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    Hi there,

    We haven't shared a timeline or any dates about the next scenario, so I'm not sure where you picked the year 2019? Or might you be talking about Rail Nation: Origin Journey?

    We did have Origin Journey this year (map of Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and it will return with Express speed: Origin Journey returns at Express speed!

    I am so sorry Samisu  

    I think it was just in my head that I thought it would be launched during 2019. Looking back at the different threads, I can't see anything about a timeline. In fact one place it mentions, that there is no timeline to be revealed.

    It was just in my head, so I always expected it for several months now to be revealed. Sorry I didn't mean to criticize.

    However it was a periode where you launched several threads. First what kind of map, then communication system, then worker, then symbols. Just now its been very quite about the topic for a while ;)

    Can't find the rankings anymore though, to see where the miserable me ended up :P lol


    This link works. Anyway we made the topics/threads over again in the meantime. So will report it, if it happens again.

    Why is it not possible to click on the contact support button?

    And when I finally had something to report :P lol

    Very happy with the game, but a lot of association messages has disappeared today :(

    Hey TheEarl, what name did you and your team come up with?

    Did you find something you all like?


    Thanks for asking.

    We had a "work in project" name Chair and Deput

    Then when all 25 players where gathered, we used 24 hours to have a name votes, where everyone had 1 vote each.

    I am gonna log in now, to see how the vote ended actually, cause I am excited to see which name we got in the end.

    I think you are in the same server, so you can check during the day. Its in Tower Bridge Express.

    Maybe if you change it to: Chairmen & Dept
    This are exactly 15 characters

    & is not allowed.

    But its fine, we will have a vote for a different name anyway. :) Just great to know the limitations. :)


    What is the maximum number of characters allowed to use for an association name?

    I just created a new one, wanted to name it: Chairmen and Deputies, and found out that was too long. :(

    Is there any circumstance, that you could get to reset your Career Engine, and change the unlocked achievements you have done there? For instance choose reliability instead of wagons?

    I came across today what seemed to me like a bug, but please explain if there is something I haven't read or understood about the game.

    I was to cross a track og construction work, limited to 40 km/h speed with my trains today. (Awful decision, but wanted the prestige.)

    My trains went from Manchester to Brussels. I had 11 Dionysos and 1 Morpheus. As we all know Dionysos have higher acceleration, but Morpheus higher top speed. Morpheus was therefore well ahead of Dionysos when it entered the track of slow speed. Then it virtually stood still. I thought this was because it had to start from 0 acceleration again, but obviously it quickly reached 40 km/h. Still the Dionysos caught up with the Morpheus and outran it by a few minutes.

    Was there a bug to my Morpheus running through that track?

    You shouldn't see the other qualifying servers of Masters. I think I read somewhere its against the rules to register on more than one server. But all servers are in era 2 and its probably too late to register anyway.

    I guess so too. On my iPhone I see them though.

    Never dared to click on one as I said.

    Another question about Clash. Is it only possible to play on PC?

    Sorry but can't think of any actual names, but at least for workers:

    One that makes acceleration better on all trains in the association. (Could even exceed 20 in acceleration.)

    One that symbols Orient Express, giving heavy income for pax trains.

    It didn't get to do it, but it was tested by my brother

    You can still wait with the starter pack as long as you stay under 600 prestige. That was the original question.

    Thanks for the link Samisu, but I knew the link already