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    In the list of servers for winter event, I can’t find my main server. That is not in the list of server with WE and not in the list of severs without WE

    starts Dec9th and WE starts Dec 12th, so should it be in?

    (COM203 Tower Bridge Express)

    Does anyone have an overview of the prestige awarded for end game goods.

    The most PP goes to the best hauler of the best asso.

    BUT is it better to be the best hauler of asso number 5, or the 10th hauler of asso number 1?

    Mine used to be The Earl

    Simply my last name in Norwegian translates to Earl in English. (I am however the furthest possible from a nobility, just a plain worker.)

    Changed this round to Olympic Earl, as our association is named Olympians.

    Why does any random player who just happens to pre-register first get to choose the home city?

    This should not be allowed, it should be the chairman (and or deputies) only!

    In short, the home city should be set as default to the current home city and only be allowed to be changed by the leadership of a corp, not just any random player. Why? Because it is the leadership that decides in which city the next round is going to be played.

    This is not decided by the players and a player not aware of changing plans or who doesn't have the best interest of the corp in mind can just pre-register first and change the selected home city for everyone? Why was this done this way? It makes no sense at all!

    Can't you change it back?

    This is how its done every time.

    I got my tickets for the second survey now also, thanks a lot :)

    The supplier to choose is Swiss Metal

    The reason:

    Durability/quality is the most important, it has a multiplier of 4

    Price has a multiplier of 2

    Punctuality has a multiplier of 1

    Since Swiss Metal has the best quality, it has a quality value of 60, General Machines has quality level of 40, Mecha Heads has quality value of 20. All of this is multiplied by 4.

    Swiss Metal 240 points

    General Machines 160 points

    Mecha Heads 80 points

    Price is reverse so Mecha Heads has 120 points (2 X 60)

    General Machines 80 points (2 X 40)

    Swiss Metal 40 points (2 X 20)

    Finally for punctuality 5 is max so 5 = 60 points

    Swiss Metal 48 points

    General Machines 48 points

    Mecha Heads 36 points

    In the total ranking we have:

    Swiss Metal 328 points (240+40+48)

    General Machines 288 points (160+80+48)

    Mecha Heads 236 points (80+120+36)

    Swiss Metal should be purchased

    The supervisor will make it in time.

    This is how it goes:

    The supervisor runs at 14 km/h, that is the same as 3,88 meters per second. He will reach the switch after 1620 seconds.

    Train A travels at 160 km/h, which is the same as 44,44 meters per second. So this train will travel 72000 meters in 1620 seconds. This is 72 km.

    Train B travels at 120 km/h which is the same as 33,33 meters per second. So this train will travel 54000 meters in 1620 seconds. This is 54 km.

    The trains will in total have covered 128 km before the supervisor reaches the switch. They will then still be 12 km apart.

    The start time is: 30 minutes per rank + 30 minutes per level. If Rank 1 is level 40 and rank 5 is level 33, then rank 5 start 4*30 minutes (for rank) + 7*30 minutes (for level) after rank 1

    Thanks that is something I finally understood after more than a year in the game, thanks to hilti2 message earlier in this thread, but its nice you pointed it out.

    Just an idea.

    In the Records overview, include Association prestige also. The highest and maybe the biggest win over 2nd spot.

    For SoE maybe also Biggest Region points, and biggest win of 2nd place Region.

    And also Region points records

    No, the level of the city at place 10 is important cause the level determines the stock size of a mega city. See Tool for End Game in Steam over Europe for a table.

    And yes the level of city 11 (or 12, 13, etc.) doesnt matter for the stock size. It will the same amout as city 10. But the level matters for the start time. For each level less than city 10 a city has to start 30 mins later.


    I meant it didn't matter for the stock level for city below number 10, but thanks for clearing out the point with 30 mins later.

    Yes, your city has to haul just as much as the 10th city on the list. It does not matter what's your city's actual place is 15 or 12.


    So also it doesn't matter if city number 10 has level 30 or level 40. And it doesn't matter if your city has level 25 or level 39, it just will have to clear the same amount of goods as number 10 city?