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    Many of us do because we prefer the challenge of trying to build up a region from scratch. I find it incredibly boring knowing that I am going to win on day 1 and have left several cities because of it

    so there you go \(^^)/

    no need to have so many complaints about people who join winning regions/cities/ companies by many ways (mainly by invitation, contacts from other players)!!

    you find amusing going to deserted areas, some of us find amusing to go join friends and players we know in another winning.

    there you go, everyone is happy!


    pre registration means to be a good thing so we can enter with our group of 20 + people, not pay donation to headquarters a million times, start together with our teammates, but they want to make things difficult with this overcrowding talk ....

    so we bypass their pre registration and enter in the winning city / region anyways.

    the people who do not like the strong groups in the strong regions, they should go play in the deserted region themselves ... ^^; ... but I have a feeling they will not go! o^_^o

    Toots, there are ways to override this and the opposition people will not like ^^;

    But for example when my friends or friends of friends wants players to go join in the winning company /winning region and because of pre registration hassles it will not be allowed, do not pre register in weaker regions.

    Just do not pre register at all!

    Wait for the server to start and then choose wherever you want to go.

    Even after a few days of start which is not a problem for a good player.

    I have joined the Europe Scenario
    (russian server ) 2 times by invite of friends to go play at the winning region / city.

    Very overcrowded so I just waited some time after the server started and joined normally. The association quickly made space for me ( have to wait the three days, unfortunately, or just dismiss some unkown player to make space for you) and I played normally.


    Can we buy gold in this server same as any other server ( and receive the train as present?)

    After the server is finished, can we transfer the remaining gold to another server?

    For example, I plan on entering Origin scenario by a Russian server.

    I will transfer gold from another Russian server which I am a vegetable now.

    When this gold ends, I must buy more ( i am a player who is unable to play wihout buying gold).

    Can I do this at Origin scenario?

    how you play this?

    you have to say what you have done? ^^;

    here is mine

    - changed real life plans because of Rail Nation

    - been part of the winning association

    - stayed up 24 hours to play the end game

    - play Rail Nation with family member

    - played all three scenarios

    - researched all parts and engines in one round

    - won a bonus engine in the lottery

    - reported bug to support

    - reached First Class

    I cannot see the screen same as you Samisu

    But I went to Moderated Contests topic with the black folder, entered it and now shows as all read!!

    Thank you!!


    I will do this always when the landmark posts accumulate!! ^^;

    Good evening

    I come here to check new posts and read replies to posts I have interest, but I have so many unread posts, I go see what it is and it is all `landmark 1` `landmark 2` `landmark ....`

    I am not interested in this landmark tournament.

    There is a way to have all the `landmark` posts marked as read? And keep doing it for future landmark tournament posts? I just saw there will be 20 more of them (.>_<.)

    Or do I have to manually click on each one to mark it as read?

    Okay :)

    Tracks do not need maintenance, that is not part of the game. Once you have built the track, your engines can use those until the end of the round.

    The game does track maintenance!! (O_O)/

    It happens sometimes, last many hours ( more than 7 hours) and when it happens, trains going there can run only 60 km Samisu

    The bank at the express versions of the game have a double limit. This is one more reason I prefer express scenarios.

    Also laboratory level 25 = 80 points (slow version = 40 points)

    I always play with the plus account in my most succesful servers and I am like you above.

    I go to sleep, I spend money on expanding buildings, factory investments, but like today, I slept too much. I wake up, bank is all full I dont know how many hours (.>_<.)

    Let us hope the staff agrees to gives us more limit for the bank!