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    As you requested I did some calculations regarding this winter event.

    I have managed to gain 1344 winter coins from quests (144 as a bonus from winter market level). And another 2441 winter coins from other sources (winter market, watching comercials, trading resource packages, random coins).

    That´s a total of 3785 winter coins.

    I was able to complete 47 runs which resulted in 202 diamonds.

    This means on average it cost me:

    80,5 coins per run or

    18,7 coins per diamond

    The biggest package for 20 euro was 7 diamonds, 350 coins and 7 x each resource. Prices for resources varied, so I would place the value of 7 x resource at 567 - 623 coins.

    Therefore the total value of this package is about 56 - 59 diamonds.

    Now to compare this to the event results, here is top 10 players, while top 6 is the 1% to get the 1000 career points:

    1. - 273

    2. - 260

    3. - 241

    4. - 226

    5. - 224

    6. - 209

    7. - 208

    8. - 202 (myself)

    9. - 189

    10. - 175

    Most certainly I could have played a bit more and I cant claim for sure, that anyone bought the package. But had i bought the package, I would definitely end up in top 1%.

    I do hope you will strongly consider not placing more P2W factors in this game. Otherwise I only did a bit of a marketing for you for free.

    Heh sure, the classic "it wont matter that much" answer. Never heard that before. P2W always starts like this. Next year people get used to these bundels and you can sell more.

    So instead of thinking about some other way to make the winter event economy work, lets put a 10 euro price tag on it and call it recommended... Man I´m struggling to stay polite.

    You promised fixing bugs, improving performance and other diamond events similar to the winter one. You did not promise to make diamonds just another premium currency.

    I´m sorry for using "kinda" similar topic, but it felt like theres a lot of them about workers.

    Currently I´m playing in a city, where there is a close cooperation within two corporations. We decide everything together, use whatsup etc. Really good relationship, but since both corps are top 10 on server, we compete for workers and its quite sad sometimes.

    Therefore my idea is to share part of worker bonus with friendly corp, something like 50% bonus comes to mind. In order to not have people abuse this, you could share bonuses only with mutual friendships, so you cant have one corp supported by dozens of other corps.

    There could even be a feature of having negative bonus for mutual rivals, but that might be too far.

    There could also be some diminishing returns while stacking multiple workers above 3, so that its not that gamebreaking.

    I think this might put a bit more weight on corp relation feature.

    I think we should at least be told the percentages for all the stuff from daily bonuses. I dont know if thats some sort of rule or law, it might not imply with daily bonus being free. But still I and perhaps many more would appreciate honesty from developer.

    I can deal with being unlucky (e.g. lottery tickets in last 3 rounds), but I hate being scammed and lied to.

    So yesterday the endgame on my server finished. Here are some stats:

    1. Salt Lake City - lvl 43 - started 2. - 48 goods - 217 players - 60 to 80 actively hauling

    2. Washington - lvl 43 - started 4. - 47 goods - 175 players - 50 to 60 actively hauling

    3. El Paso - lvl 43 - started 1. - 45 goods - 135 players - 40 to 50 actively hauling

    4. Walla Walla - lvl 42 - started 7. - 38 goods - 160 players - 35 to 40 actively hauling

    Total time about 31 hours, no city played nonstop. The first spot changed several times, I played for El Paso and we had a lead at least two times (on the start obviously and once we opened 3rd set of goods). I must say the endgame was pretty nice and I would think the recent changes had a positive effect - otherwise SLC would have steamrolled us.

    I would however welcome some restriction towards counting as active player as I mentioned before - at least 20k prestige and maybe at least 7 or 14 days play time on the server. There is a big potencial for abuse.

    Hello, with the recent changes, I was wondering how do you feel about new accounts created in soon to be megacities? There is a couple of days left until endgame on my server, we are in number 1 city, which we leveled just recently, and already I see a couple of new players with career lvl 1, steadily raising the number of active players. A few days ago we were at about 70, now we are closing to 90.

    Of course they might really be new players, who just decided to manually look up our server (since the website offers you primarily newest servers). But with the recent changes in mind I kinda doubt that. I cant of course prove anything. But its kinda lame and I feel maybe should have some set rule. It cost me about 130 tracks to connect to other megacities, but some people might prefer easier way...

    I would suggest, that there is a requirement set to 20k prestige in order to be counted towards active players and that it wouldnt be possible to join to a server in last era.

