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    Far too complicated at the moment and need to have languages sorted- can never easily find anything or too much trouble to translate comments... so don't use very much.. "why should I want to go to forum" - well... RN posts should be International English with click to get other languages... PLAYER questions /comments/input should be in own language and RN should offer click to translate into Internation English. keep it simple!! 8 differences.. still don't know where to enter the details.. so I'll do it here..

    actually there are 13 differences.. some you may have 'grouped'?

    1. x 2 white/yellow headlamps
    2. x 3 eyes on the buttons on the side of the tender
    3. x 2 pumkins.. one with mouth different - one with face details
    4. x1 orange panel on tender has changed to blue in one area.
    5. x1 stack eating a person skirt and legs
    6. x1 Halloween and Alloween.
    7. x 1 Face in trees in background
    8. x1 Bigger red bar in top right hand edge of picture
    9. x1 Drivers Hand