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    Salix people are losing patience with you because you are so negative, and from all your talk, the feeling we have is you are not really invested in efficiently solving the problem.

    people come to play your game to enjoy, relax, have fun, enjoy the challenge, enjoy the trains, meet new friends.

    we have enough stress from adult life of work, paying bills, etc... do we need this extreme stress from a hobby?

    the issue with the FAKE players/ accounts ( YES, they are FAKE, not the other fancy name you created for them) combined with your negative talk full of `not possible` , `impossible` , `we cant` is enough to test the most patient person who plays this game.

    it is not you being bombarded by fake accounts trying to disrupt and ruin the game.

    this is why you can easily be so negative, move on, and we are still left with the unsolved issue.

    bad, bad idea, business wise.

    So, so many applications and websites do require an authentication code given by a cellphone message (requiring registration of one valid phone number) to activate an account. It is perfectly legal.

    Why this thought is impossible to you, is beyond my understanding.

    This is not a metaphor, it's a fact and it's relevant for this discussion. What is needed to actually exclude disruptive players from a game reliably is to link accounts to actual persons. And this is not possible, except in Korea where this is actually done.

    why is not possible?

    brilliant idea!!

    Fake accounts to disrupt a city / association

    - they are created ONLY to invest in the required products and supplies.

    We are in era 5, day 10.

    City level 31

    Required goods

    - chemistry


    - red shirt

    - stainless steel

    All more than 20 fake accounts ( all level 1, no stars, no trains, not even the career train)

    invest ONLY in our city, in

    - chemistry + oil ( required product and supply)

    - hamburgers + sausages (required good and suppply)

    - red shirt + red cloth and shoes (required good and supply)

    - stainless steel + supplies

    Each time we real players invest and gain majority again, new fake accounts are created. Most common amount invested is 7,000,000 for each fake account.

    Each time one factory grows / levels up, new fake accounts appear ( about 3 or 4 per factory, some times more) and each one invests about 7,000,000.

    If you were a player playing in our city, you would spot this immediately by just looking at the factories.

    For us even easier because we get the notification we have lost the factories.

    Actually it took me more time / longer to write this post than it took me to realize someone has A LOT of time and a lot of dirty playing and instead of winning the server in a clean / fair way, the only thing they thought they could attempt is disrupt our game.

    We are top 1 association by the way, by a large difference to the top 2.

    IF all of us could immediately see what is happening, so could a willing and competent staff member by just logging in and spending 5 minutes around Dory, if this staff member existed.

    To your 1st question: Send a list of names you suspect of breaking the rules to the support of your domain.

    And to your 2nd question: If support does not answer or is not available, you can contact admin@railnation.DOMAIN, or any Community Manager here on forum to help guide you forward.

    GI_Joe (teammate who started this topic) sent a list of the accounts to support more than one day ago. No reply.

    Actually, he has already sent the list FIVE times, because each time the factories grow/level up, new account are created.

    And no acknowlegement from support.

    I thought you were a staff / community manager of this game, Samisu.

    So you are saying our only option is to contact a support who does not offer support?

    It is not `someone is not getting an answer` ... this is a completely unacceptable way to handle an issue which is affecting 25 players.

    `Support can check if there is anything there` ....

    Anyone reading this can please log in the Japanese server, set home city in Dory (Northwest of the map, level 31 city) and see more than 20 new accounts created this weekend, level 1, no stars, no trains, massively investing ONLY in required goods factories, and also in factories of goods that supply the required goods factories.

    GI_Joe is my teammate

    These multiple / fake accounts are being created with the sole purpose to disrupt the game.

    Many teammates have contacted support at JP01 (japanese server) in more than 24 hours, but we are being ignored by the support staff who will not even reply and acknowledge our reports.

    How can we solve this?

    How to report efficiently all these fake accounts?

    How to report an absence of support?

    i know it seems i am always the minority here with my thoughts, but if you wish to make a better product for your clientele, i would kindly advise starting by not ignoring questions and or requests for advice/help from them...

    i asked a favor/help/advise regarding a medal error (errors forum) in a server several days ago and now wonder if i will get any response...

    tenho dificuldade de me comunicar com o forum para pedir orientação, o forun antigo era ótimo, voces vivem mechedo e cada ves fica pior.

    eumbrem-se "time que esta ganhando não sê mexe" sei das boas intenções de voces quererem agradar ao usuário, mas cada um tem uma opinião diferente, portanto seria melhor voces deixar como estava.

    ete é o jogo da minha vida, acompanho voces desde a implantação.