    I will happily bump this up, since these performance issues bother me a lot. We are day 3 in 6th era and I can´t imagine the endgame in this state. It wont be a competition vs other players/cities, but a pure struggle to remain sane.

    I´m sorry for being negative, but shouldn´t you be maybe investing time into fixing things? I´m sure that this new way of randomising daily bonus was maybe handled by different people, but in this state of your product one would think that maybe you should invest every possible resource to fix issues, than to create flashy unwanted not needed stuff.

    Overall preformance is way worse than before html, while using in-game forum I need to refresh every couple of posts and in-game chat is a joke - I started a group on whatsup for my association, since we kinda need to be able to comunicate. And I´m not asking for advices to improve my performance, it was quite ok before and I would like it to be at least that way again.

    I´m sorry for this rant, it had to go out i suppose.

    Thanks for explaining the whole prestige for flipping calculations, was wondering about that all the time.

    I have played several rounds on CZ101 Golden Gate, haven´t played US scenario anywhere else, so this might be a bit specific view, but my experience so far is very much the same, as Cyb_R wrote. Meaning on my server both sides are pretty much equal and the endgame already was the deciding factor with its 2k points for winning (since 50 per delivered good doesnt really change anything with mostly 1 red and 1 blue roughly equal competing cities).

    My point is, that it doesnt really feel any different than classic. I think most people on my server stay home and build their city, in 6th era most of them connect to 1 megacity per side, finish endgame in 30 or so hours and thats it. Only a few people play on borders and try to play in what I feel is the spirit of the scenario - competing with the other faction. Most people, including myself, arent really motivated to figth the other side.

    Now this is purely my opinion, but I´m posting it, because I´m interested what other people think.

    - Why is there no reward for actually flipping the city. I´m staying at home hauling RG´s whole day, while others do the hard work with connecting city and fighting for majorities and if they are successfull, I get the same prestige bonus as they do? I mean sure, getting at least 1 city to top ten is important for the faction as well, but this rewards quarantine gamestyle. My reward for staying at home and building future megacity should be, that this city has in general higher level and therefore gains me more prestige.

    - Reward for faction victory was 10k, now is 20k prestige. Thats not motivating at all. I mean now I can buy a whole lottery ticket... Anyway I dont really care if my faction wins or not, it mostly doesnt change anything for me. Europe gets 100k for winning region, that is starting to look interesting. It´s not about the gold, make it half or whatever. It´s just that all the hard work doesnt really reward the winner.

    - Also I´m a bit sceptical about 5k faction points for winning megacity, cause it feels a bit too much, at least on my server, since in the last couple of rounds the final point difference was about 2-3k mostly in favor of faction with winning megacity. Looking back factions usually ended up with about 20-25k points, while winning megacity already gives 4,4k, now it will be 7,4k. So the winning megacity will now give about 35% aditional points increasing from todays 20%. Even with close endgame, where the closed RG´s are pretty much the same, the additional 5k is about 20% bonus increasing from todays roughly 10%. I can´t really say whether or not it is right to give so much, but maybe to the winner go the spoils, don´t know. Maybe someone could compare this with Europe and its landmarks?

    My suggestions are:

    - Flip city = get bonus prestige for the whole faction AND double the prestige for goods in flipped city, e.g.:

    player A - helps with flipping 2 cities and makes 500 prestige there, makes another 300 prestige in home cities, gets 500 * 2 * 3 + 300 * 3 = 3900 prestige (compared to 500 * 3 + 300 * 3 = 2400 prestige now)

    player B - makes 800 prestige in home cities and gets 800 * 3 = 2400 prestige; in order to stay competitive with player A he would have to make 1300 prestige in home cities, which is 60% more, but he doesnt have to spend more money on tracks and investments and his home city should have higher level.

    - At least 100k prestige for all active players in winning faction. Top 100 players are doing 300k+ and thats not really an achievement.

    I would think that these or similar changes would encourage more players to hit the border, making the scenario a bit more special.

    I´m pretty much ok with the sell fee and the resource cap. I believe without either of them there would be a room for breaking the system. But I do miss the trading part of the event, I had a lot of fun with that last year regardless the extensive rewards.

    In my opinion the whole problem is that the prices never change more than +/- 1 coin per piece. Also I´m curious how the price is calculated, because it remains practically the same on average. I would think resources would be more bought and less sold, since they are eventually spent, therefore price should gradually increase during the event.

