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    I like new ideas and thoughts, but I dont really see this as either doable or beneficial to the game to be honest iMarius

    #1 this would in reality mean that big assos would claim "majority" everywhere. I personally like to play in big a big asso as well, but I think for the greater of the game we should respect those playing in smaller assos also

    #2 Again than to get more PP , it would almost be impossible to get a good ranking when not in a big asso

    #3 Same as #1 just for pax

    #4 This is perhaps the idea that I like the most. That would prevent assos from jumping to other cities near/during the EG, but again it only favours the big ones. But an idea to make this maybe a point I would like, would be something like this:

    The asso with most hauling power at each daily reset gets 3 points, second best gets 2 points and third best gets 1 point. Then the 3 best gets some bonus during EG in that city, with the best gets most bonus. But no bonus for "friendly assos" in my opinion.

    #5 Well this idea would fix the crash load when everyone wants to invest during EG, but I am not sure if its the right way to go. I wish there was a mechanism to prevent those who only play to destry, but I have no good idea for it yet

    #6 This is your idea to even out a bit, but to be honest I don't see this working. How would it be implemented? And I think this could be so unfair. Some 15 players assos are really good, others are just **** and should it be determined by luck or politics?

    RN is a competetive game, but the competetive part is not designed to simply sell stuff. It is designed because we developed this game with a competetive playstyle in mind.

    I definately think so. And I also see those who feel that the Warehouse/Harbours should give some PP. But what creates the disorder here is the following:

    Anytime you level a city (Except from level 1 to level 2) you get PP from the outgoing RG, plus you get from all 4 RGs during the night.

    This means in reality on a 2x server, that you get 4x42 PP rewards from "night update" + 1x? PP rewards from the number of times you levelled the city. Lets say in this instance you can bring the city up to level 41, then you get 40 of those PP rewards. In total for city levelling it will give you 208 PP rewards.

    For the Landmark on SoE most cities follow the 1:1 "rule" on how to level it. Sometimes some cities divert from this rule, and still bring it successfully up to level 15, but mostly not. This means that the LM gives you 3 PP reward for level 1->2 , 4 PP rewards for level 2->3 and so on. Totally it rewards you then a 133 times (and you can add some more times if you let the city level a bit faster, but I think you get the idea)

    However the Warehouse/Harbour, you usually don't level them much or anything at all early in the game. So you let them stay at a very low level in the beginning, because they are not needed. Then later in thegame, they give insanse rewards. I think I saw the level reach about 35 (or maybe even it was 40) but most of those levels where done after more than 20 goods where unlocked. Later both 30 and 40 goods where unlocked. So lets say the average amount of goods that was unlocked for each level was 25 (but I guess it was higher), then it means the Warehouse gave out 25*35 = 875 PP rewards. Now even if the highest PP reward is much greater for city and LM, all experience of RN so far is that diversity outranks just getting that one 1st place all the time. So when just looking at 1 city, 1 LM and 1 Warehouse it shows that the Warehouse is worth 4 times as much as a city and 6,5 times as much as a LM.

    This is what I meant, it can't truly be the meaning of the game?

    Restrict whenever a Warehouse levels, that you only get points for the 4 best RGs you delivered for each level up. Not that you can get 20,30 or even 40 PP rewards for each level up.

    There has been a discussion on the Rn Discord (in suggestion channel) about it with the Game Designer Bruno_Bf, he's aware of this too much amount of prestige these warehouses bring and plan to nerf the value. A player has proposed that the prestige given can be maintained if this is not more than the half of the amount a city can give. But still no idea when this will be changed.

    Thanks a lot Yansi

    Once again we was also promised that important stuff like this was not only to be informed about in Discord, but also here in the forum. English section of Forum seems to have died completely. Although that is a totally other dscussion.

    But I agree to the proposition, that it should be impossible/or at least extremely hard to get more than 50% PP from Harbour/Warehouse than what you get from City/LM.

    So usually when there are new rules to the game, of course I have an opinion but I mostly agree to the rules are the rules. You just have to play by them in the best manner you can.

