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    Supplying a factory with a wait time problem only increases the problem: your supplies lower the WT for the people hauling wrongly, hence they will actually haul more tons, thus increase the occupancy rate and thus drive up the WT. Also notice that any supply vanishes within minutes when a good is called.

    The things one could do with a career like this (except just doing the upgrades), is putting it the offline (if any and possible), haul some $$ in another city or just park it.

    I have proposed it earlier in another thread: instead of having 15/30 days an account can be sat for, have 15/30 (or whatever number) days a sitter can sit for an account. Meaning when the 15/30 days run out, the player can simply set a new sitter who can sit for another period.

    However, I don't see the building as a mean to give an enormous advantage to a few players that were lucky to participate in the winter event with an active team.

    False, I did 36175 all on my own.


    Would you have felt better knowing all you did was actually for nothing ?

    Everything except 1 day has been for nothing (diamonds wise) anyways.


    You need to start seeing the bigger picture, isn't this little sacrifice (we gained a lot already, didn't we ?) worth having many more such fun events ?

    And there comes in the my first question, I look at the even bigger picture.

    Let me ask the same question for the 3rd time: In a couple of events players will have tons of diamonds too and thus gain a lead over new players, how is the situation then different from it was? Saying "the difference will be less" is not an answer as that simply implies you don't want the event building to give a bonus long time players, which is kindof the idea of the building, I suppose.

    Furthermore how should I interpreted the hotfix during the event: "You will get less gold but more diamonds"? Seems like less gold AND less diamonds after all.

    And from The winter event is coming!


    whatever you achieved in this event, you earned it.

    How doesn't that apply to diamonds?

    With our corp members we have been discussing about something like this too. What I have in mind is extending the transport ranking: currently the transports from the current day are visible (that is the tonnage per player since 00:00 GMT), it would be nice if also the tonnage from the this and last hour were visible (that is respectively the tonnage per player since last recalc, and the tonnage per player between the last two recalcs). If one wants to pull it to the max, one could also add the tonnage from this/last consumption in the city.

    Just to share how bad someone can be hit: 98.6% of my diamonds have evaporated (yes I had 36 175...), I wonder how you can EVER say that is "FAIR". Also think about it this way: in a couple of events players will have a significant lead over new players anyway, so we cut the diamonds another time?

    To stress it again, I find it ridiculous, outrages and whatever words you want to add to that...

    As a slightly off topic remark/question: why can't sitters collect station bonuses for corp members and watch videos? In the time one couldn't use gold and stuff, I would get it (one could see ingame time and gold as kindoff equivalent, obviously one can't beat a gold player with enough ingame time, without spending gold). But as sitters can spend gold now, why can't they spend the ingame time?

    Regarding the sitting limitation:

    One could think about instead of having a X number of days an account can be sat for, having a Y number of days a sitter can sit for an account. Meaning if the Y number runs out, the account owner can simply set a new sitter and the account can be ran by that sitter for Y days again (as one can have two sitters, one could get a break of 2Y days straight, before (s)he needs to set new sitters).

    It is useful currently due to some tutorial bug (I never had this bug myself, but hearing it from other ppl): when someone else collects your bonus before you get through the tutorial you get stuck on the "collect bonus" objective. In that case you can PM the guy who did it so for the next bonus you hav the chance of collecting.

    The idea to make fair playing conditions is great, but I find it a huge lie that you multiply your gold: you just get forced to spend 20k in one week, so in the end you have lost 2k. You simply pay 2k gold for a week of playing a special server. (I am not saying paying to join a server is good or not, just commenting on the way it is presented)

    Although I totally understand the adjustments being made, I feel like it being changing the rules while the game is being played.. Also not sure if they had the desired effect: I currently have about 100k gold, without even touching the 3k+ lottery tickets, and we still have a few hours...
    Furthermore I got to the point that even if I go through the boards 100%, I still earn more coins per hour than I possibly can spent, so I have practically infinite coins