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    it was not an error ^^;

    i made a mistake and entered as new account, ten it told me this email is already registered, so i returned to original login window to login as existent account, then i entered my email, password but cannot press the login button.

    after the latest update, the login window does not come in anymore, frozen in the photograph of the red train.


    Any known issue of the app just freezing in the photograph of the red train and never loading into the login window?

    and in the login window, after entering email and password, not being able to press the login button because it is disabled? Not pressable?

    Mollymauk good evening (^_^)/

    i just saw this after we chatted in real time at the server.... and yes, we still have issues!

    but i am more relieved to know that you guys are working on it!!

    thank you!!

    Also my cellphone application continues to not work.

    before it wouldnt let me press login.

    now the login window wont appear, it just freezes on the photograph of the red train and it doesnt do anything.... will i ever be able to play rail nation when i am not home?? ^^;

    i think that all end games should be on weekends.

    the vast majority of people who play Rail Nation are working adults, not a child that can be home.

    i have also given excuses at my work to stay home to play end game, especially at servers where i play (and own) top 1 companies.

    but then my salary gets cut when i do not work and i must earn money, same as you above.

    i am certain many many players will be very happy to have all end games in a Saturday and Sunday.

    yes, before they started automatically.

    now we have to click for them to start and the majority are very, very long.

    it must be the same system as Youtube, where they get paid for every advertisement we watch. So it should be an advertisement that we can click to close it in few seconds.

    Now a very long video.



    I am back from work


    First I must say I am VERY thankful for the attempts to repair the issues with JP01. Thank you very much for providing great support!

    (this is different from being thankful for finding a solution/totally repairing the problem. I am thankful because you two took time to listen to me and help me. Very very much appreciated!! )

    Yes, by all means turn the screen tour again on and I am thankful you will try to do it.

    no problem ^^;

    i am happy to do anything to help solve the mistery ^^;

    i will leave for work in 10 minutes, not return until 7 hours later, and since i cannot play in the cellphone applicatioin because it doesnt work for me (maybe because my account is broken?? (O_O) ?? ) i will not be logging in into any server in this time.

    you can enter my account again Mollymauk ^^;

    i just want to play 20 minutes more then i go to work for 7 hours and it is all yours, please use me if you can try to fix the problem!! \(^^)/

    no city names

    (see my system notificatioins and you can see that the factories only say north, or west or south, but no city name.

    now in era one, no problem but when i am connected to 10-20 cities, not knowing which city they talk about is HUGE problem!

    Also no play names

    (check player names from my account. One deputy and one newbie from my account, they are no names now)

    you can enter my account again Mollymauk ^^;

    i just want to play 20 minutes more then i go to work for 7 hours and it is all yours, please use me if you can try to fix the problem!! \(^^)/

    Samisu no no no no no please do not make me talk to the JP01 CM ..... for reasons I prefer not to say in public.

    you will do just fine.

    Mollymauk too!!

    because i take photographs with my phone, by not letting me send you an email, you make me send the photographs from my phone to my computer, then i have to save them one by one in my computer, then upload one by one at this photo sharing service, then post here ....

    I'm playing on my iPhone as well and I don't have any problems whatsoever. We do have an iPhone 6 here for testing purposes, so I'll try to recreate your issue and then hit you up again. Sorry for the inconveniences, but I really can't say how to fix this from here right now.

    thank you very much for your kindness and reply Mollymauk

    i went to sleep, left it loading in the red train photograph, woke up 6 hours later and it was still in the red train photograph.

    for an addicted player like me who wants to play when i have nothing to do at work (often) this is VERY frustrating. there is no computers at my work.

    only at my home.

    so i am there missing the game, i have even invented xcuses not to go to work because of worker, end game etc etc but then my salary gets cut.

    iphone 6 plus here.

    latest IOS

    ipad Air 2

    latest IOS

    any other application working normally.

    phone capacity about half full only. (yes, i have deleted many applications to see if rail nation application would work, but no )

    please make the application work in any of my devices that i can take to work with me. and no, i cannot take my laptop, my boss will kill me/fire me )))))


    addicted to rail nation Yuki