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    My friend sent a letter to the support at the japanese server.

    A very polite letter both written in native German and native English (he is 62 years old, German, was raised until college age in the United States then moved back to Germany, so he speaks both languages fluently at a native level.)

    The answer he got from the staff at the Japanese server was

    ` i cannot understand your language. Write English please`


    At his second attempt, he wrote in English ONLY, and in a very simple language (maybe a first grader would fully understand?) , not the highly polite tone he used in his first letter.

    The reply he got from the same staff person had absolutely nothing to do with the letter contents. Just like the example i gave you before ( question - do you sell apples here? .... answer - today is a holiday and the store is closed)

    He tried a third time, with the very same result.

    He fowarded me the emails.

    Would you please kindly provide me a customer support email that he can write to, concerning an issue at the japanese server that a person with a high/native level will be able to REALLY provide support, and not send gibberish replies?

    FYI he plays at the japanese server and HAS set the language to English since the beginning.

    Thank you Samisu.

    You get a golden star in your career badge. For level 13 an above the badge is golden. Here without and with star:…attachment/2907-gold-png/…/2908-gold-mit-stern-png/

    Thank you very much for your reply and photographs!

    So this star is additional to the stars of top 100, top 10 player, yes?

    for example i am top 100 player, i have 2 stars ... if i am also first class player, i will have the extra little star in the frame of my carrer medal?


    It costs more to repair all the trains at the same time than it costs to repair one train at a time?

    It this a big big difference?

    To be honest I like the convinience of repairing all trains with only one click and i never really at how much each one costs, only the total.

    And from era 5 i use the mecanics the majority of the time.

    I wonder if the repair costs more because is more convinient to repair with one click only!

    In real life a self service is always more cheap than having a staff do for you (^_-)/

    Good morning!

    I agree with you.

    Especially for tournaments, you change one shcedule and want to quickly copy this same schedule for some trains, or the majority of trains (but not all, for many reasons) the past version of the game was much easier and faster to do, to quickly go through the train list and click on the trains we want to copy a schedule.

    Also being able to do this in very fast way is very important also when the city grows, a new good is introduce and there is enough time in the factory before the time changes again.

    You just wish to go fast and be able change schedules very fast.

    I wonder if the person who made some of the changes of this new version of the game has spent so much time playing the game same as us players!

    Another not good change, besides the horrible new association window, is the WORKERS window!!

    It comes with the value of 10,000 to give to the worker, but I wish to delete and type for example 7,777,777 and be ready to click on it 4 seconds before the worker auction finishes, 99% of the time it is broken and the bid button becomes broken and unavailable. I must click on that VERY new small button on the top right to open the bigger worker window, try again to type the money i wish to give, and sometimes the bid button is still broken. I must repeat the process sometimes several times until the button is again working and i can quickly click.

    I apologize to enter other critics to the new version in your post, above player!

    Game software engineers must understand that we love this game so we wish to play it always, and they should think so well before changing it for the worse (~_~;)

    My last question about first class member ( i apologize for my ignorance)

    when/if you become a first class member, how do you see it? where can you see that a player is First class?

    i looked everywhere in my career hopeful that maybe i am first class and just did not know ^^; hahaha... but i cannot see anywhere. is there an icon, or special mark where you can recognize a first class member?

    Good morning,

    For about one day I wish to check on status of two tickets about reports I sent to support, but when I click on the HELP CENTER located in the left part of this screen, it shows me where I must click to check on status of the tickets. I click and it tells me I must be logged in to check the status of the tickets. I know I am logged in, but when I click on the green button of `log in` , it does nothing. After clicking on log in, I click again on `check ticket status` and again it tell me that to check I must first log in.

    Anyone else experience this?

    Is this a bug, error?

    It is the same for the worker auction.

    Have to stay and be watching until the end, make last bid for about 4 seconds before it ends, so there is enough time for the bid to be entered.

    If unable to stay until the end, then just make an extra big bid and other online teammates can add the last second bid.

    the goods auction is you only, so it is same idea!

    Stay and enter bid about 4 seconds before, or enter a big bid and hope nodody will bid more o^_^o

    I received once on a language server an answer in the native language of that server, I asked my question in English. I think that should be enough to get an answer back in correct English and not made with a translater.


    What I have observed is that some staff people from some local servers, clearly do not understand English, at least well enough to fully understand the question that was asked, or address the player concerns is a full way.

    They reply something that makes us realize that they clearly did not understand what was asked. it is like


    `do you sell apples here?`

    staff answer

    `ah, tomorrow is a holiday, so we are closed`

    Or sometimes, like you said, the answer was written clearly in a translator software and absolutely offers no help about what was asked.

    I feel this is a pity!

    The minimum that should be offered, since the game is willing to have servers in so many countries and allow access to these servers by all of us, is to have in their customer support, native language speakers, or people who speak at a native level and can understand fully our messages.

    Your message is beautifully said and I thank you that you replied to me original post.

    I agree fully!

    I do not think a player becomes first class by buying gold.

    I make weekly purchases of gold for almost all servers I play (most of 1,200 gold each)

    If it is by buying gold, then a player must buy gold everyday?

    I do not have so much money (.>_<.)

    Good evening

    I suggest that in every server, the staff who replies to players concerns, reports, etc be able to respond at least in English ( even us who are not native English speaker, can understand).

    I play at several servers at several countries and hear from many players (especially at Japanese server) that the person who receives their message/ report clearly could not understand their message in English.

    thank you very much for your response ^^

    So I can do this from here, at my career, yes?

    No need to be online there.

    I am looking for options, but i see



    career engine



    no options

    i have a similar problem / question

    i just had a stressful situation at a server and i do not want to play anymore at this server or at any server from this country.

    how can i delete my game from this server without going online there again?

    is there an option here at my career where i can remove myself from this server and obviously continue play at the other servers that are not stressful?

    There's a reason why most games are free-to-play. Nobody likes to pay to play a game. Especially since this update makes things a little easier and smoother, it would create an unfair advantage if you would have to pay to get this update.


    Exactly my point.

    i would pay to not get this update!

    There's a reason why most games are free-to-play. Nobody likes to pay to play a game. Especially since this update makes things a little easier and smoother, it would create an unfair advantage if you would have to pay to get this update.


    Exactly my point.

    Most software and applications are paid.

    You watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, you pay.

    The antivirus in your computer offers you a free version, but if you wish more features and complete version, you pay.

    Why not the same with this game?

    One last thought.

    Many software are free to use, but if you want to do certain things, you pay.

    In the game, you already have to pay if you want certain extra things, like the special accounts for 7 days, the starter packages, etc.

    You could give a feature to players to control updates they wish installed in their game or they do not wish. It could be a paid version.

    I know I would happily pay to have the display again the way it was.