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    I've just had the same experience on my server.

    A carrier one "new player" took a name similar to "new pseudo", with an assoc name clearly indicating his anger at the support. And invested a slight 45M in one of our industries, in era 4. No trains, no nothing.

    Awesome. I guess I might start doing the same thing to my opponents on the SoE server, since apparently there is no other option.

    Do not bother contacting support because they do not do anything about it.

    The situation at the Japanese server was never solved, none of us got any update from game staff, another round started, and now we have player sending obscene private messages, reported to support staff several days ago, never got a reply...

    The situation obviously got out of hand, they are unable to deal with disruptive players, fake or real and their solution??? They are closing the Japanese server.

    There will be no more Japanese server after this last round finishes.

    Very, very frustrating!!

    How long have you played Rail Nation?

    - 1 year and a half

    Favorite goods to transport?

    - cars

    Favorite Rail Nation scenario?

    - USA Express

    Strangest / Coolest place I’ve ever played Rail Nation?

    - Does not apply to me. The game application does not work in my iphone and does not work in my iPad either, so I can only play in my computer in my house.

    Favorite Rail Nation era?

    - Era 6

    Favorite endgame snack or treat?

    - I am a heavy smoker and I smoke even more during endgame lol and the cigarettes go with lots of coffee ^^

    Any other railway themed hobbies?

    - No

    Pick local goods from your home country, that you would like to see in Rail Nation?

    - Pokemon \(^^)/

    Favorite railway-related movie?

    The Commuter (with Liam Neeson)

    Favorite railway-related song?

    Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train

    I was going to say I can easily earn 25 million keeping my transports, or even 30 or more (if I transport a more expensive good) in 6 hours or less...

    I take as an example the top 1 asso I co own with my husband.

    The three money titles are always earned by our teammates.

    I am not even close to be the richest person in the asso.

    I have bad luck this round and do not have all bonus trains, only a few.

    8 of us can easily give 30 million each one for Roosevelt ... or more.

    Thats why we have roosevelt almost every day, Voltaire has been with us for almost 5 days in a row and the third worker is either Amudsen or the fast train guy.

    A few members giving big money can win the workers.

    No gold involved in winning them.

    I am lost without gold.

    This you are correct.

    The gold is available and not prohibited.

    But you are incorrect linking the gold to winning workers.

    I use gold to buy starter package, plus account, era package at each new era, and pay the passanger waiting time with gold, for all cities I am connected.

    Why you hate the gold so much???

    i think this is very much ON topic, not off topic.

    Rail Nation talks about risks to us players, so we have the right to talk about risks to them Travian games/ Bright Future company.

    Why risks only to us???

    Are they afraid of taking risks?

    Paid games have HUGE audiences of customers and nearly zero stress about fake accounts. If someone cheats/ hacks/ crashes the game, the issue is much more quickly and easily resolved. Do not ask me which game, do your own research.

    Would you take this risk, Travian games?

    Start charging an admission fee to most servers. We play, we pay.

    Leave one international server with free entrance.

    Then you can compare data.

    They wish me to take risks, I wish them to take risks too, so we are even.

    not acceptable?? hahahahahaha

    1st. having gold is part of the game. Not acceptable is doing things against the rules or cheating. Everything else is acceptable.

    2nd. you cannot win a worker with gold. do you really know this game? To try to win the worker your asso needs to give money to him. Workers everyone wants such as Lincon, Voltaire, Amudsen, Boulton etc.... cost more money. The asso which more teammates are active and give big money to the worker, win the worker. If they fire him next minute, it is not your business! Next time, have your asso also giving big money and maybe you will win.

    3rd. If by gold you are referring to unlock the worker space, this is the price weaker assos pay. If your asso has a lot of teammates, this is not necessary because all three spaces are available since the beginning. If this is so bad for you, try entering a stronger asso instead of complains and jealousy because they always have the good workers.

    you will kill everyones game with this talk.

    so for example, many teammates have cities they have ready to connect, so we hire the city connection worker, but we will fire him after everyone connected all the cities they had ready. Would not take more than 1 hour.

    According to you, we will have to waste one worker space for 24 hours??

    You want a worker, you give better money for him than your competitors.

    If the association wants the worker for 1 minute, 10 minutes, one hour, or because they give big money, they can keep renewing the same worker for 5 days, is none of your concern.

    Want the worker? Give big money to him, this is all there is to it.

    no this server wasn't equal chances for everybody. To play this server you had to buy gold worth of 32 euro's to enter.