    I would very much welcome, if the event would reward either cooperation with other players or a bit of smart thinking. Maybe cap the price change on +/- 3, which would mean max. 500 coins per hour profit. And make the price change depend on the number on players participating in the event. Something like 5% players trading = +/-1 coin.

    Example based on my server:

    - about 600 players in event (that have some diamonds)

    - 5% = 30 people = 3000 resources traded (of 1 kind)

    - if 15% players were trading every hour every day and with all resources, that means 8 days * 24 hours * (3 profit - 1 sell fee) * 500 resources/2 (buy first hour, sell the other) coins = 96000 coins = about 640 runs = about 2,5k diamonds

    - but it costs about 8,5k coins to get 100 pieces of every resource, therefore the actual maximum number would be a lot less

    This might be a bit too much straight forward, but it might be fun to see the whole server work together.

    Even that is not accurate, since it doesnt involve possible wait times. Example with 1 track:

    Olympus is best at 0:00 WT

    Hydra is best at 1:00 WT

    Ogre is best at 3:00 WT

    Situation changes at 2 tracks and again if you add some integration. There really isnt any easy option to declare which train is always best. It depends very much on situation and play-style.

    Also i need to point out that the total number of waggons might be a deciding factor. For example Olympus has 13 waggons per slot, while Ogre has 25. Thats a huge difference in expenses. I usually need about 400 waggons for endgame which is about 1 billion credits. Using Ogre i would need some 700 waggons, which would be about 1,8 billion credits.

    But wait time and integration make huge difference. You should at least include the test parameters, so that anyone reading this can decide, if its a reasonable scenario.

    To my knowledge the trains you are presenting as best very often arent, at least for me. Im sorry for harsh words, im sure this took considerable time to complete, but i wouldnt recommend anyone to use this.

    I think this isnt a priority, but nonetheless - CZ101 Golden Gate - Jacobs comercial aint working for me, cant tell you ID, since it does not appear.

    Also could we get "force reload" right away? What is the point of watching frozen first frame for 20 seconds just to reload travian add that takes another 20 seconds.

    You dont have to invest gold to have a chance to get bonus engine, you get lottery tickets for free from multiple sources. Since you need to have lottery lvl 2, which requires 1k prestige, you need to get the starter package before that. I thought its kinda self-explanatory and just wanted to point that out, since people were discussing the economy part of this.

    And career train isnt exactly from any era is it? And since almost everybody has one and it might differ greatly, I dont really see a point to discuss its influence towards getting starter package sooner or later.

    I think its important to also include the Red Kite, since as long as you wait with starter package, you also delay your chance to get a bonus engine, which hauls a lot more than anything from era 1 even without upgrades. And since Im using super starter package, where is a bunch of lottery tickets, I buy starter package as soon as my EH is lvl 6, regardless of lab or bank lvl.

    Or you maybe dont want to wait whole hour to calculate, so you just look at the trend from last recalc and use what hilti2 wrote:

    With given numbers I calculated the trend as 1,258 => 1,3 shown in game.

    (((1 - 1053740/2425000)*100)/1,3)/4 = 10,9 hours (difference 18 minutes)

    I believe, that mathematically there is infinite number of solutions. I suppose the values of goods are supposed to be a whole number, since I was unable to find a solution with natural numbers as values of goods in the interval of solutions <-1000; 1000>.

    If the solution is supposed to be a natural number, I found:

    75 (meat = 4; patries = -5; food = 4; flour = 5)

    459 (meat = -38; patries = -8; food = 38; flour = 19)

    843 (meat = -80; patries = -11; food = 72; flour = 33)

    If the solution is supposed to be a whole number, I also found:

    -309 (meat = 46; patries = -2; food = -30; flour = -9)

    -693 (meat = 88; patries = 1; food = -64; flour = -23)

    There are some wannabes:

    651 (meat = -59; patries = -9,5; food = 55; flour = 26)

    -501 ((meat = 67; patries = -0,5; food = -47; flour = -16)

    -885 (meat = 109; patries = 2,5; food = -81; flour = -30)

    And a lot more kinda pretty numbers:

    555; 747; 795; 939; -405; -789; -981

    Hope I didnt mistype. Anyway thx for some brainteaser.

    Standouch (CZ101 Golden Gate)