    well, but life is like this too, is it not?

    you are a very rich man, you will have much more opportunities than us normal people who live normal life and work to have a salary.

    even in the game is not for free.

    you are in a company but pay no donation to the headquarters, do not give money to the worker, nobody will allow you stay there for free, you will be dismissed quickly if you do not pay. you give always lots of money to the worker, everyone will be more happy with you there.

    my teammate was same as me, bad luck getting bonus trains in the lotto, he spent much gold and bought both bonus trains.

    i will maybe spend 4,000 gold per round, but i cannot pay 4,000 gold for bonus trains, so he has them and i do not. good for him, best luck for me in the lotto hopefully ^^;

    it is just the way life is.

    After April 25th the Primus is for 3 month an extra in every gold package - even the smallest - when you buy gold for the first time on a server during the 3 month period. After the 3 month we old players can get it only through the lottery but for new players it will stil be an extra only with their verry first gold buy.

    only when you buy a gold package for the first time?? (O_O)


    but of course i already bought gold for all 6 servers i play at this moment!

    i am really having bad luck having any bonus trains, have almost nothing and i thought this was big chance to have at least one bonus train in each server ....

    one more time, i am sad with a new feature of this game (~_~;)

    when can we buy the gold package that comes with this train?

    will it be available for purchase in any server that is happening now?

    I am having terrible luck getting bonus trains by the lotto in most servers I am now playing.

    I dont mind buying one gold package per server I am playing, to have this train.

    But I dont know if it will be available (when) in all servers that have started such as JP01, DE107, DE11, RU06 etc

    This is the reason I simply choose my given name and not any nicknames. These days seems that everyone is offended so easily and unecessarily.

    `Paki` could mean anything... but someone chose to go extra lenght to deem it offensive. I wish they put the same effort to solve real problems that exist in the game...


    But I see you changed to Deemed Offensive and it is great, now you can post why you chose it in the `how you chose your nickname in the game` thread )))))

    If you don't get the bonus after using the email contact support, they will sort you out.

    same way i contact support about cellphone application that never worker on my latest iOS iphone 6 + , never received concrete solution?

    (about one year of contacts, only recently received a reply ... and the person doesnt really believe the application does not work... why would i waste time contacting support to tell them a lie? insulting!!)

    Can we get a 'skip' button for all of the Travian games videos please? Have had to watch each one thousands of times. Apart from already knowing about these games, I'm already playing a Travian game, and now you want me to watch hundreds of videos about other Travian games and log out of RN and go play a different game?

    They are also way too long. PLEASE add a skip button (preferably on all video's but especially the Travian ones).


    in addition, I doubt any of us really watches (meaning -pay attention at content-) these videos. We want the bonus and the medal, this is why we press play.

    The majority of videos I reveice have a skip button after a few seconds.

    But the game videos last for minutes.

    These videos are too, too long.

    We are already playing a game by Travian company.

    Most of us are paying customers of Travian company (pay for gold).

    make this long story short.

    this email will be useless if the player is already started the server.

    this email is also useless if the player is still not started the server.

    for two ocassions the servers started when i was at my work and when i was sleeping. one time when i returned to my home from my work, i entered the server (new round that had started few hours ago) using the email button ... and i received no present.

    the other time, i woke up, checked my emails, saw the email saying i would have a present if i started the round using the button in the email. i clicked, started the round, no present for me again.

    conclusion; useless if you already started the round, useless if you still did not start.

    just ignore (.>_<.)

    the popups come up all the time even if u just pass the mouse overthem. IE looking at who is hauling what and the players info comes up just cause i was scrolling down the list and not even had the mouse over them. Then u have to waste time hitting the x to close them again so u can get to see what u want to see. Sometimes i get popups for an industry that im not even close to with the mouse. IE looking at something in london and i get a popup for something in manchester.

    Just moving the mouse around the screen causes these popups to come up even if ur not over anything. u only have to go near them and they popup.

    But its not just this game it does it on others as well so think its a windows problem not a game prob.


    very irritating and waste of time.

    if i want to investigate a factory, i will click on it, i dont need these unecessary windows making me waste time by only having the mouse pass in them when my purpose is completely different.

    i see some people are fans of these things, so eliminating them is not good because makes some people unhappy.

    i say, make the appearance of them an option we can turn on or off at the display settings.

    pre-registration lasts the duration of end game so in some cases, that is less than 24 hours.

    pre registration lasts for 3 days after the new round starts, no 24 hours, now i understand.

    if the preregistration player does not come in three days, his space becomes empty and a new player can come and use the space.

    it would be best if the pre registration player loses the space in 24 hours if he does not come! because of work or sleep sometimes it is not possible join immediately when the new round starts, but there is no explanation for not coming in 24 hours. nobody sleeps 24 hours or works 24 hours.

    you get many players in the forum chat





    less than one second after recalculation, already so many `next?` hahahaha

    i was an impatient player until the first time i was made city coordinator...

    now i will patiently park in the city and wait for the next call ^^;


    Allow the sitter person to give money to the worker!

    If I choose a person to be in charge of my game when I am absent, it means that I trust this person (anyone chooses a complete stranger to be sitter??).

    If a good worker comes when I am absent, why the sitter person cannot enter my game and give money to the worker? It will benefit me too!!

    I have also called in winning cities but I was constantly getting told I was too slow last EG on Loch Ness because I wanted to take an extra couple of seconds checking the best call. Supposedly if you don't call within a nanosecond of the recalc you are not quick enough and people will haul their own choice.

    haul? i dont know this.

    I think I make the call fast ( i know, i am impatient too) and yes, there is always the people who will insist in transporting whatever good they wish after recalculation.

    But depending on the server, these people will get a scream right in their ear from too many players!))))

    i dont know what a rsp is, but i completely agree with you! \(^_^)/

    we should be able to have something like a company bank where any teamate can deposit things they do not need and another teamate can make withdrawal as needed (of course daily limitations would apply)