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    Setting such a low prestige threshold for an "active" player is downright worrisome. It's easy to get the first bit of prestige, regardless of when you start the round. Also, it's been proven in city competition after city competition and in Endgame after Endgame, the number of players actively hauling (or who would be if they were awake and online) is NOT necessarily the same as the number of connected players who have logged in within the past 72 hours.

    I like a combination of suggestion by Hear Me Roar and Rhoswen, with an added tweak of my own.

    What is "active" for Endgame purposes?

    An "active" player should be one who has logged into the server within the past 24 hours (12h for x2) leading up to Endgame. Once EG starts, I'd reduce it to 12 hours (6h for x2) for future figures, but maybe that's just me.

    Who should be factored in a Megacity's numbers?

    Residents (home city) with at least 10,000 prestige (suggested by Hear Me Roar). It's not hard to get that much prestige if you've played a few eras, and if you haven't played a few eras then you won't be helpful enough to be considered in the requirements. The home city requirement prevents counting players who connected on their way to somewhere else, for pax runs, etc. It also prevents players connecting in during EG to purposefully drive up the numbers; new connections wouldn't be counted since they can't change home city.

    What about prestige from hauling to a Megacity other than your home?

    If NO prestige was offered (per Rhoswen's idea), you'd discourage sabotage even further. It'd still happen some, I'm sure, but it would undoubtedly be lessened. Keep the 5k bonus for being connected to the winning city. If all hauls to Megacities must generate prestige, then maybe decrease hauls to a Megacity that isn't your home city (give 1/2 or 1/4 value) -- that would allow those who weren't connected to a Megacity pre-EG to earn some of the prestige, also, while still discouraging active sabotage.

    Final thoughts...

    As it stands now, this change not only hurts cities with easy-to-reach locations that tend to attract more traffic, it also makes sabotage even easier than it already was. This isn't something that makes the game better, or more enjoyable, regardless of how it might affect the time it takes to complete the Endgame or seemingly "balance" it all for cities that don't have a larger group working together. This feels like a step in the wrong direction, but it's one that could still be framed into something that works better for us all.

    I'm just adding my hand to those raised in favor of an English-only repeat. The x4 experience has been great -- I'd gone into it thinking it would be way too fast, but it's worked far better than I'd expected. I definitely will not bother to play on a server that isn't English-only, but undoubtedly would go back for more if Rapid Rail runs a second time.

    Part of what I enjoy the most is that the days for era change and city competitions vary, by virtue of having 4 days per era, which is a very interesting dynamic.

    I also really like that there are regular competitions happening so often, because it gives me more of a chance to take part in those.

    What I didn't expect, and should've, is that x2 would feel so insanely slow after playing x4. ^^

    A 5 / B 6 / C 0 / D 1 / E 3 / F 2

    A + C = 5 + 0 = 5

    B - D = 6 - 1 = 5

    B + C = 6 + 0 = 6

    E x F = 3 x 2 = 6

    B - E = 6 - 3 = 3

    A + D = 5 + 1 = 6

    I play on COM-05 Cylinder Head.

    Price of the sausage? 25€
    Price of the hamburger?
    Price of the flour? 10€
    Price of the cooking pot? 15€
    Price of the bread? 5€
    Package offer of the last row? 55€
    Package offer of the last column? 55€

    COM-5 Cylinder Head

    An express round runs about 7 weeks (little less, unless you actually have a week-long endgame, which I haven't seen on the server where I play), so that's 7 x 150 = 1,050 gold spent on a plus account for the round. I also like using the starter package in era 1 and the era packages for the others, so that's another 125 gold in era 1 and 5 x 250 = 1,250 across the other eras. So without buying lottery tickets or using gold for anything else, that's already 2,425 gold that I'd ideally spend during a given round.

    Say what you like about the entry fee, but putting 2,000 gold toward playing a special event server where I'm going to have access to 20,000 over the course of the round... that sounds like fun, and won't cost as much as a "normal" round for me! I'd call that a win, and I'm definitely interested.

    Lori Keet
    COM-203 Tower Bridge

    Mr. Mechanic uses the pendant's chain to cut down both palm trees and lay them on the ground, leaving about 4 feet between them, then works to make them about the same length. Professor and Lucy collect all of the coconuts and bananas, setting them aside with their supplies. William collects all of the palm fronds and puts them in a pile near the supplies.

    Lucy strips the palm fronds and weaves the strands into braided ropes. She removes the heads from the croquet mallets, then weaves the ropes together to create a flexible mat that uses two of the shafts to give structure at the edges. This mat is about 4 feet square (the shafts are about 3 feet long, and 6 inches is left on either side of that support) and has frond ropes coming off each corner where she's left them longer than the mat.

    Mr. Mechanic breaks the pointer stick and uses the pieces as nails to attach the frond mat to the coconut logs (he "hammers" them in with the end of his wrench). He covers these "nails" with duct tape to help prevent them from coming loose. He also wraps duct tape around the corners of the frond mat, to help keep the weave together there.

    William wraps duct tape around the badminton rackets to create make-shift paddles, in case they are needed for extra paddle power or to help steer. Then, he connects the towel to the other two shafts (croquet mallets) using duct tape.

    Professor blows up the beach ball and makes sure there's plenty of air in the flamingo. These are placed between the sides of the frond mat and the coconut logs, then connected to each using the string. These can be used later for additional floatation or in case Professor or Mr. Mechanic have need of them (since they cannot swim if they fall off the mat).

    When ready to leave, they push the raft into the shallows, where William and Professor hold it steady while the others make final preparations. Lucy puts the bananas in the middle of the frond mat, and Mr. Mechanic ties yellow coconuts to the logs using string (then makes sure he's got his wrench so the coconuts can be cracked later!). Lucy brings the towel contraption that William made, and Mr. Mechanic grabs the paddle and the taped-over rackets.

    Just before pushing the raft out toward deeper water, they take a group selfie on the camera.

    How they don't die of starvation, dehydration, or sun exposure:
    Two people hold the mallet shafts to stretch the towel across as a sun-shade (being careful to not catch the wind else one or more of them might go overboard). The coconuts are a source of water (which happens to be very rich in electrolytes) and food, and they also have bananas. They've also avoided the beer, alcohol, and potato chips because all of those lead to faster dehydration. They may be hungry by the end, but they should survive.