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    Scenario: If you bid for a licence, then win a competition for that same licence, then win the auction.

    Bug: It will display you win the auction and money will be charged, but you will be stuck with 48h licence from the competition and get nothing from the auction.

    This is unshared info. Everything we have has been observed by players. Ranking has no impact on the required amount of goods to level up. Ranking doesn't affect anything except starting time in end game actually.

    Integration has nothing to do with anyone but yourself. If you integrate, you get more money and less waiting time. You can hover the waiting time "clock" to see how much it's reduced. You can hover the $/t to see the extra money.

    However, integrating is beneficial for everyone around you as it fills the stock which reduces waiting time. It also makes your route take longer, decreasing the occupancy rate, reducing waiting time.

    The people with seemingly unlimited gold will just open a ton of tickets and get their vouchers that way. But I agree that instant dispatch is lame. In real life you can boost your vehicle's speed and service, but you can never instantly load.

    It can be replaced by increased acceleration, in my opinion.

    To me, cheating is when you use a script, exploit bugs or in some way cripple your opponents with ddos or similar. If I knew that queueing at the same time with friends for a chance to end up in the same game was cheating, I obviously wouldn't have done that. In every game I ever played, I wanted to play it with my friends. I even invited my younger siblings to specifically play this minigame. They like to watch me play rail nation but it's too complex for them. Clash was fun though.

    And then while in the game together tactics isn't cheating, because both still follow the instructions and rules of the game. I get it, it's unfair for the third player. Is it cheating? It could be, but please, be specific in the rules then. I didn't know.

    To be disqualified for this, without even a specific rule about it, is very unfair. Honestly this is up to the coders to prevent these things if they are forbidden. It's easy to write a method only allowing you to face an opponent once.

    My siblings weren't banned, how come? Are there other reasons people were banned?

    How can you cheat at Clash? You might have a faster connection than someone else (mine always seemed a bit slow) but other than that I really don't see how you can cheat at a game where you simply click on the next good you want to go to.

    Queueing up at the same time as family seems to have me thrown out at least

    Why did I get 100 points for clash and wrote that I entered the 10,000 players ??? When I was in 8th place before the opportunity to play was cut off 2 hours before the usual end.

    I got 100 too, even though my name is entirely missing from the rankings. I guess you got disqualified too. Now it's been 5 days and no response on my ticket.

    How do you mean "Cargo - Home city (Only!!!)"? You can still haul between all industries but no other city than your starter? You can only join associations with players from your own city?

    I like the idea but I like to join a team with the same ambition level as me. Could be fun if you get a nice team, though!