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    That just make him rich, better to make him poor so he cannot service his engines

    The mayor should be able to block the station where they deliver, that would happen IRL...

    This could be done by the mayor or city council having some parameters they could adjust for receiving both goods and passengers. So saboteurs can drag everything they want, there is just no recipient and no money

    Missing menu/action buttons...!

    COM203 Tower Bridge (Express)
    M1.201 Scandinavia

    I login and get to Nothing else but the map, can see engines and can click on trainspotters, but can't move around on the map, can't do any actions since there is no buttons to click, can't contakt support.

    Do among 3-5 and the butons get back, I can then do three actions then the game freez.

    It's particular annoying when sitting, corse when I reload the game I'm getting back to own account, somtimes with my action buttons but other times without. Then again 3-5 reload to get my own action buttons, to finaly try sitting again. The hole process can sometimes be done 3-5 times before I finaly succed to sit.

    I have tryed to sent this image to support, but the system reject duo to something about size limitations (4MB limit) ... ??? it's only 615 kB

    Then I try to describe about my missing buttons, and return if I can describe it... ???

    This has been going on (by my observance) since Saturday. I realy getting demotivated by this, and start thinking to find some better game, which actually work...

    History Logbook

    We need an overall logbook where we can see previous investments, as well as delivered goods and passengers in both city and landmark. We also need a history logbook for our headquarter.:!:

    No I have not and I can't imagin that two of al videos makes conflict with my browser when all the rest do not.

    Now I,m not a PC nerd, but I think it should not be up players to swap browsers due to new video advertisings. I think RN should make some criteria for the advertisers so they have to convert their file format into a format that does not create these annoying issues as in my case sometimes lose my desire to play the game.

    In my opinion, a game should be entertainment, not troubleshooting work

    Viggo Møller
    M1.201 Scandinavia

    Price of the sausage €25
    Price of the hamburger
    Price of the flour €10
    Price of the cooking pot €15
    Price of the bread €5
    Package offer of the last row €55
    Package offer of the last column €55

    I got vidoe issues too!

    There is two advertising which jinx my game,

    The HP advertising with the black haired woman who swipe the screen, are in conflict either with the game graphic or even blackned my screen, only white graphic like letters and numbers show up and the hole screen is some kind of bilnking to me (well I love to be blicked ad, but not by machines). I can click to get my reward if I know where it is. My only posibilty to get back to normal view is to re-log the game.

    Some time i get a red banner with some text, in the middel of my screen and that's even worse, corse when it does so, the game graphic has changed to large buildings showing all icons in large scale and it looks like crap. I ask me to enanble hardware acceleration, but when i open for the settings it's allready enabled. The re-log doesn't help there, I have to close my browser for several minuts and then strat over from the log in on RN main menu.

    I'm sorry, I can't mark the advertise to get any video ID, corse it doesn't show.

    There is a game advertiment with the same issues descriptions as the second part i descibet. But I can't remember the Game Providers name


    Harbour on SoE Servers
    The system on the harbour doesn't work. It's a time killer to figure out which goods to import and from where. Why not have a system that compares inventories and which may suggest imports of a given item. I know we have an Import assistant, but it makes no sense as it shows your own reserves, which you can see through the shadows beyond. If we can not get an assistant who makes suggestions himself, we need to compare inventories in the import assistant, or at least one button that can send you to the current port. 8|

    you can put 2 small clocks on the screen, 1 shows the server time as suggested by viggo and 1 shows the local time.
    So nobody need to calculate and appointmets can easy be made with the server time

    Then combined version that brontomartin expresses, would be pure luxury

    "DSnepke ™" expresses what I thought first, thanks "DSnepke ™" :thumbsup:

    Scandinavia is just a name for the server :)

    Doesn't affect gameplay in any way. Although in the case of M1 starting servers (3 in total) there's an option to use 4 Nordic languages and English. This leads to the M1 servers to have more players from Nordic countries.

    It' doesn't affact the game play, but scandinavians can set their natainal languages as an option, if they don't want the UK.

    The confusion happens when I write "12:40 landmark bonuns on London", 12:40 is my time zone, but if I play with people all over the world, their time will say something different. If we got a server watch, it would be the counting watch and offline people could do their own math according to their timezone.

    The dialogue in the messaging system would be easier if we could relate of the same clock.

    Hi @Viggo Møller,

    I'm not completely sure what you meant by this? Might well be a great idea though and I thank you for starting this topic!

    How would you like to see the server time shown or 'escape time zones' exactly?

    A server watch independed of regional time zones, so when I in the message system say 12:40 I do not need to tell time zones, since the server now got a server watch


    I wonder! 8|

    How can it be that a game which is aimed at international level, where everything is based on time intervals does not have the server clock. It would be delicious if we could escape time zones, which a server clock would do for us.