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    I´m pretty much ok with the sell fee and the resource cap. I believe without either of them there would be a room for breaking the system. But I do miss the trading part of the event, I had a lot of fun with that last year regardless the extensive rewards.

    In my opinion the whole problem is that the prices never change more than +/- 1 coin per piece. Also I´m curious how the price is calculated, because it remains practically the same on average. I would think resources would be more bought and less sold, since they are eventually spent, therefore price should gradually increase during the event.

    I would very much welcome, if the event would reward either cooperation with other players or a bit of smart thinking. Maybe cap the price change on +/- 3, which would mean max. 500 coins per hour profit. And make the price change depend on the number on players participating in the event. Something like 5% players trading = +/-1 coin.

    Example based on my server:

    - about 600 players in event (that have some diamonds)

    - 5% = 30 people = 3000 resources traded (of 1 kind)

    - if 15% players were trading every hour every day and with all resources, that means 8 days * 24 hours * (3 profit - 1 sell fee) * 500 resources/2 (buy first hour, sell the other) coins = 96000 coins = about 640 runs = about 2,5k diamonds

    - but it costs about 8,5k coins to get 100 pieces of every resource, therefore the actual maximum number would be a lot less

    This might be a bit too much straight forward, but it might be fun to see the whole server work together.

    Even that is not accurate, since it doesnt involve possible wait times. Example with 1 track:

    Olympus is best at 0:00 WT

    Hydra is best at 1:00 WT

    Ogre is best at 3:00 WT

    Situation changes at 2 tracks and again if you add some integration. There really isnt any easy option to declare which train is always best. It depends very much on situation and play-style.

    Also i need to point out that the total number of waggons might be a deciding factor. For example Olympus has 13 waggons per slot, while Ogre has 25. Thats a huge difference in expenses. I usually need about 400 waggons for endgame which is about 1 billion credits. Using Ogre i would need some 700 waggons, which would be about 1,8 billion credits.

    But wait time and integration make huge difference. You should at least include the test parameters, so that anyone reading this can decide, if its a reasonable scenario.

    To my knowledge the trains you are presenting as best very often arent, at least for me. Im sorry for harsh words, im sure this took considerable time to complete, but i wouldnt recommend anyone to use this.

    I think this isnt a priority, but nonetheless - CZ101 Golden Gate - Jacobs comercial aint working for me, cant tell you ID, since it does not appear.

    Also could we get "force reload" right away? What is the point of watching frozen first frame for 20 seconds just to reload travian add that takes another 20 seconds.

    You dont have to invest gold to have a chance to get bonus engine, you get lottery tickets for free from multiple sources. Since you need to have lottery lvl 2, which requires 1k prestige, you need to get the starter package before that. I thought its kinda self-explanatory and just wanted to point that out, since people were discussing the economy part of this.

    And career train isnt exactly from any era is it? And since almost everybody has one and it might differ greatly, I dont really see a point to discuss its influence towards getting starter package sooner or later.

    I think its important to also include the Red Kite, since as long as you wait with starter package, you also delay your chance to get a bonus engine, which hauls a lot more than anything from era 1 even without upgrades. And since Im using super starter package, where is a bunch of lottery tickets, I buy starter package as soon as my EH is lvl 6, regardless of lab or bank lvl.

    Or you maybe dont want to wait whole hour to calculate, so you just look at the trend from last recalc and use what hilti2 wrote:

    With given numbers I calculated the trend as 1,258 => 1,3 shown in game.

    (((1 - 1053740/2425000)*100)/1,3)/4 = 10,9 hours (difference 18 minutes)

    I believe, that mathematically there is infinite number of solutions. I suppose the values of goods are supposed to be a whole number, since I was unable to find a solution with natural numbers as values of goods in the interval of solutions <-1000; 1000>.

    If the solution is supposed to be a natural number, I found:

    75 (meat = 4; patries = -5; food = 4; flour = 5)

    459 (meat = -38; patries = -8; food = 38; flour = 19)

    843 (meat = -80; patries = -11; food = 72; flour = 33)

    If the solution is supposed to be a whole number, I also found:

    -309 (meat = 46; patries = -2; food = -30; flour = -9)

    -693 (meat = 88; patries = 1; food = -64; flour = -23)

    There are some wannabes:

    651 (meat = -59; patries = -9,5; food = 55; flour = 26)

    -501 ((meat = 67; patries = -0,5; food = -47; flour = -16)

    -885 (meat = 109; patries = 2,5; food = -81; flour = -30)

    And a lot more kinda pretty numbers:

    555; 747; 795; 939; -405; -789; -981

    Hope I didnt mistype. Anyway thx for some brainteaser.