    However the changes to gives PP for delivering to the Warehouse/Harbours on SoE maps, I think its really out of hand. (And there is no point for picking up from it, which is kind of the idea one would think.)

    Harbours /Warehouses are a good addition to the map, and I can understand that those who level it should get some compensation from it. But I want to explain this by using examples of the current number 1 on the server I play. (We are in Day4/5 of Era 6, so soon just 3 days to go + EG)

    PP in total: 722000

    PP in Transports total: 512000

    PP from Warehouse/Harbours: 259000

    So more than 50% of Transport PP comes from just hauling to different Warehouses/Harbours. More than 33% of total PP comes from Warehouse/harbours.

    So RailNation was this your intention by bringing in PP for hauling to Warehouses/Harbours? Cause if so, like I started we just have to adapt to the rules, and then the map will be all about hauling to different Warehouses/Harbours in the future.

    I think this was a bug. It didn't use to be like this. A tie for President/Mayor vote usually would keep the old President/Mayor. So it can not have been someone voting in the last minute, and then withdrawing their vote shortly after?

    I am very sorry for the delayed information. We had a communication problem about this update, that's why it was announced on different times. We really apologize for that.

    Regarding the CE we are currently talking about adding additional schievements to give players a way to earn more points and get these achievements.

    Also once during you gametime you can contact support and ask them to reset you carreer engine if you want to switch your updgrades.

    Thanks Maselbart this last part might be important information for people who doesn't know. But obviously I had used my 1 time option already :P hehe

    That said I think I would have the CE the way I have it now anyway, was just a message to point out for others.

    New achievements would be really cool though....

    First when you launched Discord server, you promised that you would be equally informative here in the forum as on Discord. But this information I could only find in Discord so far.

    The Career Engine now has a possibility for 30 wagons and 50 km/h faster speed than before.

    While I see this opportunity as mostly positive, changing such makes those who have spent their CE Points already might regret not choosing a different strategy for their CE....

    Hello, dear RN

    I played the first round of "Titans of Economy" , was it fun? Yes, it was perhaps the most fun round I ever played, and that even if I don't like the Classic Map itself.

    Will I play another round that started just an hour ago? No, I will not. First of all the Einstein server I played on is removed. But most important I am busy on another server, and I learned my lesson to focus on 1 server at a time.

    BUT, why do you have to send me 24 email notifications in just 15 minutes telling me the server Rosen restarts again? Wouldn't 1 reminder email be enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes number of ! equals number of spamming emails I got from you)

    Kind regards


    You are so correct about Rome. The team playing there now absolutely ruined the region. Lord help the region they go to next.

    Well that is where you assumed me wrong TheEarl

    I advised people who wants to start on this server, to never choose Rome for starting city or South as region. The reason to be a bit more specific, is that the team who always plays in Milan is the worst bullies and harassers in this game. The fact Rail Nation or Travian does nothing about it, is indeed really sad......

    I hope from this, that the region will be more and more dead.........

    please create a server rail nation "Sud America" like "steam over Europe" :thumbsup:

    Would be nice with a map of South America, but I think the next plan for Rail Nation was an Near East/Silk Route map, but that was postponed for several reasons....

    Recently I have spotted many players being "yellow dotted" even if they are online, and now my teammembers says that is happening to me also.

    Is this a bug, or is there som privacy settings that must be unlocked in the game with the new privacy rules?

    I think this ban was totally correct. Even if you have sensored the actual names here, it is pretty obvious that you wrote this with (too much) sarcasm.

    A bit of fun can be ok in a game, but you don't know the other person/persons. What is just fun for you Evil Negan might be insult for others.

    I have been clearly insulted in this game before, and nothing was done, so I am happy to see the game now takes some action.

    Why being too close is a problem? Is it because of balance? Or because of too many shared industries? But since being succesfull in East is doable, I'll maybe choose it in the next round :)

    Well for instance Rome and Naples have to share Cotton and Thread, that can be difficult if the two cities don't co-operate

    In general if cities are too close, it easier gets overcrowded with players not contributing, or contributing in the wrong way