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    If the two building idea is used, I don't think the name "computer center" works very well. I don't know the year, but I do know that the first computers came way after the first trains. I am guessing at least 100 years later. Perhaps the community can brainstorm on building names, if that route is taken.

    Everyone on this list has at least two titles, most of them have more. The grandpa is also a dad and father in law. (That's one person, occupying three family titles.) The grandma is also a mom and a mother in law. (Now we're up to two people from this list.) The other dad is a child and a son to the grandpa. (Three people, so far.) His wife is the other mom and a daughter in law to the grandparents. (Four people.) Moving on to the next generation, we have a male who is a grandchild, child, son and brother to his two siblings. (Five people.) His two siblings are grandchildren, children, daughters and sisters. (That's seven people.)
    So, the list of people waiting to get on the train amounts to seven people. However, Lucy is pictured as being on the train, alone in the car, waiting for her family. So, when she shouts "Rain or shine, all aboard!", she is already on the train, thus not on the list we are given. She is still part of the family, and will obviously be travelling with them. So, Lucy plus everyone on the list gives us a total of eight people.
    My final answer: 8
    Clyde_Milano, US01 Crankshaft.

    I like the career engine, and I am also liking the passenger trains. I'm new here, and I don't know if this has been talked about, but, I'd love to have a career passenger train in addition to the career train we have now.

    Step one: Gather resources and take stock. Assign one person to measure high tide. Divide all of the items on the list into the following categories; food, combustibles, floatables, cord, working tools and other. Strip the two trees of bananas, coconuts, leaves, bark, sticks and twigs. Well, at least get as much of it as they can. Scour the island for sticks, twigs, drift wood, rocks, and even leaves and blades of grass. Plan A assumes the island is at least the size of a sports field, and has some of the things I just sent people to look for. (Anything involving such materials will be in parenthasis, and considered helpful to my plan, but not vital.) Plan B assumes the island is maybe ten feet across, and has only the two trees mentioned and a whole lot of sand. The person measuring high tide will also be double checking to make sure everything designated floatable will, in fact, float. Note, some types of hardwood do not float.

    Plan A. At high tide, they dig three trenches in the sand, from high tide up to the vegetation or edge of the beach. These trenches form three giant letters as big as they can get them, spelling "SOS". These letters are placed facing civilization. As dusk approaches, they fill the trenches with combustibles, including banana peels, unripe bananas, bark, chips (save the bag), clothing scraps that anyone is willing to give up (especially if the mechanics clothes are heavily stained with grease) and any wood from the list of floatables that will not float. (This would also include the leaves, grass, and twigs, if they found any. Also, if they start with a weekend of food, they could use packaging from the food and even a little of the food.) As night falls, the four people take turns staying awake, watching for planes, boats and ships. If the camera has a zoom in lense, it can function is a crude telescope. At the right moment, someone will set fire to all three trench letters, using the strong alcohol from the flask and the lighter. Note; the alcohol from the beer is too diluted to burn, and will hinder the fire starting process. Beer does have enough alcohol to increase thirst, so it is dumped out. Save the bottles and caps. If need be, I'll promise to buy each of them a beer when they get home.

    Plan B. This is a dangerous one, so I would only do this if I knew I could keep everyone safely away from the fire. If there was enough room on the island, but not enough room for the SOS idea from plan A, then I would have them set fire to the trees to act as a flare.

    Plan A or B, part two. In a survival situation, you are supposed to stay with the crashed vehicle, or where rescuers can find you. But, this is a contest to get off the island. So, here is the next part of the plan. Gather up the floatables. These include the inflatable flamingo, beach ball, the empty flask and bottles (sealed tightly), bath duck, pointer stick, croquet set, wooden paddle, empty bucket sealed with duct tape, the empty bag from the chips after it has been inflated and sealed with duct tape, rackets and birdie, picnic set, and all of the coconuts. Yes, coconuts float, and without something like an axe, you will not be openning them and eating them, anyway. Remember, we tested everything to see if it would float. (This plan also includes any sticks and drift wood they found, if there was any. They could even use any packaging from the weekend of food, again, if there was any.) Using the "cord", that is, the ball of string, remaining duct tape and even the chain from the pendant, all the floatables are tied and taped together to make a floatation device. Use all of the tape. If a person can't swim, they can with a floatation device. If a person can swim almost half way, they can go the whole distance with a floatation device. (Then again, maybe we found enough wood to make a raft?) Early on the last day, leave everything behind, wearing minimal clothing, everyone grabs the floaty (or some/all get in it) and swim back to civilization.

    Other notes. Having tested everything before building the floatation device or even the signal fire, they know right away what floats and what does not. If the rackets are metal and not wood, then they will be used as working tools and not built into the floaty. The wrench is obviously used as a working tool. It would be crude, but one could use it and the rackets to dig the trench letters and knock coconuts and bananas out of the trees. If the pendant is shiny, it could be used to signal SOS during the day by reflecting sunlight. The whistle will probably only help as a signal if rescuers are in range to hear it. Team members shouldn't split up, if the island is big, but if a group of two got into trouble, they could use it to signal the other two. If it gets cold at night, the towel could be used as a blanket. The blanket and paper could be used as combustibles, or as filling for a duct tape pillow, in turn used as part of the floaty. Again, test it before building it into the floaty. The wrench (and any rocks) could be put near the fire, and removed when heated. The idea is to keep the hot wrench (and/or rocks) next to you when you sleep to keep you warm at night. This should only be done of the island gets as cold as it does in the desert at night. The chips will only make people thirsty, so they will be burned and not eaten. The water from the bucket will only be used for drinking if we know it's safe to do so. It could also be used to keep a fire from getting out of hand. Either way, the remaining water will be dumped out when it is time to make the floaty.

    Hopefully, my ideas will save these people, and not get anyone killed. It would mean a lot to me to know if I have truly helped desperate people in need. Of course, it never hurts to get goodies for a game, either.
    US01 Crankshaft

    Ok, it sounds like I can choose which city to support. What is PP? At the moment, I am not in an association. How is an association different that a corporation? Next time I'm in game, I'll try to find a caller and a city. At least I am connected to three megacities.

    I started playing this game less than a week ago. When I chose my first city, I was offered 100 gold to play in US103 Broadway (Express). I feel like I was paid 100 gold to make a big mistake. Based on my limited knowledge, I thought New York, my home city, would not make it to endgame. So, I made another mistake. Thinking that the round would be over, and I would be playing a new game/round soon, I exhausted my resources in order to gobble up some quick career points. To my surprise, I am now in endgame, even though New York did not qualify (or so it seems). As I understand it, I'm supposed to be listening to a caller who tells us what goods to haul to our city. But, what city? New York was not in the top ten. Is that still my city? I am also connected to two other cities in the top ten. Am I supposed to support one of them? How do I know who is my caller? Any help here would be great. I feel like I am lost and a hinderance to my team.

    Hi all. I'm a brand new player. I've been studying the engines on the wiki. Stats like tractive force and speed seem to be solid constants. Acceleration seems to be somewhat relative, though. Still, is there at least a general idea of when acceleration becomes more important than speed or WPS (or vice versa)? If someone could answer this in terms of numbers, that would be great. I hope I'm not asking a question similar to "who is the best football player", or a very old question.