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    the headquarter donations should be reduced in price, it is very expensive to build your asso from scratch.

    The pre-registration is ok, this was a wish of the majority of the players.

    It's not expensive. It's quite real. But you have to think about how and what to drive and what to spend money on at the start of the game. Or are you incapable of even that little brainstorming effort?)

    most players want to be free of even the slightest effort. But these players do not understand the long-term consequences of these simplifications.

    I know where you are coming from, and you do make a point. Instead of removing much appreciated features though, let's think what could be added next to those features or how to fine-tune something already existing in the game so new players would not feel overwhelmed by the experienced ones. Although I have no idea how many players actually feel overwhelmed - could depend on how friendly the players are in the starting city and how ready someone is to help with the basics.

    there is a reason ... a certain decision and there are consequences of that decision.

    If the consequences are negative, you can multiply the error by trying to think of something that will mitigate the consequences.

    or we could take away the reason.

    If you remove the reason, there will be a lot of disgruntled. And it's scary because the game is dying out and the developers don't want to lose even a part of the players. And you know it very well.

    So continue to (edited by cm) the game with thoughtless novelties, indulging players who do not understand why their wishes have been fulfilled, but the game has become duller).

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    do not keep blank spaces in associations)

    Or take it temporarily. And when a more suitable candidate appears, drop him from the association. He's not in the way in our association now. Even sometimes he throws workers at them)

    a lot of noise out of nothing.)

    I've already suggested to Sephirus one solution that came to mind: newly joined players should not benefit from the workers the association has PRIOR to his acceptance. Instead they would benefit only from the workers the association hired AFTER they joined it.

    those who do so have a very high level of communication through alternative messengers, so those who are helped to get the first place are informed in advance that the auction has appeared, for example, Roosevelt and he enters the association by participating in the auction ;)

    Endgame idea: Limit for every block (EG goods), if a block is not finished within 8 hours the block will be closed and the next one will start

    This idea can be already found on our list of future changes we might start working on as soon as the right moment comes. This could fit a separate scenario better than adding it to all scenarios (geared towards more experienced and competitive players)

    anybody consider the consequences of this idea?)

    If players have not delivered 12 products in 8 hours .They are not competitive and do not need to inspire them with this idea ... and with such "improvements" will never.

    But for the really competitive there is a good opportunity to abuse. for example, one association can expel a city to the metropolises, bring in a bundle of everything that is imported easily or make deliveries on all 12 resources and go to other metropolitan areas to make deliveries. or you can distribute trains to all metropolitan areas .it will be even more effective).

    and if you give prestige for not imported goods - the most profitable game with such changes is to combine and make delivery in all metropolitan areas + actively slow down those who really play endgame. and if there is a restriction - it is an unfair advantage to those who are worse prepared for endgame. harmful change )

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    And who prevents you from doing the same? Or creating a really active association that will take the right workers in your group? ... which rules are broken by players - creating new associations or entering others?).

    This player has invented how to beat you without breaking the rules of the game and did not go to complain to the forum, think and you. This is competition .

    very few people can determine how, in the long term, there will be consequences of the things they like now.

    People always want something. But often what they want and what they really need are completely different things.

    Я не говорю, что все начинают игру, как я. Я просто хочу прояснить, что в игре есть много вещей, которые не влияют на новичков, как могли бы ожидать опытные игроки, поскольку у новичков часто совершенно иное мышление и разные цели.
    Это также может быть причиной того, что, вопреки предположениям Самии, «коэффициент выживаемости вновь прибывших» (т. Е. Удержания) фактически не уменьшился, когда была введена предварительная регистрация или механизм карьерного роста. К счастью, мы отслеживаем такого рода данные и можем проверить влияние этих функций.

    Do you determine my experience by rating and prestige?).

    I was engaged in selection of players in all associations of our team. if i was preparing a team from the first epoch - we won against stronger teams. purely my 8 wins and 1 loss when the opponents were twice as many. the wins themselves were more than 20 . Two winning Battle of the Titans.

    The Masters copied from our Battles. But without the big teams' rivalry, these things work badly.

    We have the first registered final record in the Battle of the Titans .

    what prestige or rating will give you such information?)

    statistical data do not give a complete picture.

    hasn't decreased the survival rate ? ask the question which players are surviving now. it is more accurate.

    quality and quantity are different concepts.

