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    100% on the spot.

    I understand that some players made huge winnings but the RN team was aware of that possibility. They even told us we can buy and sell diamonds to make more! They knew it and now they are running away from the aftermath.

    I loved the event because it gave me the satisfaction of being productive and rewarded for my effort. It also cost me a LOT of time. It seems that commitment is not a thing RN values.

    I don't think that your winning or mine are the point. The point is that, like stated, they are doing this after the event after some people protested. Who protested and why, I have no clue since I can't see a discussion anywhere and no one was invited to participate in it.

    It seems the Rail nation team has double standards.

    There is the Career engine that gives an advantage to players who have been playing the game for a time now. I'm perfectly fine with it because I think that effort and commitment to the game should be rewarded. But then again they cap the diamonds to 500 so everyone has a more balanced restart in the events.

    This is completely illogical. If someone spent his/her time and obtained more diamonds than the rest then this person should be able to keep this advantage. It is the same as the career engine (time spent playing the game determines your advantage), so why this cap?

    I posted below the announcement of their decision, but I guess they don't want people to see it since it was not published. No insults or hard words were in my post to deserve a censorship, only facts.

    FYI I had over 4000 diamonds in the event. I got hit badly :)

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