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    they guy won 10-2-0 because he had a multiaccount.. any rematch will not affect him as he will be banned later the suicider is also not caring as it is an extra player level 1 that is only used fordestroying endgames,

    the 3rd player. me would not mind if a real game became a rematch because certain factors like zero points... one couler killing etc would cause that rematch

    how many times have you played a game not collecting points at all and only hitting one couler of player ;-)

    are you one of those guys since you dont like the rematch idea ^^

    i know there is no way.. but one could be made....

    lets say one player fails to collect even 5 points because all it does is suiced another so 3rd player can win easy or something like that... killing only one couler player could also become a rematch... many ways to avoid cheating...

    his will make the multi accounts very hard to play as they need to collect points and kill them selfes instead of direct to my base

    i was top 10 first 6 days until i hit this guy twice in a row and his multi account suicide... rematches could be one way along with perhaps other good ideas like more players in a star instead of a triangle could also make the case not such a big thing...

    He will be removed from the rankings for that, don't worry ;)

    They removed a few last year, including the one that was first before they checked.

    And yeah I understood who you were talking about, I've had the same rank 1000 to rank 3000 guys that target you non-stop, except for sometimes doing a 1-track detour to get an easy good and get more points than you.

    it still hurts alot of players if they wait to long to take action

    If a player decides to kill the other guy close to taking the lead... im ok with that.. big part of tactic

    my proble is when i face another rank 100 + player and the 3rd player is rank 10.000

    thios rank 10.000 player does not collect point at any time.. only direct suicide ( level one carrier player)

    when you then hit this rank 100 player again in another que.. he keeps leaving and comes abackk.. suddnly with this same level 1 suicde player..

    the problem is that one player is allowed to have multiple accounts as long as he does not add them to the same game world.... but he can que himsefl in clash and secure easy points for his main profile !!!!

    Fix it fast pls

    It is still an issue that multi accounters can que themselfes for suicide low level player against the opponent..

    pls run the IP scan soon its not really fun when you get a couple of these in a row :(

    perhaps make the game map a star next time instead of triangle so more players are in each race and will avoid this type of exploit and kill joy

    So the adverticing for masters is very nice and i think we are many that look forward to it

    but so the announcement have been agust 28th for 1 all players and 31th for 2 stars

    now the new announcement say it starts 24th august... but what server will that be for 2 stared players or for all, or why does the dates not match up alot of discussion cause noone really is sure about what day to stay tuned for start up ?

    SO last week alot of my reschedules have failed.. meaning i press a full new schedule using the plus function.. but for some reason one or two engines do not respond and stay where they are

    even worse have it been because when i park up for a competition, and use the competitions schedule function while parked.. these 1 or 2 engines return to the shcdule i parked from instead of running hte competition as i have clicked

    i asked support they call it visual bug.. but the competition call it 2 engines down in haul strengt

    i cleared browser, and all that

    could it be possible that my engine list have a bug.. and should i contact support one more time ?

    anyone having this issue.. its only for one world i have this.. support claims it is still visual even if my tonnage say otherwise

    please advice as i kinda bought gold for the plus function reschedules and they are simply not working ?

    why does the new video demand clcik on external links.. alot of links needed to clikcked in this new video.. are you running a spam attack on us ? or do you just want to make plus function less attractive ?

    I startyed late o Steam over europa as i heard a little something about who was ahead..

    my personal best friend was on the rank 8th region for that round he spend full round to gather PP and build his LM and his city... he made about 150 K and was rank 400 something

    i did NOTHING.. i say NOTHING and was rank 504 with 109 K from region win bonus

    so to say late starters get nthing is not true

    landmark however does have a very unbalanced output of Prestige if you have to many level 1 adds not hauling and going inactive thus lowering the prestige of a very very high tonnaged landmark thet willer never hit level 9 for unlock and that missing unlock might be the missing Prestige

    new patch will make them have to get 70 Prestige but one dayli and it still will be messy in most regions where random adds will increase the LM by so much tonnage after the first dayli calc give them this 70 PP

    so i just tried the USA map.. and why the heck is there not the same kind of "snatching" cities btween regions on Europa map.. it would be great for "broken" regions to have this option as many simply delete and move when one region is ahead... this could do wonders to the EU map that i played most of my time... but USA map have some options that should be merged to EU :) :)

    so i just had a very negative experiance regarding the Landmark prestige output system

    as my city was piled up by this spanish team the cost of the level 3 landmark was 170.000 tonnes of each

    as they all deleted pretty much next day as they saw we was behind ( rank 8 region )

    we was 3 guys that had to haul this amount... this ended up paying off 216 prestige for my rank 1st each RG

    so whats the problem

    my neighbor city of 9 active players vs the 3.. had to haul 43.000 tonnes at level 3 and got same Prestige then they did aprox 70.000 tonnes level 4 and got alot more while we where stuck on a long level..

    if only this looong level gave prestige according to you added amount tonnage it would not be such a negative experiance to get a broken landmark by random adds

    i understand completely the city system of higher and lower prestige according to member count.. but the PP in the land mark tonnage is much unbalnaced by random adds leaving fast