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    sacroima I'm going to give it a shot. I'll post the results here if/when I ever finish them. You're right, it is a bit time consuming. The big idea is to take a screenshot of a city's RGs immediately before and after consumption so that the only factor affecting the consumption rates is the base consumption. Then you can calculate the ratios based on the known values.

    An interesting discovery so far: all of the ratios seem to be EXTREMELY close to xx.xx% (i.e. only two decimal places). This suggests that RN might be rounding the consumption rates to two decimal places, which was not mentioned in the blog. It might just be a coincidence, but I will know for sure after I finish collecting the data.

    I play mostly on US servers and I am happy with the communication system there.

    Well, "happy" is not the right word since I agree with many of the points above about how chat could be improved. Particularly the suggestion that players should be able to create private groups (e.g. someone might want to create a group for all the corp leaders in a city). But I don't expect the chat system to be awesome - yes, communication is a big part of the game, but a rudimentary system satisfies most of my needs. In the rare cases that I want a more efficient system (e.g. communication between corp leaders), I can use other (free) apps such as Discord or Skype that are specifically made for communication. Travian's job is to make Rail Nation as fun as possible, and I believe that the utility of an improved chat system is limited.

    Travian engineers, please do not waste your time improving the chat system. No offense but however much you try, I will always like Skype or Discord better. Instead, what I would appreciate more is PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS. When I reassign schedule for my train the lag time varies wildly, which makes it difficult to do competitions even with a Plus account. When I am collecting bonuses or switching between stations, sometimes the game freezes up or lags for 5-10 seconds (it's just a train station picture, not even any animations - why is it loading so slowly?). In short, I wish Travian to spend more time focusing on performance instead of chat system. That's just my two cents and anyone can feel free to agree or disagree.