    Before the game turned into a sandbox (introduction of career. pre-registration and facilitation of the rise of city levels), assets remained to play the asset. Offlineers were leaving from the game . now the opposite effect. the asset goes away. who remains?)

    That's why there are problems with endgame )

    and how there are no fewer newcomers if

    In 2017, when a team of 4 associations landed in three cities, we recruited a full association of newcomers from these cities.

    Today we don't will find newcomers and half of the association behind 5 epochs

    The game was a strategy in the past. Now it's linear.

    or an interesting strategy based on competition. or a dried-up sandbox trying to please everyone.

    It's impossible to unify these goals. They're mutually exclusive.)

    language barrier prevents.I'll try to explain.

    the problem is complex but so far we are only discussing preliminary registration

    in theory is better. In practice, it's different.

    and I am a practitioner. 5 years managing a team with 3 to 10 associations and writing solely from the point of view and experience practice.

    here's an example.

    You're a novice. You land in a city in the first era. And you find a big 25-person association landed in the same place and the novice is already occupied.

    The closest association that has seats is three five cities away from where you landed.

    because now almost all the top 10 associations play two or three cities

    four more rookies landed with you with the same problems.

    No one will give you a control package on the resource, even if you merge because you are too few.

    You can't take control of the resource.

    You can ask in the city forum you will be told that from level 5 of the city will appear passengers and you can drive them. or you can move.

    You can't move quickly because you need money to move. Money collects slowly because you have no control packages or friendship or bonus collection from your station.

    You'll also learn about your career and understand that you need 1-5-2 years...

    register on 8-10 servers for a career, to get a chance to compete with players with 25+ careers.

    otherwise you only have a chance if you start using a credit card.

    You're staying to play?)

    That leaves only those who are lucky enough to get into a good association or those who enter the game every three days. The rest quit.

    Under the system of temporary associations, the survival rate of newcomers was much higher.

    No newcomers, no new associations. New leaders, new challenges.

    Sounds more like a glitch or graphical bug. A bit weird not to upgrade the career engine, but I guess that can be an option as well.

    Once a player reaches level 2, lobby will open and so will the career engine and everything else. So to my knowledge it is not possible to stay on level 1, you will move to level 2 automatically as you progress in the game.

    I laughed until I cried. Don't you know exactly how your game works? It's not a mistake. The player has a level 1 career. He has the right to take the rookie slot. It's not weird not to upgrade a career engine. Developers have turned the game into a sandbox, having simplified to obscenity and a lot of players do not open a career, trying to at least a little bit to complicate the game to be at least some interest.

    And I do not understand why you are so surprised by the player with three stars and the 1st level of career? In my association, the newcomer was a player with a career of 18).

    for instance Screenshot by Lightshot

    And it's not a bagoyuz.

    This is your cute pre-registration.

    The newcomer is pre-registered and a seat is automatically assigned to him. If the association does not change the server - this place will be behind him while the association will pre-register and it does not matter what level he will have in time. at least 32. place will be behind him.

    worse innovations for the game than pre-registration was difficult to come up with.

    and the presence of players with three stars and a career not level 1 in the slot novice less of all the problems that caused pre-registration.

    pre-registration + reduced warehouses for the ap cities to please associations with half of the bad and simply can not play and is the main source of the current problems with the finals . the best way to churn out of the game was difficult to come up with.

    If before we had to create 4 associations first. Then we had to make two of them and eventually one of them, because few people could raise the number of association members to 25 at once.

    And newcomers to our cities had an opportunity to get into one of the temporary associations, which had control packages or friendship from the main association.

    Of these temporary associations, as the core association grew larger, a new association of newcomers often grew. And now there are 25 of us at the start. All the control packages are ours. Cities get scary (raise the level) easily by one association, why do we need newcomers or other associations?

    What will such newcomers do when they get into the game, with initially unequal conditions and without the slightest chance against a team of 25 people? .

    The newcomer will be replaced by only one and then if he is lucky. And the rest will leave.

    I haven't written about Career Locomotives yet. I've got 31 career levels, what chance does a rookie have against me?)

    And now the developers have also "improved" the final, we think to play one association against 5. If we win, it will be very funny. For us).

    Does the team of the game not know exactly how their creative "improvements" work?).

    I'm sorry about the mistakes. I'm writing through an interpreter.

