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    Perhaps it was a quick hiccup, I haven't noticed anything but then again - I wasn't online until a few minutes ago. Are there still issues?

    The entire EG was extremely slow. First 30 minutes those who where in could play, but those who "entered from outside" didn't get in. Once I got in, we had cleared 2 goods already in Kiev who started first. :(

    There can be other factors, for example, bad behavior repeats - one example is banning someone from chats and discussions so they could not continue spamming and harassing, something where we need to act fast.

    Another example could be a player who breaks the rules in multiple different ways before we hear about it and then we look at the whole picture.

    Bottom line is, each player has accepted to follow our rules. If someone gets a punishment, our support will tell where the punishment came from and why, and we always have documentation to back our decisions.

    This is something I don't doubt, but if you ban/punish a player you should always let them know. If there is not time to let them know in advance, you should let them know afterwards. Leaving a player with "no clue" is never a good solution. People have accepted your rules, but its not always a 100% straight forward to interpret the rules in the same way as a mod. If you don't tell people why a decision was made, you risk the violation to happen again, even without the player knowing what was wrong. Also some penalties might be confused with other actions, and a player don't even know that he/she was penalised....

    I am very sorry to say Samisu , but here you are very wrong. Unless this has changed in the last something like 3-4 weeks..... You do not have such a policy, or at least its not used by the moderators.

    Last year there was an update in the game, where the appearance of Trainspotters changed.

    The update is in Archive so I can't quote all of it, but here is a part of it:

    • ‘Bad Luck Protection’: A trainspotter still missing in your collection will appear no later than after 20 already collected trainspotters.

    Is this update still valid, or has there been new changes since this to how Trainspotters work?

    I am missing Petr (of course), been on 24/25 for a long while now, and had Stefan appear 5 times. (1 that is part of the 24/25, redeemed 1 more since I dont think I will have 5 full sets, and I am keeping 3 for later.)

    That's why the amount of reports doesn't really matter for the verdict. Whether a players is guilty of breaking the rules or not is decided with actual evidence, not with number of reports he receives.

    And how clear must these evidence be?

    Thank you for reporting the accounts to game support you suspect of breaking the rules.

    Our team will look into those accounts and into the reports players send, but they will not be contacting you separately to tell of their findings or what the punishments are. This part is what the 'privacy policy' is for.

    Privacy policy does not mean we will not do anything about those accounts that break the rules, just that we do not communicate between players what actions we take and what punishments we share. There's this wall of privacy between all player accounts.

    I work with Customer Service as a profession Samisu and know very well what it stands for. But every time its reported its the same answer, and like you say you don't hear anymore answer.

    But also when reported you see there is no player moved.

    I know that finding 1 multi account might not be easy, but when its 25-35 it should be a piece of cake.

    The players are all made with logos with red background and white symbol. They all form their own association, they all put one other association as rivals. They all connect to the same city, and break the same majorities. They all write a poor English with the same spelling mistakes.

    Its all so obvious that a small kid could figure out who they all are.....


    I tried to mention this also in the sticky post about rules. But its time for its own post. How far will Rail Nation let breaking of rules go, before they take any action?

    On the current server I play there is a player who made somewhere between 25-35 multi accounts. Why? Well I will admit I started an investment war with this player and his team, just to see what his behavior would be. I know from before he already made several multi accounts to harm another player. When I started this was, he threatened me with a message, that I would regret it.

    Then out of "nowhere" another 20-25 accounts pops up close to the city we play in, all with almost same logo, all with their own team all with our team as rivals. Funnily they start to break majorities back, but for the strongest team on the server, that is not the problem. However they do make connected players to our city high, and most of all they just write lots of bad stuff in our forum. Making "calls" that are not the actual calls, making announcement of next goods is something that isn't even possible for next goods.

    In just over an hour, EG will begin. And these fake multi accounts have already started to make "fake calls" for EG.

    This has been reported by several players on the server, but RN does nothing under the "Privacy Policy" protection.

    Soon 8 big teams will be angry because EG will be destroyed. How far will you let it go RN?

    And then you have corps who for several rounds harass every other team in their region (europe map) , create multi accounts to always have Mayor/President, but they can keep up with it.

    The rules it self I have no problem with, but unfortunately all mods are not doing a good job or being biased. I reported once a player for sending me abuse. The mod reported that a link to YouTube is allowed, which is stated in the rules. But if the mod looked at the content of the link inside YouTube, he/she would see the insult. Then funnily enough I got overheated and sent a few messages several months later, and got a penalty from the same Mod. The content of what I wrote, was probably somewhere like 0,1% as severe as the one that didn’t get banned when I reported. (Not the same opponents here to make that clear.)

    So a training course for mods might be in order here.

    Also regarding rule for language, I have experienced on an English only server, an end game call made in Turkish

    Hi, did you hear from somewhere that Platform X would be a browser-only game world?

    PX is like any other special server we've had so far like Origin Journey, just with a different theme. Meaning, you will have access to your PX game world both on mobile and browser, just like on any other server.

    It doesnt appear on my phone, not the server I joined and not other. Playing on iPhone 8. Whilst on my laptop it works, just my laptop is crap :P lol

    Just struck my mind recently that some worker balance on 2x speed servers are really bad compared to 1x speed server.

    You get the same RP for research worker, but on 2x speed servers you make RP twice as fast. So worker should give RP twice as often also, in current state its really not balanced and you don't see many top teams trying to get this worker.

    Cash worker is the same. You should make 2x cash in an hour, but the worker gives the same cash as on 1x speed server, so again unbalanced.

    Any thoughts??

    Yep, it's based on the Classic scenario. Of course with altered features that will have quite the impact, but the basic feature set and the map are the same.

    I hope if this is a success that we will see it on other scenarios also, US and SoE

    As always announcement comes rather late, just a few weeks before it start. Means I have already planned my next round, but will give it a try to "learn" the new mechanics, and as I said hope we will see it on the other scenarios in the future also (without kicking out the existing ones of course.)

    I found this in the archive, but it was never answered from the "proper" people

    I was wondering what happens if megacities level during the endgame.

    e.g. Megacity 1 has started their endgame and the city X at #10 and city Y at #11 have the same level and waiting to start their EG. The city Y at #11 levels before the city at #10, normally city Y will change place with city X.

    Is this also valid as the first city has started their endgame?

    The same question now with cities e.g. at #5 and 6. Do they change # and are the tonnes adjusted too?

    In the original thread, some players concluded it would not make any changes to the order of Mega Cities.

    But in the information page about the game, I found something that might suggest otherwise:

    When the end game has started the first city will be changed into a mega city and the other cities will change accordingly during time and leveling. Do note that the list of runner up cities can change depending on whether how fast they level up. For example, the number three city can level up faster than the number two city and thus switching places before they are developed into a mega city.

    So what is correct here?

    I wish for a starter to be able to choose my color on my career train, like in clash there at least 3 colors (but there its chosen for you randomly.)

    Tower Bridge

    Saw you there in the game, and understand your frustration. But there has to be some rules, that apply to everyone. Then it could be discussed how they should apply.

    I would agree that change of home city, should only be done once (maybe twice) during a round, and only until a certain time of the game. For instance once allowed in era 1, and one more until start of era 6 (when regions decided end game city)

    As for changing your region, even if it was allowed once during the first era, I think it would be exploited too much. Many would then agree beforehand that everyone changes to a given region, and that region would have all the best players.