    Detalhes= veja só, eu escrevi uma coisa e postaram diferente. ta uma porcaria

    see? This example.

    I have no idea what he is saying.

    Anyone can understand him?

    If the forum had a buildin translator we would instanstaneously understand what he says.

    I think if he knew English he would have written in English since the original post is in English.

    Now only people who can understand his language can immediately reply.

    Others, if interested will copy and paste to Google translate, but who has time and willingness?

    Let us unite/include everyone.

    A built in translator would be very useful.

    Some interesting discussions at the german forum, but people who dont speak German cannot participate.

    Make the forum united, not separated by language.

    Enough segregation already in real world.

    If people could automatically understand what everyone else is saying, there would be much more participation.

    I know many players who dont know english, german or russian (the most active forums) so they dont bother to even participate in the forum because their part of the forum (designated to their language) is dead.

    The forum should unite players, so breaking language barrier is my opinion to achieve this.

    Completely agree.

    I miss the old association window, this new one is very hard to see and manage.

    There should be a mode to keep the game in the old mode, which was much better.

    here I get this in all servers. It makes me refresh the game, then it runs normally.

    my husband also gets this message in all servers he plays, but only if he is inactive for about one hour.

    it must be an error certainly, because the computer is always connected to the internet.

    I am shocked by

    - unpaid work.

    - same as naike above, i agree that staff should not be a player like us, but again, if the company doesnt pay them for their work, of course they cant prohibit them from doing what they want and i have seen clear favoritism by these `awesome` (that is laughable) support staff who are in the server, always ignoring who they do not favorite, and immediately attending whatever wish by certain players, no matter how absurd it is.

    sniffa, you are aware that in most companies this is a paid job like any other, yes?

    The laboratory research change will be applied not to all servers?

    Only a special server?

    If yes, then I shut up, as suggested by the person above.

    (edit to add * having worked with customer service and communication for years, I would advise not insinuating to a paying customer that they should just shut up and not express their opinion)

    I will happily not join this server.

    Most of us will have a smart phone and at work there will be always a lunchbreak or so to log in and empty your bank.

    When the bank limits are streched this will create a lesser activity for a lot of people.

    I do have a smart phone (iphone ) and a Ipad ... but Rail Nation application is the only application that refuses to function in my phone and in my Ipad.

    I work all day and until next month, for 2 weeks I am having to work during the night too.

    The day this game has a functioning mobile application, I will accept the above argument.

    the server JP01 was running, all players affected and I did not receive any presents....

    but it is not the first time ^^;

    I have started servers by entering through the email they sent saying if I enter using the email i will receive a present ... and I never received.

    taught me to not trust and believe present promises from Rail Nation/Travian games!! ^^;

    Are you guys kidding? Travian Games videos are the only ones that work first time. The others all need to have a 10 second wait before a 10 second countdown before you can even hit the reload button to have another 30 second video load up and play. After being forced to do this multiple times every day to play a game I pay gold for I wish all my vids were Travian games vids I can tell you! They are boring as heck but at least they work and you can grind past them!

    And anyway - Everyone knows they don't care so it's a mute point anyway. And it is not just us playing customers they don't care about - I just wonder if all or any of these 'commercial clients' that pay Travian to even play their ads even realise that they are being ripped off by buying/paying Travian Games for a broken product that doesn't work properly. If I see a product on my travels that advertise on RN I make it a point NOT to buy said product just out of spite. Well... except for MacDonalds but hey ho...

    No I am not kidding.

    I prefer a broken video than in 10 seconds I can reload than a 30 plus second travian game video.

    please read above the whole process i must do every time i watch a video (now 100% of them are all travian games videos )

    I am editing to say*

    I completely agree with you when you say you are paying gold to play.

    I am also paying customer since I believe I buy quite a bit of gold.

    So here is an idea.

    In many websites, (especially the shared/streaming movies that you can find all movies made in mankind, unlike Netflix that only has these original Netflix extremely boring movies lately) the premium user ( known as paying customers) can watch without being tortured with a horrible quantity of commercials, perverted sex ads, pop ups, etc.

    So, Travian games, since we are paying you to play, why we must be tortured with these videos and the whole annoying process it takes to watch them??