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    The strongest alliances for the five cities in the region (One city one alliance) should have a friendship option to help each other.

    I ask the game admin to enable it.

    For now, I have been allowed one alliance to be my friend and one rival.

    If I want friendship with another alliance I lose friendship with the first one.

    If I want to help two alliances within my region, or if they want to help me, I cannot allow them to have a 25% reduced waiting time in same time.

    My suggestion is to allow each alliance to has an option for five friends (both sides) from each city one alliance so that five alliances in one region can have a team game in the region's competition.

    This is very important for the end of the game when multiple alliances are participating in the mega city.

    Best regards

    Thank you for your answers.

    The next problem is how to get to the game organizer?

    When purchasing any product in the game, it is necessary to enable players from Bosnia and Herzegovina to pay by telephone and also to players from Serbia.

    We also want to spend our money like other players, but we don't have that chance.

    Dear Administrators,

    I play Big Ben - Europe.

    I noticed that some players with engine hous level 7 have 10 trains.

    7 trains of regular and career train total of 8 trains.

    They bought Red Kite and have a total of 9 trains.

    However, they have a Primus train that doesn't exist either to buy or to explore through technology.

    At the start they have a great advantage with ten trains.

    Can you educate me how to get Primus??