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    He pressed to build a rail factory on level 14, which costs 3.8 million. At that time, a game failure occurred and he was thrown out of the game. When he restarted the game, he found that the amount of money for the construction of the railroad plant was written off, but the construction itself was not started.

    and now he's got no money... no rail).

    so he's outraged.

    The problem of communication was discussed at the Russian-language forum back in August last year. There were interesting ideas, but nothing has changed.

    There is a European scenario with the possibility of election of mayors and presidents, so the implementation is possible.

    so why not give all servers the possibility to choose a coordinator or mayor.

    that choice shouldn't be mandatory for everyone. it's better if you want to.

    The coordinator has the right to choose 3-7 people to help. and has the right to create a separate topic in the forum of the city where he can write.

    just him and the selected assistants. All the other residents just read.

    If the players are not satisfied with the selected coordinator, they can vote for another candidate.

    Is that super hard to implement?)

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    Klabbauter is playing on german servers, which are quite populated. So him not reaching the second star since he is not interested does not surprise me (driving for the team during EG but lacking the bonus trains means you get close to 0 PP whereas someone with a bit more freedom can get 200'000 PP quite easily with the right setup)

    I play on Russian servers. But German servers were played too. German servers at the start of the game and now - very different. Thank you for this "improved" game. )

    I don't doubt Klabbuter's ability to get a second star if he survives what I wrote in the wrong subject))).

    It was the game of the city that was meant to be played. One association or several. On active, crowded servers.

    A few associations even easier to earn the right prestige, without prejudice to the city and the team, if the city has no policy of eternal ap and "race" and a step to the right or left of the resource association is not punishable by execution).

    the concept of "team" is definitely different.

    basic prestige isn't earned in an endgame.

    about the video

    Ideas of video rewards that do not exist yet :

    - instant track construction voucher (as was said by HMR and seconded a few times already).

    - free competition inscription voucher (so that you don't have to pay the 10 golds to participate to a comp during the night).

    - whole corp reward : you get a piece of something (puzzle, wonder, train, whatever) that is linked to the corp headquarters. Once all the parts are collected by corp members (10/ 100 / whatever the number), the wonder is finished, and the chairman can redeem it for an equal gain to all corp members (money, PP, RP, lottery tickets, time boost, anything). >> Meaning that even people that don't watch videos get a reward.

    interesting proposals

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    Storming my brain muscle ... and reading about you not interested in PP ... same here. Ingame I am a team player, if I can do something for the city, fraction or association, I will do that and forget about PP. As a result, even after 111 rounds, I still have no second star, but proudly look at my one star, the biggest and nicest of them all.

    and how many rounds out of 111 have you played in full?)

    If at least 8-10 out of 111, the way your team and yours play raises questions.

    because it's easy to get to the top 100.

    It's enough to come in a couple of times a day, to understand the mechanics of the game and to rebuild the station in time, you don't need a lot of gold for that too, a package Plus is enough, and the most important thing is an active and responsible team.

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    your quote from another forum thread

    and how many rounds out of 111 have you played in full?)

    If at least 8-10 out of 111, the way your team and yours play raises questions.

    because it's easy to get to the top 100.

    It's enough to come in a couple of times a day, to understand the mechanics of the game and to rebuild the station in time, you don't need a lot of gold for that too, a package Plus is enough, and the most important thing is an active and responsible team.

    For example, by playing with a good Russian team if you are not afraid of the language barrier and communication through an interpreter.

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    Seven are not waiting for one.

    Folk wisdom, which means that it is desirable to make game updates at a time convenient for more players.

    Now the finale is completely disgraceful. Firstly, the city’s warehouse is very bloated, due to the fact that the entire server connected it, but in fact the players who carry the goods do not exceed 200 people. The second level of the population strongly influenced and the level of absorption of goods by the city, it is 80%. Consequently, it was not possible to bring goods into the city at all. The game is losing interest for me as a player. Therefore, I will not play it. Your servers are empty every day, more and more. This means that after such a final, players will not go to the rest. What do you intend to do?

    so they have already taken. ) the goal of developers is to make the final competitive, what else can wean to gather a crowd from around the server in one city?)

    That is, if you want to help win a familiar team or just hurt someone, it will be enough to land 1-2 associations to your opponents in the city or region and enter the game every three days?

    Such a disembarkation can still seriously hurt, you propose to improve the effect?).