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    Mister Seroslav above

    I completely agree with you.

    Now at Japanese server we have big problem on our city because a man who created an entire association with himself and 15 fake accounts he created/controls only for purpose to harrass other players, break majorities and be a troll.

    He even has two smaller associations he add fake accounts from them to the main association of him once donation quota is finished.

    Any real human player who plays at this town has noticed this fake accounts and the childish behaviour of the man.

    We reported the problem to Japanese server staff but they seem not willing to investigate the situation, never give us an update or seem to do their job to protect game rules.

    Very sad.

    I love this game very much, spend good amount of money on this game, but wished as paying customer that game staff does his job professionally and seriously

    I understand.

    There fore, the rule of the game `multiple accounts are not allowed` is a rule that will never become enforced.

    The solution is simple in my opinion!

    As airplane flight have ghost passangers to check staff service, brand stores also hire mystery shoppers, each server should have a ghost player, which is a member of this company staff. This player does not interfere with customers playing, but he plays and has access to all server cities and activities. When a problem is reported, it is the job of this person to spend time at the reported city, or player or association.

    Thank you very much for your kind response mister Hear Me Roar m(_ _)m

    I understand your words.

    For example, in my home, my husband and I enjoy very much play together Rail Nation.

    I am sure other marriages enjoy playing together.

    Or brothers.

    Even family relatives.

    But what several players of the Japanese server have noticed is the pattern of these accounts.

    Why never two or more accounts are online at the same time?

    Only one online account each time.

    THey are logged in in a certain order every day, several times a day.

    In intervals of 4 or 5 minutes, all 23 fake accounts from this man become logged in and logged out.

    They take factory majority all in the same certain order.

    It take some time observing the pattern of these accounts to understand.

    Real humans playing the game do not follow this particular order every day.

    They do not start transport of new products in intervals of 4-5 minutes from each account.

    One man controlling these accounts can do that.

    Not several players with different lifestyles, no matter if family, marriage or friends.

    Good afternoon

    I wish to know how to efficiently report a situation about multiple accounts.

    My husband has reported the problem to the Japanese server staff but nothing has been investigated and we have no be given an update.

    Should we try to contact headquarter of the game?

    The problem is not one player who has a fake account.

    It is a player who has created an association with 15 fake accounts that he logs in and out in the course of the day, and two other smaller associations too that he controls and he adds the fake accounts to the main association once the donation quota is filled.

    I think a problem like this should be treated more seriously and more efficiently investigated by the Japanese server staff.

    The man is obviously using VPN and/ or alternate OS to log in, one account at the time ( he is unable to be logged in two fake accounts at the same time) but a software company like this should be able to prevent players from doing such thing.

    Please kindly tell me how should we proceed.

    Thank you very much

    good evening

    the app for iPad does not work (~_~)
    i download, i open app, i try enter my email, when i click enter, it becomes all deleted. i try delete app, download again, same problem. i delete again, turn ipad off, turn ipad on, download again, same problem.
    the app for iphone/ ipad is broken.
    is there when it will become useable again?