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    Are you using Internet Explorer? You should try using a different browser for now. IE is still making some problems.

    I hope I don't sound too rude as it isn't my intention (please consider I am not English native), but this is possibly the worst and dumbest suggestion.

    The game has issues with IE, not the other way around. What would you think if the problem was on Microsoft's side, and their technical support would suggest

    "Oh, well... you should try playing a different game for now" ?

    I chose to use IE and won't download another browser I don't otherwise need, just to play here.

    I understand that new releases may and do have bugs that can only be fixed with time, but IMHO it would have been better if you had allowed users to choose between the new and the old version (I liked the old better, BTW), specially considering that the Lobby isn't a main feature of the game: if not "forever", at least until you can be sure that the new one is "99% bugs-free for ANY browsers".