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    You are so correct about Rome. The team playing there now absolutely ruined the region. Lord help the region they go to next.

    Well that is where you assumed me wrong TheEarl

    I advised people who wants to start on this server, to never choose Rome for starting city or South as region. The reason to be a bit more specific, is that the team who always plays in Milan is the worst bullies and harassers in this game. The fact Rail Nation or Travian does nothing about it, is indeed really sad......

    I hope from this, that the region will be more and more dead.........

    please create a server rail nation "Sud America" like "steam over Europe" :thumbsup:

    Would be nice with a map of South America, but I think the next plan for Rail Nation was an Near East/Silk Route map, but that was postponed for several reasons....

    Recently I have spotted many players being "yellow dotted" even if they are online, and now my teammembers says that is happening to me also.

    Is this a bug, or is there som privacy settings that must be unlocked in the game with the new privacy rules?

    I think this ban was totally correct. Even if you have sensored the actual names here, it is pretty obvious that you wrote this with (too much) sarcasm.

    A bit of fun can be ok in a game, but you don't know the other person/persons. What is just fun for you Evil Negan might be insult for others.

    I have been clearly insulted in this game before, and nothing was done, so I am happy to see the game now takes some action.

    Why being too close is a problem? Is it because of balance? Or because of too many shared industries? But since being succesfull in East is doable, I'll maybe choose it in the next round :)

    Well for instance Rome and Naples have to share Cotton and Thread, that can be difficult if the two cities don't co-operate

    In general if cities are too close, it easier gets overcrowded with players not contributing, or contributing in the wrong way

    I rarely choose east(Russia) becuase their cities are extremely far and that means that my trains will take a long time to get there. I think it can be a pretty big disadvantage if there are active players who want to support other regional cities, but their trains, especially in era 1 and 2, take 15 or more minutes(haven't calculated it) just to get there.

    So I suggest a small buff to train speed in especially long tracks, so the time is similar to a normal length track. I'm not talking about the tracks project that connect regions, just to be clear.

    What do you think?

    I think there is a small speed boost already on these long tracks on SoE?

    I have recently played this region with big success in 3 rounds in a row, so it should not be a problem to play there.

    Europe map in general is very close to be the "perfect" map as to being fair to all cities, but there is a few places where there is a problem, and that is where the cities are too close to each other. Rome/Naples and Porto/Lisbon are some examples.

    The best of future for you Samisu

    Perhaps it was a quick hiccup, I haven't noticed anything but then again - I wasn't online until a few minutes ago. Are there still issues?

    The entire EG was extremely slow. First 30 minutes those who where in could play, but those who "entered from outside" didn't get in. Once I got in, we had cleared 2 goods already in Kiev who started first. :(

    There can be other factors, for example, bad behavior repeats - one example is banning someone from chats and discussions so they could not continue spamming and harassing, something where we need to act fast.

    Another example could be a player who breaks the rules in multiple different ways before we hear about it and then we look at the whole picture.

    Bottom line is, each player has accepted to follow our rules. If someone gets a punishment, our support will tell where the punishment came from and why, and we always have documentation to back our decisions.

    This is something I don't doubt, but if you ban/punish a player you should always let them know. If there is not time to let them know in advance, you should let them know afterwards. Leaving a player with "no clue" is never a good solution. People have accepted your rules, but its not always a 100% straight forward to interpret the rules in the same way as a mod. If you don't tell people why a decision was made, you risk the violation to happen again, even without the player knowing what was wrong. Also some penalties might be confused with other actions, and a player don't even know that he/she was penalised....

    I am very sorry to say Samisu , but here you are very wrong. Unless this has changed in the last something like 3-4 weeks..... You do not have such a policy, or at least its not used by the moderators.