    Standouch (CZ101 Golden Gate)

    I had pretty much the same idea as sacroima. It´s not even that new to the game, as you progressively change wait time in factories depending on the number of goods hauled within last hour.

    Now you would change the consumption during endgame according to the amount of delivered goods within last 15 minutes. It should be set so that there is an optimal range of delivered goods, in my opinion about 40 - 60 people.

    The point of this would be to create a balancing factor to motivate people to spread to more endgame cities. Because the sole winning factor now is gathering as many players as possible (I play on Czech servers).

    It would still be possible to play for whatever city you want, but at some point another player would in factnot contribute and at another point it would even be counterproductive, as the city would eat more, than the other player deliver.

    I can´t confirm my theory either, don´t keep any log of rewards and I don´t even think the number of my own tickets would make big enough sample. But it feels more natural that the game doesn´t really recalculates the % chance, but just gives money instead.

    Are you sure about this? It feels to me that if you already have the bonus and you roll it again, you get money as compensation, just like with bonus train reward in a competition.

    Oh please, what more would you want, the event was packed with rewards. Got something like 15k gold in the end. I felt a bit dirty for having 2,5k tickets, which led to countless other things. Played almost entire 6th era full mechanic, the entire endgame full boost, 700+ instant dispatch, all the bonus engines with full upgrades, all of engine skins, didn´t bother with clothing...

    I fully support this solution and I will welcome diamond cap in future events. Having a posibility for almost endless grind leads to huge advantages to a few players, creates too big gaps between top 0,1% and the rest and kills games. The fun part is the path to getting the reward, not having it. And best players will remain at being best, they don´t need another benefits.

    Hi, could someone please explain how the prestige regional bonus is calculated/gained on the USA scenario?

    I read in the in game description that players get 10% bonus for delivering to a city, that is under player´s faction control and that players get 100% bonus if a city is captured.

    So to give an example - I´m playing for the east, hauling for Columbus. I get 464 prestige for deliveries for Columbus and 346 prestige for deliveries to other cities (all in the east). That is 810 total.

    My faction captured a city, so therefore i would get 810 * (1 + 0,1 + 1) = 1701 regional bonus?

    So in other words - the more prestige I get for deliveries to my faction´s cities, the more prestige I get as a bonus? With the possibility to get 100 % for capturing a city.

    If a faction captures two cities, players get 200 % bonus?

    Is there some reward for being part of a city capture (for deliveries to a city, that is consequently captured)?

    Looks like I jinxed myself and here is a screenshot with my free lottery ticket (won in a competition) reward - one waggon voucher. On the top you can see, that its era 4, on the bottom there is a level 4 lottery building. The sad part is that I´m 90% sure I didn´t even get the voucher. I had some from videos - 16 of them, while should have had 17. The previous time I was only tiny suspicious I didn´t get the voucher, but now I´m almost sure of it. Therefore I think it´s a bug, where one doesn´t get the appropriate reward (4 vouchers) and doesn´t get the wrong reward (one voucher) as well.
    Could someone comfirm or acknowledge this please?

    Guys I just got 1 wagon voucher from lottery ticket, it´s era 4 (server CZ101 Golden Gate), lottery is at level 4. Now that I´m thinking about it I should have made a screenshot.. Maybe next time (hopefully not :) ).

    Hi there, just a couple of little suggestions about lottery prices, specifically waggon vouchers and prestige reward for redeeming coins.

    If I´m not mistaken, the lottery ticket gives 1 waggon voucher in all eras, which is kinda lame in all but first era. I suppose it should be changed to have at least the *era multiplier, so it would give at least as much as bonus videos.

    The prestige reward for coins is also pretty low. Money and RP scales, but prestige is, as I feel it, no way an option for anyone, even prestige oriented player. Since the prestige reward is the same as in first era competition, I´d suggest scaling accordingly.
    Thanks for reading and possibly considering these suggestions.