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    Yeah, its a common complaint.

    What I don’t like is the huge disparity in PP given between one top rank and the next within an association. There are times when someone will haul 30k tons for 2k pp and the next person is within a few hundred of 30k and only gets 1.5k pp. That isnt fair and doesnt promote teammork, it promotes competition within the team.

    Too restrictive in my opinion.

    I can see your point, but it should allow for more movement and many players can’t get out of a bad town in Era 1, especially if they are new to the game. I would say Era 4 as a cutoff for connection, and Era 5 as a cutoff to start hauling XX tons of RG to any EG city in order to be able to play in that city’s EG.

    However this could have the side effect of changing the role of spoilers in EG. While Im sure most of us hate the prestige hunters who deliver a bit of everything, regardless of calls, it is a part of the caller’s job to account for those delays. I think limiting who can benefit from hauling would be a much bigger change than you may be expecting.

    Hello, I found the goods.
    US103 Broadway (express)

    sporting goods
    household goods
    and all 5 winter items:
    snowman head
    hot cocoa/ hot tea
    sled/ toboggan

    Is there a point where leveling the LM becomes irrelevant?
    Halfway through era 4 most cities are around level 10. A few are way ahead with LM trailing them by several levels.
    It looks like the LM grants the city the ability to level to: (LM level * 5). I have never been to an endgame, but it doesn't seem like any of the cities could possibly grow past the point where a LM level 9 could get them.

    Is there a purpose to hauling goods to the LM rather than making a greater effort to level the city farther? Is it just the $$ from going to the LM? Is it that you need to haul to the LM to level the Industries to prepare for EG?

    I'm sure this has already been discussed somewhere here, but I can't find it.

    What determines when an industry grows?

    It seems to be triggered by the occupancy rate...and accelerated by investing? Or is it some combination of both?

    Can I choose to spend many millions and force a low level industry to grow?

    Ok, that's kind of what I thought.
    I won the era 2 bonus train for passengers and (of course) always have that running. I also typically have 1 other passenger train running. The rest are changed up every few hours based on a mix of $$ and whatever is needed at the LM or City (or if there is a contest which has a good prize).

    Hi. I'm new and have a few questions that I haven't seen answered.

    Does anyone know how long a track length is?
    I like to do my own math on things and figure out the best engine for my needs. But to do that I need to know how long it is from point A to point B.

    Also, do engines slow down at all other than when delivering and picking up goods? As in, when I pass through a city to deliver to a LM, am I losing speed? I tried watching "train details" and it doesn't seem to be the case that I lose speed, but I was hoping for confirmation. Also is drop-off instant? Does it take a second? What about pickup at a 0-wait industry? Is that literally my train comes to a dead stop from 100+ kph and then starts back up again?

    Secondary question:
    is there a point to delivery RG to a city if it can't be levelled yet? What I mean is that after level 5 it seems (in my limited experience) the slowest thing to leveling a city is getting the passengers to the required level. So before that is close to the required level, should I be transporting goods to the town? I understand I can get PP each day, but if I'm not worried about that, it doesn't seem to make sense to bring RG in. Is there something bad that happens if a RG reaches 0?

    (sorry for the double post)

    When you hold a title for more than one day youscore extra prestige.

    Do you need to get the exact same title?
    For example: I got 3rd place on the money grubber one and then I got 1st place the next day. Do I get a bonus on the prestige awarded for 3rd place? 1st place? Or neither because I didn't get the exact same ranking?

    If teh City goes too faerw ahead of teh LM it will make teh LM more difficult to fill.

    Sorry, I'[m a newb and have actually been looking for the answer to this (and many other) question.
    In what way is the LM more difficult to fill if falls behind the city?

    On the Spanish server I was randomly stuck in for my first round, one of my neighboring cities is at 8 -- pretty close to 9 -- but their LM just made it to 5. How does this disparity effect leveling the LM?