    Not everybody can spend that amount of money or want to spend that kind of money

    well, contrary to you, i enjoy paying for my hobbies, and 32 euro is not expensive.

    actually, i think everyone should have to pay to enter any server.

    maybe there could be more expensive servers and more cheap servers, but everything should have a price.

    i guarantee that charging an admission ticket to enter any server would really REALLY decrease the fake player accounts.

    maybe leave only one server that charges nothing to enter, for the stingy, cheap players who do not mind the fake/multiple accounts.

    Then I'm very sorry I misunderstood you. I thought you meant what you wrote (the "not accepting problems" and dismissing concerns" are direct quotes, you wrote exactly that).

    I have a small update about the topic:

    - I talked with Legal and the problem with providing specific information about punishments is not the GDPR, but the German constitution/fundamental rights, which protect the punished player. It's complicated and it's a case by case decision. I will try to dig deeper in this topic.

    - As already mentioned, the performance of the JP CS team is not satisfying in this case. We (the Game Centre/Devs) will intervene.

    I dont know about my teammates, but I will try to give one more chance then, if you promise to intervene.

    Taking the chance also, since this is a global game (yes, there are regional/country servers, but anyone with a valid account and system requirements can join any server,)

    it is absolutely necessary that employees, especially those directly dealing with customers MUST be fluent in English at a native level, not copy and paste a gibberish answer made in Google translate.

    Anyone who has had contact with the individual taking care of the Japanese server (yes, it is always this one individual who replies to tickets\enquiries with the same copy/paste gibberish English reply, clearly made in Google translate. Please note that the Japanese language translates VERY badly to other languages using a translate software.) knows for a fact that his English is a little below beginner level.

    Unacceptable for a global enterprise.

    Edit to add : this is also the reason that GI Joe and my other teammates are so angry at this guy from the Japanese server support.

    He will only send this same gibberish style short reply, obviously copy and paste from Google translate and never give further or better assistance.

    I know they are telling the truth because I contacted in English and got the same exact gibberish as reply and never any word again, about the fake players.

    And I will tell you why;./


    that is EXACTLY what i said, Salix.

    GI Joe. Klabbauter, everyone here knows and understands exactly what I said, except you.

    I am starting to really lose patience and considering quitting a game which I once loved, but its staff really spoils the fun, as much as the fake players.

    For many international players that are not English native speakers, it is much easier understand a written message in English than someone speaking English.

    Here in Japan we use LINE, very popular application here for real time messages, or you can answer later when you have time. Some people will also use Facebook, but not so popular like LINE.

    If we must/need talk to someone, we just call them... I never heard of applications like this here, it is mostly messages, so I dont really know any of the applications you said, sorry


    thank you very much again Klabbauter.

    maybe Salix finally understands.

    But what is a discord?

    Why we need to have a specific time?

    We are discussing here, yes? Each one of us interested in this talk\subject is coming here at our convinient time to read messages and send our reply.

    We are so many countries, different times, we work, have busy adult life.

    So we come here when we can and we are discussing, are we not? Even that Salix says no to everything.

    the babysitter must be able to give money to the worker.

    this is most important!!

    if i am busy and trust a friend/ teammate to be my babysitter of my account, i trust he will make my game contribute for the association!! And this is being able to give money to the worker!!!!!

    I wholeheartedly agree with you above.

    Thank you very much for your great message.

    We are real people, real adults who take time of our schedule not only to use Travian game, but patiently come to this forum to discuss about finding solutions about the FAKE players/accounts who are ruining not only the Japanese server, but as mentioned by other CUSTOMERS (yes, Travian, we are your regular customers), also ruin many other servers.... and we meet a manager who not only totally dismiss our concerns, but treats our ideas and thoughts in a very demeaning way, as if we were some bothersome brats.

    Are we bothering you very much, community manager? Instead of accepting that there IS a big issue which demands IMMEDIATE action, we get a `ah they are not fake, they are ...(fancy word he created)` ... `ah, this is impossible` , `you are wrong` .. `what you say is not true..` ... `we cant do that` etc etc etc

    A big NO in our faces, to everything we say.

    Regular old customers just stop using your product because they lose patience with so, so, so many things that are wrong, including the fake players/ accounts, and because they lose patience with attitudes/behaviours like YOURS, Salix.

    You say arrogantly `this is the end of rail nation and this is NOT the interest of regular customers`. as if you take us for granted, that we will continue as customers here.

    Do you have any idea about your interests?

    No matter how much a player loves a game... if the game brings more stress and negative feelings than entertainment, I garantee you, the number of regular customers you have now will not last for long.

    The end of Rail Nation is attitudes like yours.