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    Just struck my mind recently that some worker balance on 2x speed servers are really bad compared to 1x speed server.

    You get the same RP for research worker, but on 2x speed servers you make RP twice as fast. So worker should give RP twice as often also, in current state its really not balanced and you don't see many top teams trying to get this worker.

    Cash worker is the same. You should make 2x cash in an hour, but the worker gives the same cash as on 1x speed server, so again unbalanced.

    Any thoughts??

    Yep, it's based on the Classic scenario. Of course with altered features that will have quite the impact, but the basic feature set and the map are the same.

    I hope if this is a success that we will see it on other scenarios also, US and SoE

    As always announcement comes rather late, just a few weeks before it start. Means I have already planned my next round, but will give it a try to "learn" the new mechanics, and as I said hope we will see it on the other scenarios in the future also (without kicking out the existing ones of course.)

    I found this in the archive, but it was never answered from the "proper" people

    I was wondering what happens if megacities level during the endgame.

    e.g. Megacity 1 has started their endgame and the city X at #10 and city Y at #11 have the same level and waiting to start their EG. The city Y at #11 levels before the city at #10, normally city Y will change place with city X.

    Is this also valid as the first city has started their endgame?

    The same question now with cities e.g. at #5 and 6. Do they change # and are the tonnes adjusted too?

    In the original thread, some players concluded it would not make any changes to the order of Mega Cities.

    But in the information page about the game, I found something that might suggest otherwise:

    When the end game has started the first city will be changed into a mega city and the other cities will change accordingly during time and leveling. Do note that the list of runner up cities can change depending on whether how fast they level up. For example, the number three city can level up faster than the number two city and thus switching places before they are developed into a mega city.

    So what is correct here?

    Tower Bridge

    Saw you there in the game, and understand your frustration. But there has to be some rules, that apply to everyone. Then it could be discussed how they should apply.

    I would agree that change of home city, should only be done once (maybe twice) during a round, and only until a certain time of the game. For instance once allowed in era 1, and one more until start of era 6 (when regions decided end game city)

    As for changing your region, even if it was allowed once during the first era, I think it would be exploited too much. Many would then agree beforehand that everyone changes to a given region, and that region would have all the best players.

    I agree a lot that you shouldn't ditch your previous EG city, so your where unfortunate not to be able to join your current region.

    As I said there has to be some "rules" about this, or it would be easy to exploit it. It left you with 2 choices for the current round:

    - The one you did, by registering in the neighbour region, where you then sacrifice the fact of getting points for the region that you actually fight for. The sacrifice is only 1 round though, as next round you will pre-register with your new/current team.

    - The other choice would have been not to pre-register, but to hop in exactly at the start of the new game, as it almost always is a couple of open spots in the beginnig. This to the sacrifice of not being able to buy the super starter pack.

    Which server do you play by the way?

    It is giving wrong results. I am ranked in North-East while I did all the 'work' in South-South-East. (I started in Vilnius but changed to Vienna in Era 3.)

    This cannot be correct.

    It is how the game is meant to be. If you could change region, everyone would change to the winning region.

    You are allowed to change your home city, even out of the region, for tactical reasons, but you should always fight for your home region. This makes the pre-registration in SoE even more important, as you and your association should build a strong relationship with other associations for the next round.

    Luckily for you €100 for 10000 gold is most likely cheap, but in my country I can buy almost 40x medium MCdonalds meals with that money making it VERY expensive for me. Why I say if it was €20 for 5000 or 10000 gold, then I can enjoy the game more and help out developers with the game.

    How much does 40 medium meals cost in your country? I know Switzerland and Norway will cost a lot as I did travel to Switzerland 2 years back and had to buy rolls and cheese for lunch at the end cause of the prices lol

    Then I would say lucky you creepy360 . In Norway you get 11-12 medium McDonalds meals for €100. :P

    A bit off topic to the end game changes, but regarding the changes done to 2x speed servers like more frequent competitions and stuff.

    I like these changes, but I miss at least one important change.

    From time to time an associations will have to change players. Some get to a different stage in life, which sees them leave the game. You can tell them to register for next round (and most will), so you don't have to put in 5 million each for a new spot. This however requires you to wait 3 days for the spots to open up to new players.

    For 1x speed server that is 3/84 days of the normal game (plus whatever the duration of the end game) = 3,6% of the game

    For 2x speed servers that is still 3/42 days = 7,1% of the game. THAT is a long time for people to wait. Era 1 is almost half done, before people can join.

    I feel if you have registered for a 2x speed server, 36 hours ban of the spot should be enogh.

    Any thoughts on this???

    I really acknowledge the time you put into this Driver2927 , but after watching (and playing) the last round on Tower Bridge, I don't agree with you.

    Yes it was more difficult for us in region West, because we had so many players connected to the city. That was our own fault, because we announced the end game city right from the beginning. "Everyone" knew we where gonna play in Lyon, and we where to sure about out own hauling power. Another mistake of putting the end game city in a city who didn't complete the LM, made us have a bad start.

    Still we made up for it, and was a few goods behind North and SouthEast, as those two went into the final bracket. There the game took a turn, which decided the whole game. Players in SouthEast didn't go to sleep. The played during the entire night. That is what they where willing to sacrifice to win the end game. So in the end, the most committed region for the end game won. Fair and square.

    +SoE goods to Landmark only applicable until level 15.

    C'mon Earl, I were making some of the calls, and created all of the topics and Every single EG-RG is called in English. Only one incident happened when adil55 called for "Un" and I've corrected that in no-time. We have called some items with additional languages like German, Russian, Turkish etc but there were always calls in English first. There were no dominations. I saw French topics, Russian topics, Italian topics, Spanish topics and some other languages that I didn't understand @tt.

    Since there are no SoE 2x or normal pace SoE servers running on neither Turkey nor some other country specified game worlds, we need to embrace and support with kindness those who lacks in English and wants to play a fun to play scenario like (SoE).

    I had no problems with your calls in specific Manwë Súlimo , but for me the game lost fun long before the end game. The end game was just to point out an example of somethings that happened, and comes easier to my mind. But like I said, the interest and fun of the game was lost long time ago.

    From what I understand there are international servers on the game, where you can play any language you want.